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I'm so sorry for you ladies that are feeling so bad!  It really will be over soon....then we'll have new things to complain about - sore nipples, night sweats, etc.  I think the only reason I can sleep a few hours at a time is because I still have to take 2 different anti-histamines to keep from vomitting all day. 


Today my son and I have been home together with no specific plans.  We went to the fabric store since I still need to make a new diaper bag.  He fell asleep for about an hour (yay!!) so I was able to start gathering stuff to pack in the hospital bags and DS's overnight bag.  I still need to organize the dog's meds, pack the bag with the birth ball, CDs, massage oil, water bottle, and snacks for labor, and print the birth plan.


It was soooo nice here today.  DS got to ride his bike this afternoon while I waddled behind him.  It was in the 20-30's the last 2 days, then today it must have been almost 60.  I'll take it!!


Come on babies....

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No baby....and my water didn't break...


MW figures that because I'd had a bath just before, that some water got in there and mixed with a bunch of cervical mucous, so when I stood up there was a 'gush' coming from the right place, just not made of the right stuff...*growl*....Before, during and after my appointment, I was having ctx about 8mins apart, so she didn't do another stretch and sweep, because my body was already doing stuff, and then of course everything stopped around 6pm....aaaggghhH!!!!!!  Cuss.gif   I am SO tired of having hours of uncomfortable ctx and having them not progress to real labour....and now I'm starting to doubt whether I'll actually know when I'm in real labour!!!  Probably not until a head shows up....


MW said to have lots and lots of [can I say the 's' word?] and walk a ton, and drink lots of RRL tea....and if nothing happens over the weekend she'll do a stretch and sweep on Monday.  Problem is, I told hubby that MW could feel the baby's head when she was checking me, so he's kind of turned off, and walking a ton is a nice idea, except there's 6 inches of snow on the ground and my hip has JUST started feeling better and the last think I want to do is f*** it up again, plus my pelvis has started feeling like it's going to split in two...oh, and over the course of 24 hours, baby's moved so far down that MW couldn't feel any of her head with external palpitation, just shoulders....I swear, I'm going to have prodromal labour until she just falls out.....



Can we all get together and watch a super-funny movie or something??

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Originally Posted by hannabee View Post


MW figures that because I'd had a bath just before, that some water got in there and mixed with a bunch of cervical mucous, so when I stood up there was a 'gush' coming from the right place, just not made of the right stuff...*growl*....

That happened to me a few weeks back... I was so excited! Now it's just something I expect after a bath *sigh*

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Originally Posted by cedarwoman View Post

That happened to me a few weeks back... I was so excited! Now it's just something I expect after a bath *sigh*

Yeah...It was funny too, because when I called MW to give her a heads-up, she said it definitely sounded like it was my water that broke, until she tested me the next day and the little swab didn't turn colour...she said I have a ton of mucous discharge though, which apparently is a good thing?  Is it my mucous plug that's just falling into pieces or is there another kind of discharge?

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I'm back, and laughing at the clothing comment.  That is soooo me right now, my sweatpants fall off (plumber butt look is sooo hot right now) because I have to wear them so low since the baby's dropped (and I have no butt to hold them up) and my shirts ride up so I look like a hick with half my belly sticking out.  It was 80+F yesterday and me in a wifebeater because nothing else from my summer wardrobe fit anymore.  39 weeks tomorrow and not really feelin' it... Trying to be grateful for every little twinge and saying a little prayer of thanks when baby moves.  


I must look like a giant whale because I went shopping and out to lunch with my mom and EVERY. SINGLE. EMPLOYEE. I came in contact with asked me when I was going to have the baby.  


I'm sooooo sorry for the mamas who are in so much pain that they are crying!!!  How terrible to hear!


cedarwoman - I feel like you, not much in the way of symptoms and baby is due in 8 days.  I guess it's true that first-timers tend to go late... :(

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Sweet.Bee, did you see my post in the last update thread about having your water break? Mine was broken for 90 hours with ds2 before I got any contractions. At the time, I knew of a woman who had gone 21 days. I think I would have gone insane.


Anyway, so long as you don't allow anything in your vagina, including for exams, the risk of infection is minimal because the water will wash bacteria back out. The important thing is to keep hydrated so your water will continually replenish and monitor your temperature regularly. You can also take vitamin C and use clean towels instead of pads to further reduce your risk of infection.


I hope labour starts for you soon! I know how frustrating it is to have your water break and have nothing happening. The link that seemed to finally start labour for me was when I went crazy & started scrubbing the shower floor on my hands & knees when I had a shower. It was weird.

Originally Posted by Sweet.Bee View Post

The big plan for the weekend is to hopefully have a baby. winky.gif My due date is on the 15th, but I've been leaking amniotic fluid for 2.5 days. I've also been having on and off mild cramping and lower back pain, but not a single contraction yet.


My son had already been born by this point, so it really feels like forever to wait. I'm so eager to meet our new little one, and she's being stubborn. orngtongue.gif


I haven't done anything to move labor along. I thought the fact that I'm leaking means my body wants to do it soon? Surely, it's not good to leak for too long?

Several years ago on the ICAN list, we decided that there really is a pregnancy transition, very like labour transition, and it generally means you'll have your baby within 2-3 days. The only time I've seen that not happen, the mama was putting herself under massive stress. She finally took some time to just relax and not worry and went into labour the next day.

Originally Posted by AfricanQueen99 View Post

Wombjuice - your entire post sounds like transition!  Seriously.  The mood swings, the pain from the uncontrollable feelings to the uterus, the lashing out at the husband.  If you weren't sitting here posting I would have assumed you're halfway there.  Don't worry, it will get *so* much better when the kid is here.  And sleep is way easier as your body will just adjust to falling asleep at the drop of a hat.  You can do this, girl!  And if you feel the need to kick people that tell you to sleep now...well, the rest of us will just look away while you do it.  And do it HARD!


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pregnancy transition- what an interesting way to put it!  i notice that i've gone a special kind of crazy in the last 24 hours before labor has started for me in each of my previous births.  with my last baby, i was so late and feeling so stressed by things that i came to this place of truly believing that i wasn't actually pregnant, but that i had just grown this huge tumor in my abdomen, that was never going to go away.  it was this really weird detachment/release from my worries about labor.  of course, after a few minutes, i shook myself out of such an irrational thought (and the fact that the tumor would occasionally squirm was a helpful reminder of reality), but i was seriously in that place where i thought this was all for naught, that nothing was ever going to come of the pregnancy.  (and i had my baby the next day.)  it was a special kind of crazy.


so i'm really sympathizing/empathizing with you guys in your final days.  take all the space you need to center yourselves, try to be as comfortable as possible, and remember how much we are supporting and thinking of you.



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still preggo.  tried a labour induction cocktail tonight - all that did was make dp barf.  (it was castor oil, apricot juice, almond butter, water and a tincture of cohosh, verbena and another herb..lobelia!  it probably would have made me barf too).  we'll try simple water with drops from the tincture and see if that can help.  it's sadly looking like induction is headed our way on monday morning.  ugh.  :(



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I'm 8 days from my 'early' EDD (ultrasound) and 11 days from my 'late' EDD (based on the date I was pretty sure I conceived...but I wasn't charting and I had a bunch of easy ultrasounds when they were tracking development very carefully so...after much debate I'm inclined to trust the early EDD.


This is my 5th, and my first 4 children were from 4 days to 18 days late .so I'm not inclined to think this child is going to arrive early. I just had a pretty intense day at work and though I was having contractions and was sore at the end of the day, I don't feel like my body is nearing labour yet. I'm still pretty chipper, I have great focus at work - for me, losing focus at work is always a sign that I'm nearing labour day - I usually start making dumb mistakes and forgetting things in the 24 hours leading up to labour. Not there yet.


I'm working up to the day before my due date and have a HUGE deadline to meet as well as a pretty high-stakes thing I have to do that day....I'm realllllly hoping baby stays inside until my due date. I'd really be stunned to have this baby early and have to dump all this stuff on my colleagues.  I had to take 2.5 weeks of sick leave in December all of a sudden, and my hell weeks suddenly ended up being my friends' problem. I felt so guilty. I'm really trying to keep it reasonable in terms of committing to things, but I'm just such a type A personality I can't seem to let go of work....I just want to leave everything perfect so that the person who has to pick up my remaining files doesn't feel burdened by my maternity leave.


At the same time, I'm desperate to hold this child in my arms. It's been a really challenging last two years for us, and although we've had many successes, we've had some devastating losses and real health struggles - so this is going to be such an awesome way to start a new year. 


My blessing way is tomorrow, and I'm so excited. I really had to humble myself to ask my sister in law to host one for me - I had hoped someone would suggest it, but at the same time I also wanted it enough that I was able to ask for it. I'm having 14 friends and family over, plus my two oldest daughters, and we're going to do henna tattoos on my belly and everyone is going to have their own small henna. They are all bringing meals for after baby, which is the most amazing thing ever. I always end up doing way too much way too soon and last baby ended up flat on my ass with mastitis with a 2 week old and 3 other kids. Then we got thrush. It was the pits. I promised myself to do NOTHING for 2 weeks after birth. 


As I reflect on that, I realize It's been different for me this pregnancy. I've always had to be the heroic mom who did it all, and never asked for help. I think being an older mom this time and having 4 kids already, I have finally realized that if I always do it all, no one is going to offer help because I make it look easy. I've also learned that my friends and family love us and love to help us. It makes them feel close to our big, happy family, it gives them opportunities to bond with our kids, it lets them show off their cooking, or sheet-folding, or show-shoveling skills. When anyone offers  me help now, I grab it. And if they don't offer, I don't hesitate to ask. My mom booked herself a trip to Palm Springs for Feb 9th and I told her flat out - "I'm going to have a 3 week old with 4 other kids...I need you here, I'm going to need your help." She cancelled her ticket the next day, so pleased at being needed - I think she was kind of relieved.


Anyway - late night ramblings from me. I'm enjoying so much hearing how everyone is feeling right now. 

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Originally Posted by wombjuice View Post

If I don't have this baby soon, I'm literally going to go crazy.  In fact, I may have already. nut.gif


I'm just in so much pain at night!  And I have no idea what exactly is causing it.  The baby moves all throughout the day (never slowed down in that department), but at night, it starts moving its little hands, shoulders, and head...and it literally feels like it's trying to head-butt its way out of my cervix.  The pressure in the lower segment of my uterus, on my bladder, and on my cervix is literally unbearable...but only when the baby does these weird movements.  So I'll be sitting there, just eating my dinner or whatnot, and then I'll let out a scream out of nowhere because it hurts so bad...then it goes away, then the baby does it again and I scream again.  It's the weirdest, most unpredictable, uncomfortable feeling EVER.  And after almost three full years of midwifery school, I've never heard of this and have no idea what it is!!!  Any thoughts?


I haven't slept in about a month now.  People keep warning me to get some sleep now because there won't be any after the baby comes...and I have to cover my mouth to keep from laughing at them.  I would do ANYTHING for a 1-2 hour stretch of sleep at this point.  I can't WAIT to have the baby, sleep for 1-2 hours, wake up to feed him/her, and then sleep for another 1-2 hours.  It's going to be BLISS.


I'm so grumpy all the time and my moods change in the drop of a hat.  One minute I'm so happy and excited, the next minute I'm sobbing in frustration and desperation.  My poor husband.  He just sighs and makes me more food and rubs my feet, and I just stare at him angrily because I'm not in labor. lol.gif


DONE.  I am done, ladies.  As a midwifery student, doula, and childbirth educator, I never thought I'd say that out loud.  I thought I'd be the patient one who sets a good example for pregnant women everywhere.  And now, all I want to do is punch everyone who is not pregnant, shake my husband and tell him that he JUST DOESN'T UNDERSTAND, and hide in a hole (and hibernate) until this baby is born.  OMG.  I'm a mess! bawling.gif

When I got to that point, it was usually a pretty good sign that labour was close. In fact, my last daughter was born within 12 hours of me having a meltdown in front of my midwives because I felt Exactly. The. Same. Way.  



I'm sleeping like crap too. I am awake so much that I actually don't even feel like I fell asleep, even though I'm having surreal dreams - so I know I've slept, but I'm never rested. 


Hope it's soon mama!





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wombjuice: grouphug.gif  Here's to believing that you are transitioning and well on your way to meeting your little one! Hang in there mama!


redbirdlady it sounds like things are heading in the right direction for you! Yay!


I have nothing terribly exciting to share... I'm still what feels like so far out from EDD. I definitely feel like things are moving along really well.  Mostly I wanted to show support to all you ladies who are at wits end.  I like hannabee's idea, we should all watch a funny movie!  That can be our homework, one funny movie a night.  The full moon will be here soon for all you ladies who are close, so we just have to keep you happy and distracted long enough to let nature work its magic on you!  Any suggestions for our funny movie homework?  Oh, I just saw this link of funny movies to watch when expecting: http://www.lilsugar.com/Movies-Watch-While-Pregnant-21151276 .  Let's laugh til labor mamas!

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