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Hello Again!

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Hi. :)


My name is Mariah. I am a 25 year old single mother of two beautiful healthy children! :) I have a daughter, Willow, who is 6 years old and I have been checking out Mothering Magazine since before she was born! Now I have a new son who will be a month old on Monday! Wow! Time goes fast! His name is Keaton. :)


Anyways I am new to the website- I created an account a few months back but am just getting the net now at home! I love "Mothering"! I have some diaper care questions. Can someone help me navigate the forums? I did a search for "washing cloth diapers" but then I didn't see how to post after you search?


Thanks! ~Namaste

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Hi Mariah,

love that you are cloth diapering! Here's a link to an archived thread on washing cloth diapers: http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1196206/washing-cloth-diapers.

I'm also new and not so fantastic at navigating around, but in general, you click on 'community' then 'forums' at the top left of the start screen, then choose a forum that seems appropriate (like 'Parenting' perhaps) and then click the green button on the left that says 'Start a New Thread'. 

Otherwise, you can do the search that you did, and if you find something recent you could just hit 'reply' at the bottom of the thread and add your comment or question onto the thread.  Then on your profile page, it should show if someone responds.


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