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Crafting for babe

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Anyone ready to talk about what they'll be crafting for this little one?


Anyone already crafting?


Who's waiting until they know the gender for sure?


I haven't started crafting, but I have started my list. It's mainly on Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/intuitivejamie/baby-girl/


I'm only thinking girl, so I'll just go ahead and craft for a girl. If I'm wrong, it's fine, I'll just donate and gift what I've made. It won't bother me. I like crafting either way, so it won't feel like a lost cause or anything for me. With two boys already it will be fun to get busy with girl stuff, even if I didn't get to keep it.


Here are some of my favorite ideas:

 Baby legs- http://www.etsy.com/listing/82734568/crochet-pattern-pdf-file-cashwool-leg

Ruffled onesies: http://www.u-createcrafts.com/2009/05/ruffle-butt-onesie-tutorial.html

Little doll accessores: http://www.craftaholicsanonymous.net/2011/03/guest-blogger-christina-from-2-little.html

Felt cookie cut outs: http://www.u-createcrafts.com/search/label/felt

Rainbow dress! I love! http://www.made-by-rae.com/2011/08/rainbow-dress-tutorial/


Yes, I'm being very gender biased with the crafting. I have two boys already, so give it to me, will ya??! winky.gif  If she wants to play with her brothers cars and trucks that is totally fine. I hope she does play in the mud and like adventure and camping and travel. That's what this family is about. But when it comes to my crafting, it will be a lot of pink, a lot of purple, a lot of frilliness and very much gender stereotypical stuff. And that's the way I like it. uh huh, uh huh. lol.gif

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*giggle* I very much felt that way with my 4th, after 3 boys I wanted lace and frills and pink (the pink thing lasted only a few weeks before I was pepto'd out!)


I don't know how much crafting I'll be able to accomplish. I feel like I'm not managing my time very well as of late... and I'm drowning in orders for my business, lol, so adding more stuff on top of that isn't in my near future. Though that rainbow dress is ADORABLE and I bet my 2 little girls would look absolutely precious in that this summer. :)

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I want to be crafting so badly. I love to knit and crochet, but I JUST. CAN'T. DO. IT. It's like my fingers are swollen and clumsy (they're not swollen really, they just feel that way). I try knitting and I get like one short row done and that's all I can handle. I really, really, really hope it gets better after first tri. I have so many plans for things I want to make for the baby. greensad.gif This didn't happen last time; I made tons of stuff for Cece.

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There is so much I want to do, but declutering and organizing need to come first.

I'm going to make new diapers, this time all natural. My goal is to knit 6 wool covers, 30 cotton or cotton/bamboo contour absolute layers and 30 raw silk stay dry layers in the first 2, if not 3 sizes. I know, huge project!

I also found a pattern for side snap onesies! I want at least 10 of those. I need to get busy on the house so I can get started.
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All that owl stuff is so darn cute.  Also love the rainbow dress and the colorful dress.  Girl clothes are fun. 

Lactomom, we are also in the process of decluttering and organizing in preparation.  We have been doing this on and off so are close to where we want to be and getting down to the end if we just keep going strong.  My all day sickness has not been helping this at all.  

As far as crafting for the baby I want to draw in their room, trees, nature stuff.  I love drawing and have made art on walls before so I am really looking forward to that project. I will wait until it becomes warmer and I can open up all the windows and turn on the fan on high so I don't get too much of the paint smells.  Boy or girl doesn't matter to me in regards to the designs I have in mind at all but it is just a rough outline/concept in my mind right now.  Pretty sure this is a boy.  

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Oh my goodness, those craft ideas were so PRECIOUS! Felt cookies? Come on!


My mom was a sewer and I attended craft fairs all growing up. But I have yet to open the sewing machine she bought me for Christmas 3  years ago. I want so badly to do it, but I don't have the space for a craft room, or the clarity to create.
I would definitely, however, gladly purchase these items from another crafty seller. I adore them! I have a feeling Etsy is going to see even more of me after this baby is born.

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I'm not very crafty.  I'd like to learn to sew and crochet/knit someday (the ubiquitous someday).  I don't have any talent for painting or design or anything like that.  The only thing I can do is cross-stitch.  I plan to make a wall hanging for the baby like I made for Elsa, with her Chinese astrological sign.  I bought a pattern book a few years ago that is all babies dressed like the Chinese astrology animals, and I make the baby in costume plus the character traits and the baby's name and birth date.  I made a Rat for my godson and a Tiger for Elsa.  I'm excited for this one because the Dragon is very fancy.

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Just ordered the PDF file for this pattern: http://www.etsy.com/listing/61498548/cupcake-cocoon-and-beanie-set-crochet


I have the yarn already, so I can't wait to get started making it. I'm finally feeling up to getting some things done.

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That is adorable, Jamie!

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Me and DW craft A LOT. For me-knitting/crocheting, stained glass, fused glass, leather tooling, photography, cake decorating. For her- painting, colored pencils, ceramics, stained glass, fused glass, photography, cake decorating.  Every week we get together with my mom and some friends and have craft night. Since my work is about to pick up I'll probably be missing it for the next 3 months. We have way too much planned to actually accomplish.
DW will do some paintings for the nursery. We had a jungle theme for our foster kids. We decided we wanted a fresh new start and are still debating the new theme. She also wants to learn to embroider and make some cute onesies
I'm definitely going to knit hats and booties. I started a blanket when we first decided to start TTC, now that Christmas is over I can get back to that.

(I tried to put the pictures behind spoilers so they wouldn't take up the whole thread.  We'll see if it works)



We're also going to make a leather bound baby book. 
This is one of the more complex things I've done before (so its the baby book will be a big project)-- (Click to show)





We will also probably end up making our own shower cake since I am gluten-free and I haven't found a store bought one that is as good as ours. 



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Gorgeous stuff, DesertSunsets. I just learned how to cable knit (well, I just learned how to knit in general last fall), and I really want to try more, but ARGH my stupid hands! I can only guess that the relaxin is kicking in really early this pregnancy, because my hips hurt too. My hands just can't seem to hold needles and yarn correctly anymore. Sigh. I'm still trying as often as I can though!

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Desert- That's some great stuff! Especially love the leather bound baby book! Beautiful!

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Took awhile to dig this thread up, but I took some pictures tonight of baby booties I knitted last week and wanted to share.  My mom found some buttons that belonged to her grandmother, and maybe her great grandmother before that and is letting me use them for our DD's booties!  I love the history of the little buttons and the booties turned out really well, I think. 


Anybody else have stuff they've been crafting for babe?  





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Oh my goodness DesertSunsets - those booties are PRECIOUS!!  Really nice job you did there, and I love how you've incorporated the vintage/heirloom buttons - how special!

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I was just thinking about this thread yesterday. I just made two hats for this babe - the first thing I've made this pregnancy, actually. I know a bunch of you mamas are crafty, so I was wondering what everyone else was busy making. I'm still in a cooking/nesting phase, but I'm starting to do some other "crafty" stuff as well. 


And yes, those booties are absolutely adorable. I wish I was THAT crafty. :-)

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I'm making a huge freaking baby blanket that will not end. :) I only have crappy cell phone pics of it, though. I am almost 3/4 through. I had to add the stripe to avoid running out of yarn.




Excuse Zeke, he is a dork and an attention hog. :)


BTW my husband is a knitter, too, more prone to technical projects. He finished an adorable aviator hat and is working on a teddy bear, I will post those when I get pics.

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Wow, kudos to you on the endless baby blanket!  The aviator hat and teddy sound wonderful.  How cool is it your DH is a knitter?  Awesome.

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