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Stalkity-stalk.... Sheepish.gif

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MILKY-PIE!!!! love.gif


My scan yesterday went well. It's a healthy girl! Very active, so active in fact, we get another ultrasound at 24 weeks because she was moving too much to get a clear view of the heart, kidneys, and spine but they think everything is ok.

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Oh my goodness, you gorgeous ladies! Seriously, you all look fabulous! What a beautiful bunch you are. I'll have to try to get a recent belly shot to post.


I have been in full-on vacation-recovery mode so bear with me, I will be back to catch up as soon as I can. But of course I am checking in obsessively to hear from Renavoo!!! Also, hi Milk! You always crack me up. So glad you are back with us and super extra really hope you are HERE specifically with us very soon!


So our "vacation" was definitely nothing to be envious of. I know it is extremely unclassy to complain about a vacation, but this really wasn't our thing - it was something that DH's family basically made us to do (and expected us to drive 15 hours to!). They really like to buy us vacation time with them, but the problem is everything is their way or the highway. We have very little say in anything because we could never afford such a vacation and they are essentially doing us a huge favor, even if it's one I'd personally prefer to turn down. Plus that way DH has to use all of his vacation time from work to do what they want. Complicated. We really need a true familly vacation that we plan for ourselves! I really do love my ILs but they just operate so very differently than my family of origin, not that we don't have our own maddening quirks and dysfunctionalities. I guess it comes down to, they are very individualistic and in my family we are more collective. They are also super active and I am honestly a little afraid that I overdid it and my cervix will be shorter at my next check. I just did not have the ability to hydrate, rest, and eat the way I need to and they were oblivious to that, although DH did his best to run interference for me. DS is still out of whack from the whole thing. Ugh.


In other news, lots of little kicks happening in there now! More from Baby A than Baby B, probably since B has an anterior placenta. Seems like there's a lot of that happening around here, right? With DS his placenta was anterior and started off as a marginal previa, though luckily it moved out of the way as he grew. The doctor told me it's just a variation of normal - 60% implant posterior, 40% anterior. I was concerned that I did not feel movement with him until ~25 weeks with him, but it was because he was kicking his placenta and muffling his kicks. I did feel his kicks at first everywhwere but the front, including sort of inside and towards the back, if that makes sense, as some of you have felt also. Funny thing is this time, I was initially feeling B much more than A. I am not letting myself worry about the fact that it seems reversed now. My next appt. is next Wed. I love, love, love those baby kicks. And I must say it feels exactly like there are two babies in there!


Next time I am going to be AAY, not AAM, promise!!

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Gemmine, we x-posted - just had to say WAHOO, such absolutely wonderful news!! Over the moon for you!

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If you ladies missed it, renavoo did post a quick update on the IVF Grads Thread - she and babies are okay, but she did have a c-section, so between the recovery from that and her two little new ones, she has been a bit busy! Hopefully we will get more details and pictures and such from her when she is up to it!


renavoo - I did go ahead and add you to our graduates' graduates list! I can add more details later. :) So excited your little ones are finally here!


Everyone - I went ahead and added little girl/boy/mystery storks at the end of everyone's blurb. Let me know if you don't want one, or if I got it wrong - I was going from memory. Looks like we're balancing girls and boys pretty well so far!


wissa - Happy belated birthday, by the way! You, renavoo's babies, and my brother all share the same birthday!


Milk - wave.gifStalk away! And if you don't want to share your happy news on the other thread, you can always share it here. :) But honestly, the other thread could probably use some more happy news! Either way, you know Gem and I want details!


Gem - Congrats your baby girl! How funny that she was so wiggly they couldn't get a good enough look at her organs. I'd say that's probably a pretty good sign that she's doing okay. My little guy was being a little wiggly today and making it hard to get a good heart rate on him for long. He isn't always wiggly, but when he is - look out, world!


Gozal - Sorry your vacation was not very restful! Vacationing with other people is not always all it's cracked up to be. My grandparents took me to Hawaii a few years ago, and I definitely experienced some serious frustration with the clash in styles. And I felt bad for being upset because, umm, I was on a free vacation to Hawaii. But yeah. I'm going to Hawaii with my family (parents, sibs, and spouses) in December, and hoping for not a repeat of that trip. (And in case anyone's wondering, no, my family isn't some sort of wealthy, every-year-in-Hawaii type - this will be the second time everyone (except my dad) has ever been, and the first time for all the spouses/grandkids. It's where my dad grew up from K-12, so it's kind of a special place for our family.) I hope you can get rehydrated and unwound soon! So glad you are feeling your babies wiggle more now.


AFM, 32 week appointment went fine. Found out that one of the mws I'm not particularly fond of has left the practice. Tried not to act happy about it, and think I succeeded. They have hired a new replacement midwife starting in July, so hopeful we will click. There are 4 mws, and I really like two of them, and don't actually hate any of them, so it's all good. Especially since they always have 2 midwives at each birth - I'm bound to have one of my favorites there. There's also a student mw that I like, though I do like knowing someone else is looking over her shoulder. So that's all good. I got a bunch of paperwork/information about the birth I need to read and figure out. MIL came with me today, so I wouldn't be alone and so she could check out the birth center. I've been very blessed in the IL department, especially with MIL. She's pretty much okay with whatever choices we make, not at all controlling or anything. I think it is partly because it is one of her goals in life not to be one of "those" MILs. And she really likes me, which is a plus. thumb.gif Talking to her, it turns out that all of her babies were breastfed and she had no problems with them (except the one who absolutely wouldn't take a bottle of anything - including breast milk). No idea for how long, but at least she knows something about it. Also, all of her babies were varying degrees of early, though no earlier than 2 weeks. My mom had one early, one on her due date (me), then three "late" babies, so we'll see which side wins out!

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Hi ladies!!


I'm so sorry I didn't check in earlier. I did post in the IVF graduates section, as Monkey said, but it was so difficult typing on the ipad. How is it that they made the ipad more difficult to type on than the iphone?!


Anyway, so I went in for an induction and after about 24 hours, they gave up. I was given 2 intravaginal misoprostols that didn't really work. Then a mechanical dilation using a foley balloon. Then pitocin for about 14 hours. Finally, they gave in and decided a c section was in order. After that day and not eating for 26 hours, I was ready. So we did the c section at around 10:30pm Tuesday night. DH and I were not sure if they were going to be born on Tuesday or Wednesday (Although how cool would it be if one was born Tuesday 11:59pm and the other was born Wednesday at 12:00am?! That would have been SO cool! haha


I'm still suffering from the c section. I'm so lucky DH was with me because he had to take care of everything from the cleaning to handling of the staff. It was all I could do to just breast feed the babies. Speaking of which, I thought I was doing so well because I saw the colostrum (I think) and the babies seemed to be latching and doing ok. But today, I just realized I'm not producing enough milk! So I'm a bit worried. I have a breast pump I'm using to try to get the milk expression up but feeding with formula until then. i know milk production is usually delayed after a c section. It just annoys me that I didn't realize I was not getting them enough milk.


Anyway, the babies are a little jaundiced so we have to bring them to the peds tomorrow. I'm attaching a photo :o) Colin is on the left and Sienna is on the right.


Monkey, 32 weeks! You're so close!! 'm glad the MW that you don't like is going away. It's so important that you like who you're going to go through labor with. I love little storks. :o) How are you feeling over all? Has the swelling gone down? I stopped wearing my rings really early on. And, by the way, I've swelled even more AFTER the birth (ok about the same) But still. I expected it to go down. But it definitely did not. My legs are like tree trunks and seriously, I still look pregnant.


Gozal, I hate obligatory vacations. DH and I used to go on vacations with family members and then realized that while we love our families, we don't necessarily want to vacation with them if they want us to do EVERYTHING with them. Because really, it should be our vacation too! So I totally understand. yah to feeling more kicks!! I love that and I miss that even though the babies are here now. I was walking around today and my stomach is totally in a weird way...some parts are harder than others. I found myself poking the hard spots and forgetting the babies aren't there any more and thinking...huh is that an arm? Then I remembered that they weren't there anymore and I felt sad. :o( but then I saw them in their crib and everything was ok again. :oD


Wissa, yuuum to chocolate chip cookies, even wheat dark chocolate ones! ;o) How is everything on your end?


Gem, YAH to a beautiful girl!! That's so exciting and I love how she was moving around so much that it forced a 24 wk scan! Definitely sounds like she's nice and healthy and going to be a wonderful handful when she is finally home with you!


Hi Milk, K, Chica (you look FANTASTIC by the way! All belly! ) How are you all doing? Just thinking of you all.


Ok, off to get some stuff done. Big hugs ladies! Will check in soon!


colin and sienna.jpg

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Oh, Colin was smaller at 6lbs 5oz and Sienna was 6bs 15oz. That explains the heaviness of the stomach!


I'm editing to include another photo. This one is from the hospital photographer :o) I love this one because Colin is holding Sienna's hand. I ended up buying the expensive disk with all the photos. Sigh. I couldn't resist. Bad, considering how expensive everything is and how much more we need to get just to survive!


Screen Shot 2012-06-23 at 9.28.49 AM.png

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Stalking! Love reading everyone's progress & wanted to send a huge congratulations to renavoo on your beautiful babies!
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Gem - Yeah for another little girl for the graduates.  We needed to keep things a little more balanced.  It sounds like everything looked good and getting to see her one more time at 24 weeks doesn't  sound like a bad thing.  Was the 1st ultrasound guess correct on the gender??


Gozal - Welcome back!  Your vacation sounds more like an ordeal than a vacation.  Driving 15 hours anywhere while pregnant and with a 4 year old just sounds horrible.  My DS travels well, but I think 15 hours might get to him and the battery on my nook would run out.  ;)   For some reason when people aren't pregnant they forget what an extra strain it is on your body.  My mother even seems to forget this and will says things "Why are you hungry?  We just ate.".  Yeah, we ate 4 hours ago!  Hello!  Baby in here!  


I'm sure you will get DS back on schedule soon.  I've completely done anyway with any kind of  schedule at our house.  Summer just seems to put me a place of "Let's play."  My goal is get things down to a very consistent routine before the baby comes.  I just feel like getting him in set pattern will help him transition to having a new baby around.  Of course, I also know that babies come with their own schedules to begin with, so I'm not how much my planning will actually help. 


And :)  :) to all those wonderful baby kicks.  I have to say I really can't imagine having two babies moving around in my tummy. 


Monkey - You are getting so close!!!  Now when is/was your baby shower?  I know you have been waiting on buying things until then.  

RE leg cramps -  I was reading in my pregnancy books.  One says that they are cause by the weight of the baby on certain nerves and that you just have to live with it until the baby comes out.  (Nice!).  The other one recommends stretching and drinking a Gatorade before bed.  


Renavoo - Awwwe...  Colin and Sienna are absolutely beautiful.  The picture of them holding hands is SO precious.  When you mention their weight differences it doesn't sound like that much, but you can definitely see it in the pictures.  I can't blame you for splurging on the pictures (just remind your DH that they will NEVER be that small again).  


I'm glad you got the pain meds worked out.  I was uncomfortable after my C-section, but I don't think there's any need to be in serious pain.  I'm sure you don't need any extra advice, but now is not the time to be super mom and suffer through the pain...you have enough to deal with just taking care of your babies.  I will warn you that the pain meds may cover up some of the pain of breastfeeding, so make sure you work on your latch!  Also, from what I have been able to gather...it may make your breasts hurt a little bit more when you are feeding dry....  (If that makes any sense).  My milk didn't come until day 5 or 6...and DS is fine.   If you haven't, I would really recommend getting a good lactation consultant.  Breastfeeding is easy for some and hard for others.  You just have to go with it!  If you are working with consultant let them know what your plans are for going back to work, etc.  


I gave it a good try for weeks, but in the end it was just easier for us to go with bottle and formula due low supply issues.  So, if in the end it doesn't work out for you it will be o.k.!!  DS is very healthy and according to his preschool teachers very bright!   Do what works best you and your babies either way.  


Re Swelling - I didn't have any swelling with DS, but I swelled big time once I was in the hospital and after delivery.  I've since been told that pitocin will make you swell!! 



Me - 24 weeks!!!  I can't believe I've only got 3 months to go...yikes!   

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I put up the new thread - http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1356532/infertility-one-thread-graduates-summer-2012/0_100 - come on over, guys! I'm going to post a reply over there!

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A quickie, as I'm behind from vacation:


kparker - both my first pregnancy and now this one I have felt the same way.  Disconnected in the beginning, not believing that it's real, or will last, or will result in a take home baby.  The further along the pregnancy goes, the better it gets!  Look at that beautiful belly!!


Gem - While the GD test isn't fun, it isn't too bad, I promise :-)  At least the 1 hour one.  Happy belated birthday!!  Sorry you got sick on it.  YEAH for a girl!!!


wissa - crazy about the iron things.  I love the bump!!


monkey - such a cute belly!!


chica - you're so tiny!  And so cute!!!  I don't know how people are good at the weekly shots either... I can't seem to make it happen!!


Milk - I'm so glad to see you back around!  I noticed you over on the IF ONE thread too when I was stalking.


gozal - Ugh to the crappy vacation.  Boo.

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Originally Posted by Gemmine View Post

MILKY-PIE!!!! love.gif


My scan yesterday went well. It's a healthy girl!

I know you guys have shifted threads - but this is the news I was stalking for!! 


Gem, I am so bloody thrilled for you.  I cannot wait to see your little girl's HAIR!!!  


Renavoo - did you, or did you not have the cutest twins EVER?  *sigh*


Other lovely ladies - I shall continue to stalk you all on the new thread!  

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