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deborah - I hope your intestines have settled down by now. Just not what you needed right now at all! Between what you've said here and on the IVF thread about your brother measuring very small and you being a very small person, it sounds like there's a decent chance your babies are just small because it's in their genes. Still not a total comfort, I know, but I think it makes sense not to expect them to be on the higher end of the scale. Anyway, hope those calories are staying in, and you get good news in a few weeks!


wissa - I'm sure there will come a time when I feel less excited about looking pregnant, but since I'm still at a point where people could conceivably just think I'm chubby and shouldn't be wearing such form-fitting clothes, it feels like a compliment. I guess I'm especially self-conscious about it since I randomly gained 15 lbs last year, after already being over my highest weight ever. I know I shouldn't care what other people think, but I do. Anyway, sorry you are not finding what you need for a care provider. As far as why you can't just "go along" - because you know there's no medically valid reason to. Submitting yourself and your baby to the risks of major surgery just because that's how the last one came out, when there's no indication of problems, doesn't make sense. That you're even put in a position where you may have to do that is really infuriating. I hope you can find an answer you're comfortable with. Or you can just come visit me in Houston - we have several VBAC-friendly docs in the area. winky.gif


AFM, enjoying my 3rd day of taking things pretty easy and feeling pretty decent. Getting excited for dh to get home tonight. He has been very good about keeping in touch with me today, since he knows I worry about him snowboarding, and that I was not entirely on board with his little adventure. But he is on his way to the airport now, safe and very happy, so it seems to have worked out well. Still don't have my ultrasound scheduled due to some paperwork issues, but hopefully I will soon. Now I just need to convince myself to go clean out the fridge and finish cleaning up the house before I have to go get dh.

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Wissa- It is common and 24 weeks would be beyond scary because Baby A would likely not make it. I can't figure out who asked, but my intestines have mostly settled down. Still having the occasional bouts of unpleasantness, but have a decent appetite today.

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Okay, just had to post somewhere because I'm very proud of myself. Especially after laying around and doing nothing so much in the last few months. In the last 5 hours I have:


  • Cleaned out the fridge (threw out old stuff and did a few spot wipedowns)
  • Swept and mopped both the kitchen and bathroom (and OUCH, is tile hard on the knees - had to take a break between rooms)
  • Washed the bathroom rugs
  • Made the bed
  • Put away the rest of the laundry
  • Vacuumed the bedroom and living room
  • Taken out the trash
  • Cleaned up some random clutter
  • Put away all 10 million pairs of shoes that were everywhere
  • Fed myself dinner and cleaned it up


This is in addition to scrubbing the tub (though not the tile) earlier today, and scrubbing out the kitchen sink. This is about 10x more housecleaning than I have done since I got pregnant. If I had just swept/mopped our tiny tile entryway, I would have cleaned every floor in the apartment to a greater or lesser extent. Guess I shouldn't have gotten lazy on that, but I'm still pretty pleased. Now off to get dh from the airport!

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Monkey- Thanks. I am keeping that in mind too, but I'd rather treat as if we had a problem and find out there isn't one than to ignore it and find out there is/was a problem. I am considering us lucky that we know now and not after they're born. I'm still very scared, especially for Baby A. He is well below the 10% my brother was. The puppy heard me crying, woke up and gave me big kisses. Pets really are amazing. I am trying to use music for comfort as it's always helped. Babies are awake and kicking, so this is comforting, but I like to know they sleep sometimes too since it helps them grow. It's going to be a long road the rest of this pregnancy, but these babies fought to be here, so i'm sure they'll fight to stay. I am not sure if I said on this thread that they are little boys. DH has decided they are just spending too much time fighting with each other and it's burning calories instead of them growing. They were kicking each other in the head at the ultrasound.

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Deborah - I have long admired and been inspired by your positive outlook and you continue to inspire! That's right, your boys are fighters. Grow, little ones! 


Monkey - I dream of having such energy! Totally impressive. Right now I am managing maybe 1/10th the usual amount of housework I do. Okay, less. I actually really enjoy homemaking (most of the time) and miss having my house run in order. So your day sounds really awesome to me. (Am I nuts?) It must be hard having DH away. I do enjoy time alone very much, but the long I've been married, the less functional I am without DH even for one night! A few hours to myself in the afternoon is nice, but I want my buddy home with me at night. Anyway hope you are enjoying having him home!


Wissa, don't ask me 'cause I can't ever go along or do anything the easy way either. :) I seriously considered driving far or out of state for my OB. There are no options I love within an hour of here. But for various factors I ended up deciding to go to a practice down the road from me. It will mean more self-advocacy, but I am okay with it.


AFM, just when I was getting worried that my m/s was lessening, I spent this weekend so sick. Today I feel a little better. I am also on an all-yoga pant wardrobe. I can still button my regular pants but my stomach area is so sensitive I can't stand anything pressing on it. A little embarassing for me since I normally don't wear yoga pants out of the house. Also I really don't want anyone to ask about it. We still haven't told anyone except for parents/siblings and I can't imagine when I'll feel comfortable telling. My mom and sister swear I have the littlest beginning of a belly (at 8 1/2 weeks, EEK) but I can't really tell. Mostly, when I am not horribly nauseous or having a bout of worry, I just feel so happy and present and at peace.

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Thanks Gozal- you made me smile :-). 

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Renavoo - Some how I didn't mention you in my last post.  I really can't believe you are working such long shifts and pregnant with twins!  Truly amazing you haven't crashed yet.  I hope things slow down for you soon...


Deborah - Still thinking about you and the twins.  I hope you're putting on the pounds.  I know it must be hard with all your food allergies.

That's funny about them already fighting with each other.  I know the rest of this pregnancy is going to be a roller coaster ride for you.  However, the babies are fighters and you are too! 


Gozal - I have an appointment Wed. with a local OB.  I hoping I like her because I am really tired of driving.  It was at least an hour to get to either my RE's actual office or clinic.  Plus, with the office being in town it would make it easier for my DH to come to some of the appointments.  It would also be nice to go the hospital where my friend works as a LD nurse.  I think it would improve the hospital experience drastically to have someone on the inside looking out for your best interests. 


My MS tends to come and go, but I get mostly in the evenings.  My DH has been helping me with it a lot by doing things (like bedtime) with DS that I would normally do.   I can still button my "regular" pants too, but after a few hours I have to unbutton them and let the little belly pouch hangout.  Yesterday, my DH said so when are we going to tell "everybody" because your bbs are looking huge and you little belly I think they'll start to notice.  I guess maybe I should tell him that not everyone is obsessed with my bbs like he is.   In anycase, I'm not ready to make a huge announcement just yet and if everyone starts to speculate...Oh, well.


Monkey - You can come clean my house.  We have all been sick this past week, so needless to say it might take me a month to get my house back to normal.  It's great that you have so much energy!  Maybe things are looking up for the 2nd tri for you.

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Wissa, hope you are all feeling better this week! Yeah, I have been driving so long to my RE's (one hour round trip, sometimes for 5 min. of b/w) that was a big deciding factor. My OB is literally down the road from me. I realize I'm dragging my feet making my appt. I'm scared! My RE and I had a very warm relationship. I know she'd scan me at 10 weeks just for peace of mind. But I don't know if the OB will. I don't know if I can make it to 12 without going crazy with worry... Maybe I will go make the appt. RIGHT NOW and then it will be done. Keep us posted on how you like your OB - I really hope you do. 


Monkey, I realized I forgot to answer your question! Well, G-d willing everything is okay, then DH both feel that, tentatively, our family will probably be complete. But we are not sure. Normally I am a big planner/future thinker but I've found that as I get more life experience, I get much better at being present in the present. I am totally okay with waiting to see how I feel about it in the future, whereas before I would have had to feel more decisive about it. Another thing is that we've never practiced birth control and I am not really sure anything would work for us other than NFP/charting to prevent, for either medical or religious/ethical reasons. So we're aware that there is always the possibility of surprises and we're okay with that. So, tentatively yes, but open to no!

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Wissa- Thanks! I've now been feeling movement on both sides, so I think one might have moved over which I hope means more space for the little ones. I have DH bringing me good foods from Boulder.

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I seem to be able to managed posting decently here, or in the IF thread, but not both in the same day! Annnnnyway:


deborah - Glad you are doing a little better, and glad your puppy is being a comfort. And BOYS... one of my nephews was apparently kicking the other in the genitals during one of their ultrasounds, and getting punched in the head in return. I'm glad you can feel them both wiggling now. Though hopefully the are taking some naps, too. I *think* I might have felt the baby kicking a few times in the last few days, but I just really don't know. I hope it wiggles a lot at my ultrasound so maybe I can relate the feelings inside me to what I see on the screen. I finally looked at names in my baby book, and here's what I came up with:

-Abalard/Abelard/Abilard = resolute

-Agamemnon = resolute

-Ahkeen/Akeen/Akin = heroic, brave

-Alfonso/Alfonsus/Alonso/Alonzo/Alphonse/Alphonso/Alphonzus = ready for battle

-Alois/Aloisio/Aloys/Aloysius/Louis = famous warrior

-Araldo/Aralt/Aroldo/Arry/Harold/Jindra = army power

-Arnaud/Arnold = strong as an eagle

-Arnon = rushing stream

-Arslan/Aslan = lion

-Aziz = strong

-Bali/Balin = mighty soldier

-Barzillai = of iron

-Berend/Bern/Bernal/Bernard/etc. = bear-brave

-Berk = solid, firm, rugged

-Bink/Binketios/Vincent = to conquer

-Bogdan/Bogdashka/Bohdan/Donald = mighty in the world

-Bour = rock

-Buster = tough guy, active kid

-Chaim/Chaimek/Hayyim/Hyam/Hyman/Khaim = life (apparently there are a lot of variations on this, all from the same root!)

-Jibben = life

-Jivin = to give life

-Leben = life

-Senon = lively

-Vian, Vyvian, Vyvyan = full of life

-Vikas = growth

-Vitalis = life

-Yahya = living

-Ziv/Ziven/Zivon = lively

-Zoltan = life

-Zowie = life


Okay, actually there were so many names under 'power' (I also looked under 'life', less names there), that I actually gave up. And I just wrote everything I came across, a lot of which sounds rather weird to me. But maybe there's something useful in there? Anyway, I can always mail you my book if you want another one to look at!


gozal - I am usually not even half that productive when not pregnant. I went through a period of my life where I was really excited about being a homemaker and housekeeper, but I got sort of used to being a working woman, and I'm not very impressed with how I'm doing as house spouse, especially since getting pregnant. But the apartment has stayed relatively clean over the last few days, and it has been nice! I am glad dh is back, though we got in a nasty disagreement Monday night. Sigh. I understand more now why people would want to wait to have children until they've been married awhile. It really does take some settling in/compromising/learning/working through things. I think we made the right decision TTC right away, but that doesn't always make things easy. I'm just trying hard to think about all the good and positive qualities my dh has (of which there are many), as well as remembering my own personal faults that he has to live with (of which there are also many). He's going to be gone for three days again next week, and although he's driving, I'm going to have to stay home again due to responsibilities at church. It's always something!


As far as pregnancy stuff, I totally feel you on the tummy that just can't handle being squeezed/touched. Mine is rarely like that now, but it was agony when my m/s was at its worst. I spent a lot of days not getting dressed, or just wearing a muumuu because I couldn't stand to have a waistband. My underwear drove me bonkers. Getting underwear with a looser waistband was one of the happiest days of that part of my pregnancy! That's also when I bought the yoga pants that I still love, and yeah, I normally wouldn't wear them out of the house, either. I'm glad you're able to spend time feeling at peace with this pregnancy. I also totally understand what you're saying about family planning. I have a fairly strong feeling that there will be at least one more pregnancy for me, and quite possibly more than that. I have said numerous times that if the second pregnancy is as rough as this one, there won't be a third. But I have a funny feeling God is not going to give me a pass on that one. And I also can't really see us using BC in the future, other than NFP, either, for a lot of reasons. The trouble is, NFP is pretty worthless for me because I've never been able to get a good read on my CM (TMI: semen seems to stay inside me forever, no matter what I try to do), and my cycles are so irregular. So basically, we'd be reduced to just BDing after O had been confirmed, and the first few days of AF, which is only about 10 days out of 40, 50, 60+ days. Not going to work! But I'm just really not going to worry about that right now.


wissa - Hoping your appointment today goes well and you like the doctor! I drive 40 minutes to see my midwife (and that's where the birth will be, too), so I can definitely understand wanting to be close by if possible. Hope your dh is enjoying the pregnancy boobs. Has he decided it's okay to BD yet? It took me awhile to convince my dh that my boobs were bigger, which surprised me because of how... fond... he is of them. Add that to the list of things I never understood the extent of until I got married! Anyway, glad your dh is being helpful. And as for housekeeping - see what I said to gozal - this is NOT normal for me! But it is good. And I'm more and more feeling the urge to declutter prior to our upcoming move. Hopefully I will get on to that soon.


gem, marmo - Don't know if you're lurking, but hope you come to join us for real soon!


renavoo - wave.gifGlad your pregnancy is being 'boring' right now - so excited you passed the viability mark! I don't remember if it was you, or deborah, or someone else entirely that posted about Googling viability at various weeks' gestation, but I couldn't help myself... so I did, too. Apparently the biggest jump in viability is between weeks 25 and 26 - it jumps from 50% to 80%. After that, it keeps going up, obviously, but it seems like after 26 weeks the odds are overall pretty good! Of course, there's still the issue of NICU stays and later health problems, so I hope everyone's babies cook as long as possible. I'm still at the point of thinking (for me), just be alive baby! Just make it! And I will probably end up going to 42 weeks because of it, just to show me I didn't need to worry! orngtongue.gif


AFM, I finally got my ultrasound scheduled! It will be a week from this Friday, so March 23rd. That's also the day of my grandma's surgery to remove part of her liver and some lymph nodes, so the timing isn't totally ideal. I'd like to be at the hospital, and, on the unexpected-but-possible chance of bad news (for our baby or my grandma), it's going to be a rough emotional time on the family. But that's what works with dh's work schedule, so we are going for it. Hopefully the time flies by!


I am still having good days and bad days, but mostly good days. I think I might have felt the baby kick a few times in the last few days, but I just really don't know. It doesn't really feel like anything I've felt before, except maybe sometimes when I can feel my pulse in my abdomen. But it's not in the same place, and it's not as constant. But if it is the baby kicking, I'm surprised how strong it is! I can't feel it on the outside, but it's a pretty good thump on the inside. I've tried squishing my belly to see if I can purposely elicit a reaction, but so far the answer is no. I'm hoping the baby squirms some on the ultrasound so maybe I can correlate the image to what I'm feeling inside. I've heard it's really normal not to feel the baby until even as late as 22 weeks with your first, but when people in your DDC have been claiming to feel the baby since 9 weeks, it makes you wonder if you're nuts or they are! I'm also curious where my placenta is at, both so I can find out if it's in a good position for the birth, and because if it's anterior, that can make it harder to feel movement. I kind of think not, though, because I've heard that also makes the heartbeat harder to find, and my mw easily found the heartbeat at 8w2d - when I thought it was waaay too soon to find it with a Doppler.


Oh, last bit of randomness... I finally started a baby registry yesterday! And promptly became frustrated by the difficulty of finding unisex baby clothes, or even boy/girl clothes that aren't blue/pink. Sigh. I'm still trying to figure out cloth vs disposable for diapers, so I know what to put on the registry. I don't want people inundating me with disposables (which I know are a popular gift) if we aren't going to use them, but I don't want to put cloth on there if we decide that's not the direction we're going. I've already put a note on there saying to please not buy us bottles or pacifiers, as we aren't planning on using them, and will buy them ourselves if needed. It feels like a bizarrely political act making my baby registry - picking eco-friendly wooden toys, some organic clothing, saying no to plastic toys, bottles, and pacifiers, putting two different slings/carriers on there, and a cosleeper... I just feel like I stick way, way out. Which is just not how I am in real life. And I don't want people to think my baby registry is some holier-than-thou crusade, because it's really not. I have no doubt my baby will wear non-organic, made-in-China clothes (and there are some on my registry), or own some plastic toys, or wear disposables at some point. I just sort of figure that I should start out shooting for my ideals and adjust as necessary. Anyway, I guess we will see what happens!

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Hello Ladies - I'm feeling happy today.  The meeting with the doctor went great and I love her.  She seems very at ease with whether I decide on a Trial of Labor or go straight to a C-section.  That's all I wanted...to know I have the choice.  And driving 30 minutes verses an hour is just like whoohoo!  Honestly, this little one could end up bottom down too or I could have high blood pressure or ...you just never know.  Now I just have to see my RE one last time and I'm good to go.  I feel like now I can just start enjoying being pregnant.


Deborah - Yeah to good food from Boulder.  My DH loves CO and I've been there twice...(just a random thought).   Maybe a little separation and space is all the boys need to hit a really big growth spurt!


Gozal - Did you make an appointment?  I'm guessing your RE must have released you already?  I would think if you voice you worry to your OB they would find a reason to do an ultrasound.  After all, it is twins and look what you've gone thorough to get them.


Monkey - The first movement I felt with DS was more like flutters...not true kicks.  It's funny you should mention some women in your  DDC said they could feel it at 9 weeks because I thought I felt it the other day.  (which made me think I was crazy!)  I also felt it pretty early with DS.  My guess it that you just aren't sure what you're feeling...Some women say it's like having gas.  So, if you're having tummy trouble that could explain your frustration.  Don't worry those flutters you can't feel right now will turn into kicks you won't you be able to miss. 


Here's my "3" cents on baby stuff as I've been there done that. 


1. Even if you use cloth diapers...get some disposables.  The disposables are great for when you aren't at home.  Also, they keep the baby dryer, which means the baby is more likely to sleep thorough a wet diaper! (Trust me that's big!)  The newborn sensitive diapers from pampers are super nice! I've also read articles comparing eco-ness of cloth vs. disposables and honestly they're both bad for the environment.  If people give you too many, you can always return them to Wal-mart and use the money to buy something else.


2. You may not want others to buy you bottles or pacifiers, but buy some yourself.  My DS was a barracuda breastfeeding feign.  He had no trouble latching on and the suction of vacuum...He also had a strong desire to suckle something.  It was either a pacy, his thumb (or my bbs 24/7!!!).  I've also read that pacys are not so bad for breastfeeding and that they can actually help the baby learn to suckle.  Plus, they are now recommended for SIDS.  Also, go ahead and buy some stuff to clean the bottles with,etc.  because even if you are breastfeeding at some point you will start to pump, and will need all the stuff that goes with that. 


3.  Gender neutral clothes are fine as long as you don't mind people telling you how handsome and big your little girl is. ;)  And by the time your little one is DS's age he/she will be obsessed with if something is for a boy or girl regardless of what you do.


4. You can always register for things likes blankets, crib sheets, burp clothes, carseat, stroller, bouncer, highchair, diaper rash cream, bathtub, bath toys, soap, etc... the list is endless.  And just buy the items you feel make you stand out yourself.  I wouldn't worry most people don't analyze baby registries...they just look for what they can afford.


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Monkey- It was always both boys they were just right up against each other. I will take you up on the offer of a mailed book. I downloaded one on Kindle but didn't find it particularly useful. I actually have just been using internet searches. Wissa- Here's hoping! They napped a lot today and are just now really moving. AFM- My choir director and his wife are sweet and his wife wants to make meals for me- I am very happy to accept. She even knows I am very restricted on what I can eat. I am so grateful for the people in my life both online and off :-).

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Hi everyone! I'm sorry I've been MIA. It's been really busy but I've been having fun reading your posts in the morning.


Monkey, I love that you got some much done and you're so excited about it! My DH is leaving for almost 2 weeks next Monday for work (sniff) so I plan on getting some housework done too, while he's gone (I hate housework too). I'm hopeful that work will slow down by next week as working 12 hours a day is definitely taking its toll on me. Yah to getting your US scheduled! 3/23 is right around the corner. Can't wait to hear how that goes. I'm sorry that the scheduling didn't work out better but I'm hopeful that everything will turn out well on both counts and your grandma will appreciate the good news that comes about the baby! By the way, hug2.gif for you after the big fight with your DH. I'm sure everything has blown over by now but it is always so harrowing to have a big argument with DH, isn't it? Whenever DH and I argue, I feel awful about it for a couple of days, even after we make up. But what you say about compromise and everything is totally on the point.


Gozal, OOOOH a yoga pants wardrobe sounds like heaven to me. I really hate to say it but these pregnancy pants are really comfortable and I don't know how I'm going to go back to buttoning up my jeans after I give birth. haha. I love that you're feeling so happy :oD I'm with you about probably being done after the twins are born. I only ever wanted 2 babies. I'm already thinking about what types of birth control I should be using to prevent pregnancy. haha which is funny considering I was unable to get pregnant even when we were doing EVERYTHING right!


Wissa, my ms was worse at night too! But it started going away by week 11 and it was gone by week 13-14. I now just have really bad reflux and heartburn but that's expected.I'm so happy you love your new doctor! Yah to finally feeling like you can enjoy your pregnancy.


Ok, back to work for me. I just wanted to write and say hi since I've been missing for so long. I'm thinking of you all!



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wissa - So glad you like the OB! That has got to be such a weight off to find a good care provider. And I'm glad that she seems on board with a VBAC, if things are looking good for that. As far as baby stuff - I'm quite certain that some people will completely ignore my registry, or just decide I have no clue what's going on, so I expect to end up with some diapers/bottles/pacifiers regardless of what I put. And like I said, I'm definitely not saying, "Never shall these abominations cross my threshold!" (not that I think of them as abominations, anyway), just that I'm going to try not to accumulate a bunch of unnecessary stuff. I'd rather have to go out and buy something I needed then sit in my house crying about how overwhelmed I am by all the STUFF. SIL also told me to be prepared to have people mis-gender my baby, but said it also happened to my niece, even when she was wearing pink. Babies just really don't look like boys or girls most of the time. Which is perhaps why people are so in to gender-specific clothes? Either way, SIL also said I can definitely borrow/have a bunch of her kids' old baby clothes. They are getting ready to move out of state for grad school, leaving behind a house for an apartment, so they are getting rid of a lot of stuff. I think I'm also going to get their baby swing, either for free or discounted, which will be nice in case baby decides to hate the swing - those things are expensive!

deborah - Glad you are getting some meal assistance! And if you'd like my book, just PM me your address. I will try to send it out soon, though you might have to remind me if I forget!

renavoo - I'm really enjoying sitting in my still-relatively-clean house. Honestly, I kind of didn't know what to do with myself tonight. The missionaries from church came for dinner, and helped clean up afterwards, so there really isn't any cleaning for me to do, unless I want to dust or declutter, which I wasn't really up for tonight. And dh isn't here, so I can't watch Lost or listen to our audiobook together. At one point, I even checked and there was nothing new on MDC, Facebook, or my email! So I've just been reading a little, and learning new Sudoku strategies. I'll probably come up with a million things I should have been doing tomorrow. Totally stinks that your dh is going to be gone for so long - FIL is gone for weeks or even months at a time, and has been for years. Don't know how MIL deals with it. dh and I have been apart for 6 days at the very longest, and it totally, royally sucked for both of us. Hope you can keep distracted and busy! I am getting so impatient for my ultrasound now. I've waited this long, you'd think a week would be nothing, but I want it now! As far as arguing goes, I'm mostly doing better. I hate that it seems like 90% of our disagreements are the same one or two things over and over again. Anyway, dh got to stay home from work this morning and sleep in late and have berry french toast casserole with me and enjoy some "quality time" before he got on the road for today, so that was definitely very nice!

AFM, doing pretty well today. Have a headache now for some reason, but have mostly felt pretty well. I spent the afternoon with SIL and the kids, and I can't believe how big my nephews have gotten! They're starting to support their own heads and will stand up sometimes if you hold them up on your lap. And my niece looks less and less like a baby every time I see her, and is getting even funnier as her communication skills improve. She still doesn't really talk, but she certainly knows if she's got your attention and how to capitalize on that! Not much else to report since a day or two ago. I am definitely getting a bigger tummy. dh took a picture this morning, and when I have a chance to get it off his phone, I will try to post it, along with my 4 week picture, so you can see the difference. (I want to see the difference, too!)
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Thanks Monkey! I will.

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URGH I typed out a nice long message before and my computer ate it! Trying again...
Wissa, I just loved reading your update. I am so, so, so happy for you that you've got that "now I can enjoy my pregnancy" feeling (and I know exactly what you mean! I'm not there yet but I'm hoping my first OB appt. gets me there). Yay! How are you feeling physically?
Monkey, ooh I love playing around with baby names. In my community we don't name the baby until s/he is born so it's all a private affair, but I like playing around in my head. :) Do you know about the Baby Name Wizard blog? It has all sorts of fun tools. Actually a whole bunch of names on your list are Hebrew, though most of them aren't really used anymore. (BTW, if you use one of them every Jew around will assume you are Jewish!) Ziv, pronounced "Zeev," is the only one that is current (not in the US though) and I like it a lot. Arnon and Chaim are both old-fashioned names from my parents' generation. All those variant spellings of Chaim are transliterations into English, but there's only one way to spell it in Hebrew, all the same root. Yachya (like Chaim, also a guttural "ch" like in "Bach") is a really old name, I only know of historical figures named that. Barzillai is a fairly common family name but I've never heard it used as a first name. Aziz is Arabic, I think, but it means the same thing in Hebrew. I've never heard of most of the other names, but I like Aslan. I don't think I could name a baby Abelard because the most famous one, despite being one of the most important philosophers of all time, had a very...um, ouchy time of it. Any favorites for you?
I also wanted to tell you, I think the time after DS was born was the most challenging of my marriage. Not right away, at first it was all bliss and sleep deprivation, but after the initial amazingness of becoming parents. It's funny because people used to tell me that the first year of marriage is really hard, and in my experience it was absolutely wonderful. It was a dream come true! My pregnancy was amazing too, altogether one of the absolute best times of my life. So I was unprepared for all the transformation we needed to go through, individually and as a couple, once we became parents. We each had our own learning adn growing to do, and we had different learning curves. There was a lot of adjustment. But I want you to know, that I believe it was that sort of rough patch when we really became a unit, a family. I learned so much. I love DH more every day, I swear. I have learned to accept so many things about myself and about him with love and compassion. I am so committed, and so happy. We still have our trouble spots, like everyone does. But I wish I could go back and tell myself, "You have no idea how great it's gonna get. Hang in there! This is important! You have to go through this and the other side is totally worth it."
I think you registry philosophy is just fine! You are totally not one of those preachy people, you don't even have to worry about it. If I know that, I'm sure all your friends know that too! For cute and gender-neutral clothes, try looking for Carters. They are available everywhere and IME are great quality. The last, wear and wash well, and are well-sized. A lot of their clothes are strictly gendered, but they also have a gender-neutral line for babies and I find that some of their "boy" or "girl" lines are actually gender neutral. I prefer gender-neutral both because do we really need more labels? and because it's economical (more reuseable). I think a lot of DS's baby clothes could be used for a girl. Not all though. People buy you stuff, and some gendered stuff is cute and awesome. But you know, in general.
Can't wait to hear about your u/s!!!
Renavoo, we miss you too! I want you to be done with your 12-hour days both 'cause wow, that must be so hard, and because then we get to hear more from you. :) I peeked into the IVF graduates thread to see your belly pic and you look so cute! I promise by the end of pregnancy you will be so bored of your maternity clothes you'll be just as excited to go back to regular ones as you were to switch to maternity ones. Although really, why they don't make all jeans with stretchy tops, I don't know!
Deborah, I'm so glad to hear you are feeling well and getting kicked a lot! ;) That's wonderful that you are getting some meals. How are you doing with the bed rest? (Am I misremembering and you are not on bed rest yet?) I keep thinking good thoughts for your next appt.
AFM, no need to worry about m/s dissipating, last week I reached a pregnancy milestone: first actual throwing up. After gaining some more experience in that department I figured out it happens when I truly have nothing in my stomach, usually in the late morning. I usually do feel worst in the mornings so that is the toughest time for me to eat. I also wake up dehydrated every single day. I have a huge glass of water on my nightstand and I drink some every time I wake up a bit, but it's nto enough. By morning my mouth is so dry I can't swallow. But I have to be really careful to drink tiny sips or it will all come up. I have had some days when I feel almost normal for a few hours at a time, but mostly I am feeling pretty awful. But as ever I am grateful for it. I am pretty sure my belly is growing too. It's not noticeable unless I'm wearing a closer-fitting shirt, but my mom and sister are delighted! I am hoping that I have Renavoo's experience and it starts to let up a little at 11 weeks. 
I did finally work up the courage to make my OB appt. - next Wed. It's not with one of my preferred doctors at the practice, which is a bummer, but I wanted to be sure to get my appt. at the 10-week mark. 
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Gozal- You remembered correctly. I am on very modified bed rest, so not much I can do, but I can go do things that are stress relievers. I am also allowed to do my class since it's a distraction. I am finding it hard to get the extra calories in because it makes me bloated, but otherwise I am fine physically. The emotions are still pretty intense. I finally got to a place of peace with the situation and then my father stirred the pot twice. I'm waiting to calm down before I approach him about it. I am sorry you are having bad morning sickness and I hope it lets up for you soon.

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gozal - The baby names are actually for deborah, not me. :) She was wanting names for her babies about them being strong/fighters/etc to help with positive thinking towards them growing and being healthy. We have our baby names, but we aren't telling! Honestly, I won't publicly announce on MDC even after baby comes. I don't give out my personal name/info, so I don't think I'll be giving out my kids'. Of course, for my friends here, I'd be happy to share via PM... but still only after baby comes. One of the assistance principals where I taught was named Mr. Aslan - that's where I first learned it meant 'lion.' It's Turkish. Both the first and middle names for our top girl and boy choices are entirely biblical, so probably most if not all of them do have Hebrew origins, but I think they've mostly been latinized to a greater or lesser extent. It's actually semi-coincidental that they are biblical - I like biblical names, but don't have any specific feelings that it's better/right/religiously important to give our children biblical names. My second-choice girl's name is actually from Star Trek. trekkie.gif Given how traditional the rest of our name choices are, I'm afraid if we use that name she will feel like she doesn't quite belong with the rest of the family. OTOH, we have family friends with 5 kids, 4 of whom have very common names, and one with a very unique name (from the bible/Book of Mormon), and it seems all right. Of course, he's only 3, so we'll see what he thinks when he is older!


deborah - Glad you have the class for distraction, at least. Sorry getting more food down isn't going so well. Even though my stomach shouldn't be too squished yet, I still find I can't really eat a normal-sized meal without getting full.


AFM, not yet having luck with contacting realtors for tomorrow. Grr. On the plus side, I got my hair trimmed today and it looks nice, and I found a couple of pairs of maternity capris that I like, so now I will have something to wear into summer!

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Monkey- The crazy thing is I'm not even trying for normal sized meals, just trying to snack constantly and I still get bloated after just a few bites. I know part of it is just not having much room in there, but I also think not being able to exercise is taking its toll on me.

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Gozal - I'm glad you got your appointment in for 10 weeks, but sorry it wasn't your OB of choice.  MS really isn't much fun, I'm sorry you've progressed to actually vomiting.  It's interesting about you being thirsty when you wake up....I do the exact same thing.  I really just want to down an entire glass of ice-water when I first get up, but like you I'm afraid of it all coming back-up!


Renavoo - Sounds like I need to stalk you on the graduates thread...I want to see the belly shot.


RE Gender neutral baby stuff:  I think it's often hard to find the gender neutral stuff because most people find out the gender before the birth.  I think most baby stuff cute boy/girl or whatever.  However, when DS was a baby I got really tired of boy stuff in pale baby blue!  It's really not the best color for a newborn with red hair.  ;)


Monkey -  I hear you on not wanting a lot of extra baby stuff.  I thought I would never get DH to move from our old house, but then it got overrun with baby stuff.  We signed on our new house the day I went into labor! (Yes, that really happened to me!)     It's nice your SIL is giving you the extra stuff, just be warned that's how I ended up with so much stuff.  Everyone we knew was done having kids when had our first, so we got lots of hand-me-downs. 


I mentioned maybe having some bottles and pacifers stored away just in case because that turned out to be a life-saver for me.  I ended up with a c-section and that made running out to buy this and that not real easy!  So, in the end I was totally grateful to the Friend that gave me like 4 different kinds of pacifiers even though I didn't really think I would need one.  ;)  Also, (I know this more than what you really want to know, but I was thinking about it...)  Not all bottles are created equal.  I ended using the Avent bottles because they were the only ones that didn't drown DS...all the other breastfeeding nipples let too much milk flow due to his super suction. 


As for DH after baby.  I'd say Gozal has that exactly right!  Baby does change things.


AFM -  I'm 10 weeks tomorrow!!! 

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