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Never sleeping again

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My 5week old ds woke up lAst night choking and when I picked him up he was covered in spit up. It was coming out his nose too. He was hysterical and he kept crying but kept stopping suddenly and swallowing a lot. Like he was choking.  Then he started spitting up bubbles of saliva  that went on for a while.  And now he sounds all congested. I am so worried I don't think I'll ever sleep again :(. 


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How frightening.  Might be time to get him in for a dr visit to find out what is going on.  Hugs, mama.

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My daughter did this, and I nearly had a seizure. 


However, this sounds normal...well, not to choke, but normal for little ones to have have a lot of excess saliva that they haven't figured out how to handle yet.  I can't find it on his website, but Dr. Sears' "The Baby Book" talks about it (and the fact that this saliva can make them sound like they have a serious chest infection too.  Assuming that this is what it is, it will remedy itself soon as he figures out how to swallow it.  Still scary, but helpful knowing it will pass. 

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My 7 week old has done this from day 1.  He did it a lot in the hospital and the pediatrician said not to worry.  He spits up at least 3 times/ day and always sounds congested.  I use the snot sucker a lot.  :)  This is one reason (of many) that I have him sleep on my arm all night.  He actually sort of sleeps on his side and I cradle him with my arm.  Sounds uncomfortable, but I don't think I could sleep if he was on his back away from me.  I've had him actually choke on his spit up and stop breathing for 10 seconds while in a semi-sitting position!!  I would be checking him all night if I didn't have him on my arm.  I think I actually sleep better that way.  

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