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So, now can we talk about vitamins?

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Cause I suck at taking them.  At the end of the day I just want to fall into bed and collapse, so I forget to take them.  And in the morning DS is waking me at horrible times of the wee hours when it's still pitch dark outside, and all I want to (and do) do is pull the blankets over my head and go back to sleep after turning the TV on for him.  Remembering to take my vitamins is not happening, and DH has been harping on me about it.  I know he means well, but seriously, I don't see him remembering to take his vitamins every day (he refuses to take vitamins anymore). 


So is anyone else having trouble remembering to take them?

Anyone have any tricks for remembering to take them?

Anyone say pffft and throw them away?

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Put them next to your tooth brush and take them right before bed. 

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I keep mine in the kitchen, next to my snacks (fruit, avocado, nuts).  I constantly see them and can decide when to take them.  I don't always take them because the thought of swallowing them makes me gag, but if I'm in the mood I will at least remember them. 

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I keep mine in my medicine cabinet next to my toothbrush, so I remember to take them every morning when I brush my teeth. I also take prenatal DHA and vitamin D3, so i have them all in a little day-of-the-week plastic case because I ALWAYS forget whether or not I've taken them (especially on weekends when my schedule is different), so I can just look at that day's compartment and check.


I have been taking a multivitamin and other daily stuff for a while now, so it's just routine. But getting into that routine was so hard for me! My key to remembering anything is putting it where I can't ignore it...which is why my apartment is a mess, haha. :)

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I have meds in the morning and vitamins for any time after noon. (Calcium messes with one of the meds.) Both are in days of the week containers. I'm really good about the meds but occasionally forget the vitamins. I keep mine in the bathroom because I'm in there to pee first thing in the morning. At some point I'm sure to be in there in the afternoon or evening to pee again. 

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I take mine maybe twice a week. :-/ my mw sort of rolled her eyes when I brought them up and said as long as I was getting a balanced diet, the vitamins weren't as important. I'm still trying to get Bette at taking them. They're on the counter where I keep my bottled water so I usually take them after breakfast.
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My hubby harps on me too -- all the time! That is how I remember. Because I know if I dont take them, he will pester me until I do LOL!


I now keep them in the coffee mug cabinet so every morning when I reach for a mug there they are. :-)

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I lapsed for about 2 weeks, but am back to every day again. Not to derail, but can we talk about what vitamins we are taking (when we remember that is) lol


I am  taking:


Rainbow Light Just 1

2 nettle leaf capsules

2 fish oil

2 flax oil

400IU D3 (rainbow light has 800)

1 super cranberry fruit

1 Super B complex



When you see what I ate the last two days in the food thread you'll be glad I am taking these lol

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I have to take my multivitamins (anything with calcium or iron) a few hours after I take my thyroid medication in the morning. I'm meticulous about the morning meds, but I completely forget my multis about half the time.


swallowing pills makes me gag late at night, so I avoid taking them then. I'm thinking of buying some more chewables and keeping them in my purse. they're not as complete as my other prenatals, but it's better than nothing.

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Uh I've been terrible this pregnancy! I even keep my vitamins on the counter so I'm literally staring at them when I make breakfast for my DS and myself in the morning and I still havent been -- was so diligent last pregnancy (about flossing my teeth too - something else I've been awful about this time around?!).


I take 2 fish oil, 1 vit c (preschool germs are killing me!), and 3(!) prenatal Multis.  I do the 3 because I can't stomach any Multi that isn't whole food -- I take New Chapter Organics after every other vitamin made me nearly puke. 


Ok I am going to take my vitamins now!! thumb.gif

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I keep my vitamins close to the pc. So that way when I sit down I have them staring at me. lol

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Sounds like I'm better at ignoring them than the rest of you.  bag.gif


I currently have 1 bottle on my nightstand and the other next to the bathroom sink (it was next to the computer before).  And it still doesn't happen. 

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I put signs all over the place. Seriously. Made on hot-pink paper (or blue, green, all shades!), markers, doodles, stickers- anything to make them visible! In HUGE letters it says "VITAMINS" or "PILL POPPER!" or whatever. And then I need to move them. If I forget one day, you move the sign so you can't ignroe it.

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I have been forgetting a ton lately.  And I have been meaning to ask how bad this is???  I just take prenatals, nothing else.  But lately, it's only been about 2-3 times per week cuz I forget so much.  I feel awful!!!  I am going to go take them RIGHT NOW.

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I've managed to get in a routine where I take them every night before bed. I keep them in the kitchen cabinet, above the sink. Every night I go into the kitchen to get a glass of water to take to bed, and I take them then. I take the Trader Joe's prenatal, no problems with them. I think they're the same as Rainbow Light. 

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Originally Posted by janellody View Post

I have been forgetting a ton lately.  And I have been meaning to ask how bad this is???  I just take prenatals, nothing else.  But lately, it's only been about 2-3 times per week cuz I forget so much.  I feel awful!!!  I am going to go take them RIGHT NOW.

It really depends on your diet.  If you're eating a well balanced diet (plenty of various colored veggies and fruits), then they're probably not going to make a whole lot of difference.  But if you're living on protein and carbs with very little produce, they're more important. 

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Some research came out in October about vitamins that lead me to stop taking mine (except for folate). For the first two weeks of November I felt awful. I had no energy. I started back with everything I had been taking before and started to feel much better within a couple days. I probably should have been more scientific and started one at a time to see what really needed but I was so miserable I didn't want to waste any time. It didn't help that I had a lot of food aversions at the time.



multi-vitamin/prenatal (when I found out I was pregnant I had just started a big jar of multis. I didn't want them to sit there for a year so I got the b-complex to up the folate. I just started prenatals.)

vitamin C

Fish oil

Calcium + D (I really struggle to get enough calcium. I can't have any for breakfast and usually for lunch either. I'm not fond of drinking milk. I could not figure out a way to get in enough food based calcium in just an afternoon snack and dinner. There is research on pregnant women and calcium supplements so I'm keeping it for now.)

Iron (I had not heard that Iron affects how thyroid meds are absorbed. I've read that calcium can keep iron from being absorbed so I switched to taking my iron supplement in the morning with my meds. It has only been two days but the results are a much higher energy level for me. I was slightly anemic last pregnancy.)

Biotin (This is the only thing I feel silly about. After my last pregnancy I lost a lot of hair and ended up with much less than I started with. What grew back was brittle and a different consistancy. My mother who was a hospice nurse for many years and worked with many patients who's hair was impacted by chemo suggested biotin. )

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