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Hi ladies! I'm battling a case of insomnia so I thought it would be fun to catch up here before I go back and try to sleep again :o)


Wissa, haha that was an on the fly shot from a few weeks ago because people asked for a shot. I'll attach the shot below but it's outdated and my stomach (or I call it "the monstrosity" (affectionately because I'm actually quite amused with the growth these days)) has gotten bigger. DH is thinking that I should take another one with him in it and he'll blow out his stomach and we can both look pregnant. Funny thing is that he's quite in shape so I think that it's really amusing he thinks that would be doable but hey, that sounds like fun regardless. Once we get that photo, I'll post it too.


YAH to reaching 10 weeks!! I'm so excited for you! :oD Awww and how cute that your DS has red hair! My DH has red hair too and I would love a baby with red hair although since I'm Asian, I'm thinking that my genes are dominant and therefore, our babies are likely to be dark haired and dark eyed. oh well. So, when is your next appointment? How are you feeling? 


Monkey, yah for finding clothing that you like! Isn't it nice to be shopping for summer already? :o) I'm actually so happy that the weather is turning warmer mostly because I didn't want to spend the extra money on a coat to fit this belly! As for the registry, I like your philosophy! i ended up making a registry too and it was a struggle to figure out what to put on it. Honestly, I didn't want a baby shower...I'm not into the parties or being the center of attention. However, our friends are all pushing us to have one. I think I would have ended up with a surprise baby shower if I didn't agree to one. As it is, DH is planning the shower (with some close friends' help) because he knows how I want it. (in a bar, with some kind of other entertainment happening...I think that by the time we have the shower, it'll be NBA playoffs time!) However, because of timing, we won't be having it until I'm around 31 weeks so I have reserved the right to cancel if necessary. haha


I totally get why you would be impatient for the US! i think for all of us, it's just been waiting for one thing or another so of course you're impatient. Just one more week (less now!) and you'll see your beautiful baby! it's so exciting. As for arguing with your DH, isn't that just the way of relationships? I feel like everyone argues about the same things over and over again. I know DH and I do. Luckily, we tend to agree on most things but there are times...But anyway, I'm so glad you got some quality time with him! As for your nephews, awww! It's amazing how quickly they grow. I bet they will be excited to play with their cousin when he/she is born! 


Gozal, thank you for your beautiful sum up of your relationship with DH. My biggest fear is a change in the relationship with my DH. I love how we are right now and really, I can't imagine us any other way. But I know things will change when the babies are here. However, I am happy for the hope that while we both will change and our relationship will change, you found that the growth can make you even closer. I took a relationship class in college and they mentioned that people's satisfaction with marriage dropped drastically after having children. I really really hope to avoid that! if you can, give us some more tips!! (Wissa, you too, please!) By the way, sorry you threw up :o( I hope that your MS dissipates soon too!! 


By the way, the thirst never ends. I'm CONSTANTLY thirsty. I'm always drinking water and therefore, going to the bathroom. Hopefully, soon, you guys will get over the MS so that you can drink a lot of water and NOT throw it up!


Anyway, just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you all. I love being on this journey with all of you!




Oh and Wissa, here it is! Photo at 21 weeks, which means it is around 4 weeks outdated. haha a lot of growth since then! I'll update when I get a new one!



photo 21 weeks cr.jpg





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Well, I just have a second...but I needed to say my bum has grown! 


More relevant information and personals later.  ;)

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haha Wissa, yah to the bum growth! I think... ;o) 


Hope everyone is doing well! Im a little bummed today because DH leaves for a work meeting and won't be back for about 2 weeks. I don't remember when I became so dependent on him to keep me calm and happy but I know that if I have a bad day, when I come home and see him, I'm always happier. So I think these next two weeks are going to be difficult...especially since we've never been apart for so long. Oh well, I'm hoping that the nesting instinct will keep me busy until he gets back. Gestational diabetes test this friday. Ugh. I am thinking i probably won't pass because I like sugar too much. Didn't have time to get a proper belly shot this weekend but maybe that will be my project this week too. Otherwise work will hopefully slow down now that the presentations are done. I hope so anyway. 


Big hugs everyone!! Hope everyone had a great weekend.


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Deborah, oh no, I'm sorry about your dad upsetting you. I hope you were able to talk to him and sort things out (and tell him what you really do NOT need to hear right now). I'm glad you're managing okay with the bed rest - I can imagine you're stomach is already getting squished by the boys, huh? Hang in there and keep us posted!!


Monkey- duh.gif Oh well, maybe my short treatise on baby names will be of help to Deborah then! As it turns out your guys have a very similar naming approach to us! DS has a biblical name and we have a variety of hypotheticals picked out, including biblical, Hebrew nature names, and contemporary Hebrew names (that are easily pronouncable in English too). No worries, I am also nutso about internet security. I like your PM idea, I'd love to share photos but yeah, definitely not comfortable putting them up any public place online. Oh, and I forgot to write the other day, I am like 99% sure that you are feeling the baby move!! That is EXACTLY how I'd describe it. With DS, he had an anterior placenta (i.e. on the side of my uterus facing my front) and I have a retro-tilted uterus so I didn't feel him until 25 weeks or so. Really late. It is, and I do not exaggerate, the absoltuely most amazing physical sensation I have ever experienced! If you haven't yet, soon you will feel an unmistakable kick and you'll know for sure! Oh, and what's with the realtors? Are you guys buying a house? (Did I miss that?) How exciting! 


Wissa, bum growth is a good thing, yes? Hope you are turning the m/s corner now that you're into the tenth week! I seem to have 1-2 good day per week, 2-3 okay days, and the rest miserable. Hoping for more good days until they're all good days for us both! 


Renavoo, okay so I gotta warn you about that GD test! No one warned me and to be perfectly honest, it was completely miserable. I feel like the protocol has changed since I had DS and now they have everyone do the 1-hour test, then if you fail that, you have to do the 3-hour. But the way they did it for me is they took a random blood level as the screening test. They did NOT tell me to fast, so the blood draw was right after I ate a bowl of oatmeal. I was less crunchy then ;) and it was one of those instant packs with maple syrup. So I failed the stupid blood draw. I'm thinking, you know what, my whole life I've suffered from low blood sugar. How is it possible? But hey, you're not going to take a risk with the baby, right? So they made the 3-hour test seem like no big deal. They booked me for 8:30 (earliest possible) and told me to fast overnight. They did NOT tell me to bring anyone with me. Well, by the time I was done at 11:30, I felt as bad as I'd ever felt in my life. I still cannot believe I drove home - I just knew I needed to eat asap. My hands were shaking so badly I could barely like a fork to my mouth. The next day my OB told me, "You definitely passed. Your last level was actually dangerously low - 61." Apparently for a nonpreggo 50 is considered critical. 45 is seizures/coma. I was flabbergasted. I know that GD is a major risk but so is THAT. And on top of that, I only narrowly managed to get down that awful glucose drink without throwing up. I hope I'm not scaring you, I truly don't mean to, but I wanted you to know that if you've never had blood sugar problems, the test itself might make you feel really bad. Pack food so you can eat immediately afterwards and have someone on-call in case you need help getting home. I wish my doctor had told me that! I really hope you'll do much better than I did though. And I hope your time without DH flies by!


AFM, first OB appt. tomorrow! Trying to stay positive and put the worries out of my mind. I've been trying to think about that transformative period after we had the baby and I think, really, that the thing that made it the hardest is that we live in a very workplace-centered society. I am very lucky to have a good support system here, but everyone works fulltime. So after 1 week when DH went back to work, I was home by myself with a newborn from 7am-7pm. He was a high-needs baby and I was a new mom, which is not easy! I started off thinking, oh poor DH, he has to take care of a baby AND go to work, whereas I can be at home all day wearing yoga pants and sleeping when the baby sleeps. Ha ha ha! The joke was on me, The baby never slept, and I was not prepared for the reality of bf (including the part where DS refused to take a bottle - ever). I was so stinking jealous of DH that he got to go sit quietly in his office, eat when he was hungry, use the bathroom without the baby screaming, talk to his co-workers and friends. (Believe me, I now absolutely love being at home. We are, in fact, making a lot of sacrifices for it. But I had to get here, to this headspace, you know?) So then it got to be, without us wanting it that way, that DH and I sort of inhabited different worlds. Since I was bf, he was never really alone with the baby for more than a few hours. He never shared my experiences. On the weekends, he sort of wanted to do everything together. I desperately needed a break. I deeply beleived in being home with my baby, but it *was* my full-time responsibility while DH was at work. I needed him to take over some tasks, but he wanted to do them all *with* me. Well, it took a long time for DH to figure out how to give that to me. I am not the kind of person who needs to get out of the house to relax. (Well, sometimes, of course.) I need quiet time at home to relax. I spent all week looking forward to the weekend, and then every weekend I was disappointed and tapped out. Then, when DS was 6 months, he started going to childcare 2 mornings a week so I could study. It was awesome! That was all I needed. At that time I was still really passionate about my studies and career. (I still like them, but the passion is on hold, 'cause now it's being a mom that I feel passionate about.) But then I realized I was doing ALL the second-shift stuff. And if DS was sick, I was always on-call, DH could never take a day off of work. At the same time he was doing a lot of freelance stuff that meant traveling on weekends. So it felt like I had half a career, he had a career and a half, and that was not exactly my choice nor was my contribution being fairly acknowledged. So what happened? We did go to counseling. The counselor told us we were happily married! She was right. We both sort of got with reality after that, in the sense that we each learned to accept the realities of our new life. I realized that, despite what I had thought when i was younger, I was not prepared to make the scarifices necessary to have a big academic career and raise a family at the same time, given the realities of running a household and parenting. (For me, I have dear friends who have made the opposite choice and I greatly respect it.) Once DS grew out of colicy infancy (um, and started sleeping in more than 2-hour stretches!) parenting became the biggest pleasure in the world. It just came down to, someone needs to be at home raising the babies and running the house, and I like doing it, while DH likes his job, so it should be me. DH also blossomed into his role as a dad. He really understood and appreciated what I was doing at home. We are taking a very different script from many of our friends, but we're on the same page; we have a lot of faith and pride in what we're doing. We're a team now. I could not love that man more! I think most of that is very normal, but we're not well-prepared for it in our culture nor do employers have to acknowledge ANYTHING related to having a family, most of the time. 


Okay, phew, what is it with me and treatises? I hope that will be a little helpful. I have to admit my biggest worry with twins is that I won't be able to use my BTDT experiences to make the infancy period more enjoyable. I have tons of fond memories of DS as a baby OF COURSE but I have to admit those days were hard for me. But I have decided that even if I have to learn new twin stuff, I have a lot better knowledge of newborns, of how things change so quickly with babies, of my weak spots and what I need help with. I am really looking forward to it, actually. I've decided it's gonna be great! 

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Renavoo -  Your old belly shot is really cute.  I know you think you look huge, but all I see is a baby bump.  I'm sure you are much bigger now!  The GD test is really not fun.  That drink is yuck!  When I did mine with DS I took something to eat afterward...and I was really glad I did.  It's just not good for pregnant women to go that long without eating.   I don't think liking sugar is a mark against you.  I passes it with flying coloring when I was pregnant with DS only a couple of years later to end with PCOS. 


I'm kind of afraid for when I have to take it this time because I have cut my sugar intake way back...I honestly have not had a soda in 1.5 years. 


Hope you had a good weekend and that things do indeed slow down for you.  I know you'll miss our DH, but maybe you'll get a lot done while he's gone.  So, when he gets back you can just spend time together.


Gozal - Your post sounded very similar to my journey.  Being a SAHM is really an adjustment and I didn't think it would be so hard.  I have never regretted staying home with my DS, but it really was not at all what I thought it would be.


We moved the week I had DS, I had a c-section, and my granddad died.  Since we signed on the house the day I went into labor, most of DH's time off was spent moving us.  Since my my granddad died my mom could not come and stay with me!  So, there I was recovering from major surgery basically left to myself with a newborn.  DS was so high maintenance!  He never slept (30 minute snoozer he was!), he always wanted to eat, barracuda breast-feeder, he had radar in his butt and could not be put down.  I had trouble with my milk coming in from the start in part I think from the c-section, and in part because clearly my hormones are screwy.   I went days without even a bath!  Oh boy! Not at all what I had thought postpartum would be like.  (My only saving grace were the ladies from church that brought us meals.  I know they would have done much more, but I can never admit I can't handle something.


I love my DH dearly, but he was so thrilled and in love with DS that he could not see how much I was struggling.  If he had dropped off the planet, I wouldn't have cared! Once I gave up the breastfeeding (once DS got a quick meal he didn't want to have to work for it,  Umm...Still his personality.), my postpartum depression lifted like storm cloud moving out.  That helped tremendously.


I also had days where I was jealous DH got to go to work.  I've even said to him "Does anyone follow you to the restroom at wok!"  I was a teacher and my best friend worked across the hall from me.  I had an aide in my room with me all day and some very challenging students.  I missed the interaction with other people and I missed feeling like was doing something.   I also thought I was pretty good at what I did.  ;)


I think like Gozal once I got out of the infant stage and finally got some sleep I was able to see things much clearer.  I had to learn that even though I wanted time off I still had to let DH have his down time.  He has a very stressful job and he has to have time to unwind when he gets home before I throw DS at him!   Also, I've had to realize that DH"s idea of helping and my idea of helping don't always match.  It was a rocky time for me, but DH was completely clueless.  I finally just gave in one day and told about how I felt about everything.  At first he was hurt, but after a while he began to understand and did things differently.  Some days it was just him calling during his lunch hour, so I could talk to an adult!   It all sounds so dramatic, but it really wasn't.  I take most of the blame because I wasn't at all prepared on how to make the change from work to SAHM.


I don't want to scare any of you first time mom's!  Being a mom is wonderful, but I feel like the real struggles of motherhood are often glossed over.  We try to pretend they don't exist.  Newborns are not easy to live with.  When I was dealing with it, it felt like it would last forever.  However, it's really only a couple of months.  The change in the relationship between DH & I has been positive as well.  There is nothing like watching my DH and DS play together...there's also nothing like knowing that when I have trouble with DS that my DH will there to back me up.  It has made us much more of team.


Gozal, I know you will be able handle the twin stuff!  You do have experience on your side!!  Have you told your DS about the babies?  I'm curious since he is close in age to my DS what he response is.


AFM  - I need to call my RE's office and figure out what we are going to do from here. They wanted to have a "release" meeting two weeks ago, but they had trouble finding a time for me to meet with the RE.  They also want to do an ultra-sound.  I don't do ultra-sounds without DH and finding a time to do an ultra-sound when both DH and RE are available is somewhat impossible.  My plan is to just have phone conference with the RE and have them send all my info to my OB.  At this point I feel like my OB can do anything the RE office would do anyway.  (And it's only a 20 minute drive!) 


Oh, I think someone mentioned this...the miscarriage rate after 8 weeks with a heartbeat is only 5%.  I'm sure, if you're in the 5% that's a lot.  However, it sounds like good odds to me at point (10 weeks3days).

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Just dropping by really quick to say the ultrasound went well! The tech was mostly concerned with taking measurements, which was sort of a bummer, but we did get to see a few things. Heart is definitely beating, so that is good! And this baby is definitely a BOY. Not ambiguous at all on that point! I'll have to wait a week and a half to see what the midwife has to say about it, but so far so good!


My ultrasound was today instead of Friday b/c dh and I are going to be traveling. So I have a bunch of stuff to do tonight and tomorrow, but hopefully I should have lots of time for personals on Friday! Hope you ladies are doing well!

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Monkey- Welcome to Team Blue!

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Monkey, YAH for a boy! Congrats!


Wissa and Gozal, it is so interesting to hear you talk about the trials about being a SAHM. Actually, at work, I'm part of a "parents" mentoring circle. A group of us meet once a month and talk about being parents (or a parent to be, in my case) and discuss what it means to us and our spouses/partners. Three of the guys in my group have SAH wives and they mention that once they get home, their wives pretty much give them the babies to take some time for themselves. They also say that their wives always used to say to them things like what Wissa mentioned- saying that they were lucky to get to go to work! I can't imagine that anyone would think that work itself is more demanding or difficult that being a SAHM. I mean, talk about being "on" all the time! Even though i work long hours, at least i have time to go to the bathroom when I want or to eat when I want. i know I will be much more limited when i finally give birth to my babies. I mean, I'm excited about the experience and about meeting my little ones but i'm nervous about actually being capable of taking care of the babies.However, I will be going back to work after 3 months too. Living in NYC dictates that we need 2 working parents. I'm just hoping that i can negotiate something with the company. I thought that this week would be slower and I was hopeful because Monday and Tuesday, i got to leave around 6 or 6:30 which was heavenly. Yesterday, a big project came in and I ended up working 14 hours again. Exhausted!


Gozal, thanks for the tips about the GD test! I'm going in at 9am and I was told that i didn't need to fast but i'll eat a very early breakfast (I always eat around 5am anyway, which is when I get up). I really hope I don't have to do the 3 hour test! It sounds horrific! Even before i was pregnant, I couldn't really fast...now, I think I would become murderous! But oh well, I hear I need to bring food with me so I can eat immediately after the test, if I end up doing the 3 hour test. Do they give you the results from the 1 hour test immediately? How did your OB visit go, by the way? I want to hear details!


Wissa, I'm with you...I followed those stats religiously. haha after the miscarriage stats, I started following the viability stats. I know that there's a change I'll fall into the bad percentile but it gives me some comfort to know that my chances of a safe delivery are higher than those of losing my babies!


Big hugs, everyone! Hope all is well.


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Monkey - WhooHoo! A boy!  Clearly, I love my little guy and think boys are just great!  Sounds like everything looked good too!!!


Deborah - Thinking about you today!  Nice to hear your boys have been active!  Sorry, you haven't put on any lbs, but it sounds like at least you haven't lost any either.


Renavoo - It's nice to know we didn't run you off with our stories!  When I talked about my struggles making the transition to a SAHM and I don't mean to sound ungrateful that I have the opportunity to do it.  For me being a mom was really not much of a challenge.  After all I taught children with Emotional & Behavioral disorders before!  I missed the everyday challenge of figuring out what my students were going to do next. ;)  It was also hard when my former students would say things like Why does she have to stay home with a baby?  Anyone can take care of baby, we need her. 


I'm sure it is a little daunting thinking about caring  for twins, but I have no doubt you will master it!  Overall, babies aren't hard to figure out...eat, sleep, poo...it's just you are so sleep deprived. ;)  I promise you it is all worth it after you get that first smile!  Of course, if it was so very terrible I don't Gozal and I would have tired so hard to have another go at it!!


Being a SAHM isn't for everyone.  We are fortunate that the cost of living is really low where we live.  We were both a bit older when got married and had kids, so we were also a little bit more financially stable too!  I think you'll be glad for the 3 months you get to spend getting to know your babies, but you'll be mostly ready by then to make the transition back to work.  You have make the choices that are going to be best for your family! 


Sorry, to hear your work schedule is crazy again!  14 hour days, yuck!  Having newborns might just be a vacation for you.  ;)

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Wissa- I had that same thought- glad I didn't lose any. I just wish I could gain some. I did realize it's possible my Synthroid dose is too high making it difficult to gain weight so I had my PCP check yesterday. I'll have the results early next week.

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Sad news- Although our boys grew, they were not able to hold on and we lost them this week. I'm delivering them tomorrow morning.

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Deborah - I'm so sorry.  My heart hurts for you.  I can't even begin to imagine how difficult this is for you and your DH.  You, your DH and boys will be in my prayers.  May you find peace and healing. 

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deborah - I am so, so sorry. There just aren't any words for it. I will be praying for you and your family. hug.gif

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Deborah, I am deeply sorry to hear your sad news. The words "sorry" and "loss" seem so small to me right now compared to the feelings, but there are times when words are simply inadequate. I am sending much love your way and will keep you and DH in my thoughts in the time to come as you grieve and heal. Please say as little or as much as you need. We are here, always. 

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Deborah, you have my sympathies and you and you family will be in my thoughts.

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Oh right, so I had my first OB appt.! It was kind of non-eventful, actually. I had mis-remembered the doctor I was seeing and actually I liked him a lot. Mostly it was just a health history, some b/w (way more than I expected, they re-test a lot of things even though I was with them for my pg with DS), b/p, pap, weigh-in and all that. The doctor told me about the twin monitoring protocol at the practice - I'd love to know how this compares with yours, Renavoo! I go once a month until 16 weeks, every two weeks after that, and weekly towards the end (I can't remember the week - 30 maybe?) They are also going to measure cervical length by u/s starting about halfway through. He didn't mention growth scans, so I'll have to ask about that next time. I talked to him briefly about their policy on twin labor. I just wanted to know if they section all (or most) twin pg, 'cause then I would need to find another practice. Well, their policy is both twins have to be vertex in order to labor. He told me they are prepared for breech delivery of the second baby (and in general) but feel the outcomes are better for twin B if s/he is breech if they do a section. I'm not sure how I feel about that and am not really thinking about it yet, I'm just praying every day that everything is fine. I suppose I could always get a second opinion if that ends up being my situation. He said in his experience, I have a 50% chance of delivering vaginally, yikes. OTOH this state has horribly high section rates and that's not so different from the general population, which kind of makes me feel like my practice is pro-twin labor in comparison to others. 


Most exciting (and nervous-making), I have an Integrated First Tri u/s coming up in a week and a half! Have any of you had that? It is the one where they look for several markers of chromosomal and neural tube problems. It is called something different for singletons (Sequential Screen, I think) and I had it with DS as well. It's standard protocol at my practice. Then they do b/w screening as well in conjunction with it, and then they give you a risk assessment (which helps decide if you want to do amnio or CVS). It sounds scary, and it has to be done at a hospital too, which is even scarier. But with DS, the tech was so awesome, it was really more like a long u/s where I could get a good look at my baby! Of course I got reassuring news right away then, and I praying and praying that I do next week.


So I left the appt. feeling happy but not really reassurred. The doctor told me he would have done an u/s, but since I would need to get the Integrated u/s before 12 weeks anyway, he'd hold off. Which is totally responsible and prudent, but I was really hoping to get a peak at the babies and make sure they are doing well. I guess I am spoiled by the royal RE treatment!


Wissa, I am so glad you shared your story too! I can relate to it so much, of course. I am lucky to have all sorts of friends, those who chose to stay at home, those who didn't, those who really didn't have a choice (either to be at home or not to be at home), those who struggle to afford it and those who don't. But I don't know anyone like me really, someone who changed her mind after she had a child and is working hard to make that work. Or at least, who went through the process with at the time that I did. So often it feels like I don't have anyone to talk to about it. We are stuck in a very high cost-of-living area and many people assume we must be making more than we are to "afford" a stay-at-home parent. It gets awkward sometimes. People assume I'm not working because I can't find a job, because I'm finishing my dissertation. I have to admit, I feel a little relieved that twins are going to let me off the hook on that one! I think even my profs will understand that. Phew. ANYWAY, how are things going with you, Wissa? How are you feeling? Did you figure out your OB/midwife situation? Oh, so about DS, well, I think he is starting to figure out that "something" is up. Like yesterday he put a little car inside his hauler truck and told me, "Look, the mama truck has a baby car in her belly." Awwwww. He is very astute and since I've been feeling sick so much and my belly is so tender, I think he may be putting 2 and 2 together. He did ask me once point-blank if there was a baby in there, and I told him, "I hope there is a healthy, growing baby in there very, very much." I didn't want to lie but we are not ready to tell him yet. In fact we have only told our parents and siblings. Perhaps, if G-d willing everything goes well next week, we'll be ready to tell close family and friends at the beginning of the second tri. But with DS, I would really like to wait until after the anatomy u/s. What about you? What are you planning? Do you think your DS is picking up on "something"?


Renavoo, you know I had to stalk you over on the IVF grads thread and you are sooooo cute! And btw your apartment looks so nice and SUNNY too. My NYC apartments were always so dark, blech.


Monkey, a BOY!!! How exciting! So, so, so glad everything is looking great in there! Wow, you guys travel so much I can barely keep up. ;) I hope you are having a great time and are feeling well.


Thinking of all of you and can't wait to hear how you're doing? 

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Again Deborah, I am so sorry to hear about your precious boys.


Monkey: Yaaaay for a good scan and seeing your baby boy!!


gozal, renavoo, boots, wissa, everyone: Hi!!!!


I should probably go ahead and join huh?

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Hi ladies!

Gozal, YAH to an uneventful visit. Although, I'm sad you didn't get to see the little ones. :o( In all my visits except the last one, I've gotten to see the little ones and I think I've gotten WAY too used to it so I was really really disappointed that I didn't get to see them this last time. Sigh.2 more week and I'll see them again!


I think that the scheduling your office uses is similar to mine. After 16 weeks, they asked me to come in every 2 weeks but they said that I needed to do that for cervical scans due to a previous LEEP procedure (for cervical dysplasia). As my cervical scans show that I have a long cervix (3.8cm.) one doctor said that I probably don't need to come in every 2 weeks for that. But the odd thing is that since I go to a multi physician practice, the physicians change every time I go, it seems. The physician I saw on Friday has me coming in for another cervical scan in 2 weeks. Oh well, I don't mind either way because when they do a cervical scan, they always just let me see the babies as well :o)


By the way, I did the integrated screen too! They took my blood test sometime the end of week 9, if I remember correctly and then after the nuchal scan, they gave us our babies potential risk for some of the genetic diseases. I didn't care much about the scan but as you said, it gave me a chance to see the babies. They were moving a lot and that's when our tech made a guess (at 12 weeks!) about the babies' sexes...and they were right! As for the risk of a cesarean, I was always told that I had a 50% risk of having to do a section. I think that that is generally the number they give to people who are having twins. I've kind of just accepted that it's a good possibility that I'll have to go through a c section.


I LOVE the story about your DS and his truck. HOW ADORABLE!!! haha I bet he's going to be a great big brother to the twins!


Gem, yes join and let us know how you're doing!

Monkey, update?

Wissa, did you get your records faxed over to your OB? I hope that you didn't have any trouble with that and that your appointment is set :oD And don't forget...I want to see a baby bump photo from you too!


Ok AFM, so I thought I posted the baby bump photo on this forum too! Argh, I'm blaming lack of sleep. So I'll attach it to the bottom of this post; I took this on Saturday so I was 25 weeks 6 days. :oD I also just got my all clear from my doctor regarding the gestational diabetes screen! Yah! I was so convinced I would have GD and I'm so happy that I don't have it. Of course, I should still eat better and eat less sugar. By the way, the drink wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but I literally gulped it down. I think that my practice of gulping water down helped me drink the drink with as little pain as possible. I got the orange one and it tasted a bit like Sunkist. It wasn't good, mind you, but I expected to feel nauseated after the drink and I was fine.


Ok, hope everyone is doing well! Big hugs!


And Deborah, still thinking of you and wishing you and your family well. I hope this is a healing time for you.



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Deborah - Still thinking about you and your family. The boys names are sweet Alan and Bruce. I can't begin understand how emotional this time is for you, but it sounds like you may have been able to start healing a little bit by being able to hold and see them.  Sending love your way...


Gemmine - Welcome!  It's always wonderful when someone can be added over here!  Did I read somewhere you have an ultra-sound this week?


Gozal - I agree it is nice to be able to talk to someone that understands all the emotions I went thorough on becoming a SAHM.  It stinks that people are so judgmental about you staying home.  Oh well.  We know people on both sides of the coin.  For me it became a case of When are you going back to work? We haven't been able to have any more kids since DS and I think people must think we just don't want any more...So, when am I going back to teaching?...Duh! Ughh!    I've never regretted staying home with him.  I just couldn't see leaving him with someone else while I went to work everyday taking care of other people's kids.  Funny...twins = no dissertation.  Well, I can understand why that would be relief.  It's just one the reasons I stopped with a Masters! ;)


My DH told DS right away about the baby.  (Much to my disapproval!)  At first he was very excited.  I think he thought a brother or sister meant instant playmate!! :)  However, as time has passed he has realized that it is a baby!  So, now every once in a while he'll tell me things that babies can't do!!  I think he is validating his level of importance.  So, I know we will have to do some special things with just him in the future.  He has also asked me if there was a baby in my tummy...Only to tell that there isn't because he can't see it.  ;)  Last week he was obsessed with how the baby was going to get out!    ---I like that your DS is doing a little role playing even if it is his truck!  Cute.


RE Integrated First Tri u/s:   I didn't do this or the blood test with DS and I'm not planning on doing it this time either.  It's neat technology.  However, like you said it could just lead to more testing.  After all it took to get me here, I wouldn't do an amino or CVS regardless of the test results.  I would also pretty much carry the baby to term regardless of any problems.  So, for me it's just a matter of saving myself the time, worry and trouble.  I can understand why so many women want to do it, I just don't feel it's right for me.


Oh, and one more thing.  Sorry this is getting long!!   I had a c-section with DS to due a surprise breech and I'm sure you remember I was pretty much OCD about not having another c-section a couple weeks ago.  After talking to my mom, I have made peace with whatever happens.  Sometimes a little mom wisdom goes a long way.  She totally understands and supports my wish to try and VBAC.  However, being mom she could tell how much it was taking out of me.  She finally was just like "Did you get pregnant because you want a baby, or so you could prove you can push a baby out your vjj.   Ok. Mom.  Point Made.  I got pregnant, so I could have a baby.  A brother or sister for DS.  I didn't get pregnant, so I could have an awesome birth experience!  My advice is stay focused on what it is we really want.  Healthy babies and growing families. 


Renavoo -  I promise I will post a belly picture, but right now it's just a little pouch. If you hadn't seen me before it wouldn't be noticeable. ;)

Yeah, for passing the dreaded GD test!!!  I know you were worried about that!   And I think I mentioned it, but you look Fab!


Monkey - Waiting on your return...


AFM - I think I might just get this doctor thing worked out this week.  I hope that I can get an appointment next week with my OB and have an ultra-sound, but you just never know...(fingers crossed).  I could have gone to my RE office this week for ultra-sound, but I would have to drive an hour.  DH couldn't go when they could do an ultra-sound and meet with the Doctor.  I'm just not in the mood to make that trip twice.  I absolutely refuse to do an ultra-sound without my DH.  I guess I'm just afraid of something being wrong and then having to deal with that by myself and drive all they way home in that state.






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FYI, for those wondering how Deborah is doing.. a little more from her here. (A thread in the Grief and Loss forum.)


I will be back with personals (really, I swear!) after I feed myself some lunch!


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