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I am 33, pregnant for the first time after 1 1/2 years of trying. We had been about to start IVF because my sweetheart's sperm count is so low, and we got lucky. I ovulated on December 12, and am now 5 weeks 6 days pregnant, theoretically due on September 3. I've had two HCG tests. 10 DPO: 45; 15 DPO: 589.


I think I started having morning sickness yesterday, but I'm not sure. If it is morning sickness, that's my first symptom.



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Hi, Mole! I'm 31 and pregnant after I suppose it's technically 4 months of trying. We got pregnant the first shot, but it ended in an early miscarriage in August... now I'm the same as you! 5 weeks, 6 days but if you go by my LMP... I'm due 9/1 (or if you go by when I ovulated 8/31). I had three HCG tests. Two right away. 11DPO: 55, progesterone: 22 -- 13DPO: 149, no progesterone done. I went for an early u/s this past Tuesday and saw my little love bug (all is on schedule!), and I go back in two weeks to see the hearbeat love.gif I also got lots of bloodwork done this past time I was at the Dr, so I'm interested to see what my HCG levels will be now, as well as my progesterone. My Dr had given me progesterone gel (Crinone 8%) just in case my progesterone was low (because I was worried that was the cause of my m/c) so hopefully I hear from her today and she says my levels are fine and I don't have to use it anymore! Besides that for symptoms... so freaking tired, sore boob (I had a mastectomy last year... so I have one boob with normal tissue it in left) intermitent nausea and dizziness, lower blood pressure, and I kind of all around don't feel like eating. Not so good for the nausea! So I'm thinking your Dr right now is an RE? My best friend just started that process... I'm praying the same thing happens to her and she gets prego on her own before! She has one DS already that they had on their own with no fertility treatments.

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Hi everyone!  I'm Amy and I'm pregnant with #3.  My EDD is 9/14.  I've been feeling a bit nauseous but that's about it so far.

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Hi! Pregnant with #3 also, due 9/6 (but probably later based on previous experience). No major symptoms for me, just tired mostly. Planning another homebirth this time around.
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Hi all! This will be our 3rd baby - I'm due Sept 9th. My first dr. appt is next Wednesday! So far no symptoms except sore boobs - which is something I never had with my first two! 

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Hello! how exciting!


I am 40, pregnant with #3. EDD by ovulation is September 7th, which puts me at 5 weeks today.

I got one beta done at 18DPO (three days ago) and it was 719. I had another one done today, and still waiting for the results. I also asked them to check for progesterone levels, as I noticed spotting today (once only, and it's gone. crossing my fingers).


I have a 10 year old son and a 7 year old daughter, and yet I don't remember being THAT nervous and paranoid like I am these days. Every little change in symptoms convinces me that "it's all over". This pregnancy was not planned or expected. I didn't think i will ever be pregnant again, and I was at peace with it. but now that I am, I want this so badly to stay.......


a question about progesterone supplements and testing- is there scientific evidence that P. supplements work? if so, how come not every woman is automatically tested? and another question- I know I could get a natural progesterone cream at my health food store locally. Is there any reason to NOT use it "just in case"? any downsides or side effects that could harm the pregnancy? my doctor and midwife both think I shouldn't even think about it, because I don't have a history of pre-term labor, recurrent miscarriages (had one chemical pregnancy back in July, period arriving 3 days after positive test) or low progesterone from previous pregnancies.

any experienced women here and any words or advice?


Thanks so much and glad to meet you all!



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Hello, I'm pregnant with #4 and EDD is September 5th.  We have 6 year old identical twin boys and a 3 year old little girl.  Our twins were born via csection (@ 35wks & 6 days) and after a trial of labor (birth center) I transferred to the hospital and had my second csection (just after 38 wks) with our daughter.  I am planning a homebirth with a midwife this time around for a HBA2C!  

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Hi Ladies! I'm pregnant with #4. I have two DD and a DS. DD1 was born in the hospital vaginally on epi and pit, DD2 was UP/UC and DS was also UP/UC. This baby is planned to be UP/UC unless I feel I need to see a MW.

We started unofficially trying in August, but were making sure he didn't "set his seed" if you will during ovulation...last month though, we cut it close and are over joyed. We both believe it was no accident as this baby is and has been very wanted and loved prior to conception. he cried when I told him we made a baby :) this will be his first baby and we plan to have three together.


OH and I am due Sept. 8 based on ovulation.


So glad we ahve a board!!

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This will be our 4th baby, due 9/15. We have three boys so far. Dh jokes that he doesn't make girls. We shall see. winky.gif


I've had an interesting mix of birth experiences. First babe was a scheduled section for breech, second was a VBAC that dragged on for ever and ended up with an epidural, third was a beautiful natural birth at 37 weeks, but ended with my little one in the NICU for a month. Turned out my placenta was about to abrupt. He had aspirated blood and went on to develop pneumonia. He is now a healthy, happy little boy about to turn two. luxlove.gif


This time around I need to see a perinatologist to rule out some blood clotting issues. We have a family history and I would like to be sure I am doing all I can to prevent a repeat of our last scare. I am not accustomed to a highly managed pregnancy so hopefully they will find nothing wrong and I will be able to see a midwife throughout.



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Hi mamas,

I'm 27 and pregnant with baby number one. heartbeat.gif


Just got the pos.gif 5 days ago - and I was shocked to say the least! DH saw the BFP but refused to believe it until yesterday :).  This was our second cycle of trying, I was expecting it to take much longer, and I actually thought we were out for the month.  I'm charting on FF and my original ovulation date showed as CD 20, and we had timed BD perfectly . . . but then it moved to CD27 and we hadn't BDed at all in the golden window.  So I was disappointed and just waiting on AF so that we could start over again . . . felt funny after a walk one evening and decided to test.  Got a very faint BFP that has been getting darker over the crazy number of tests I've taken over the last 5 days, haha. 


If I go by my original O date, I'm 4w3d and due Sept. 11. 


Apparently they don't do blood tests to confirm the pregnancy where I live (Switzerland) so I have forced my way into an appointment to check progesterone (have a history of PCO) and I'm hoping I can convince my OB to do a set of hcg counts while we're at it.  Then it's off to find a HB midwife!

I have been reading Mothering Mag for about 5 years and I'm thrilled to fx finally be becoming a mother.  I'm really looking forward to getting to know you ladies and keeping up with our progress, good moments, bad moments, all of it, together. 

Susnrob I hope you get your HBA2C!

FX mymaya!

Mole, I love your name and your numbers look great!



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Hi everyone!

I'm 34 and pregnant with #2. My EDD is 9/15. I just got the 2 lines on my POAS this morning! shy.gif

Both times, we got pregnant the first month trying. I know this is a blessing in most ways, but it is a little overwhelming! Not much time to get used to the idea!

I also felt pretty sure I was pregnant before getting the positive test both times... I guess I'm pretty attuned to the changes in my body. It's mostly a mild fatigue/wooziness in the mornings, and getting hungry more often. My boobs definitely got a little bigger already - my DH noticed days ago!

I'm hoping for a second home waterbirth...

My first is a boy. I am hoping for a girl, but also think it would be sweet to have two boys. We'll be done once we have the second.

SO excited there are lots of experienced mommas on this group! I have a question but I guess I'll post it as a new thread so we don't clog the introductions...


MirandaM, good luck with your appointment and prog. levels!

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Hi again everybody, nice to be home in our new DDC!


I am 35 and 5 weeks 4 days preggo with number 4, a babe concieved on a whim as our older 3 girls are going to be 8, 12 and 14 when this one arrives...EEEEK!  I must admit I am having some major "what the heck was I thinking???" feelings along with my husband, but I remember feeling this exact feeling at this same time with number 3 and I couldn't live without her now (she just made us all a perfect batch of pancakes and served us all breakfast this morning in fact!!) 


I have big sore boobs, nausia kicked in yesterday and my uterus is popping up above my pubic bone already.  I am in with the homebirth Midwife for our town, she does all the prenatal visits at home, so that's kind of nice, my first 2 girls were born in under 4 hours in our small town hospital, both times I was in and out of there the day they were born and #3 was born in water at home with the older girls watching...awesome! 


In my province in Canada Midwifery has just become included in our standard free healthcare, so it's brilliant timing!


I am glad to be here sharing the experience with you ladies!!



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oh gosh the symptoms already!! pukey feeling, soooooooooooooo bone achingly tired, and uterus popping out already...number 4 will do that though, I guess!!

My DS accidentally ran into my right breast yesterday and it was all I could do to not scream because of the pain! YOWZA!

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Hi, my name is Alison and  I'm 35 and pregnant with my second.  My son is now 2 and a half and I had a wonderful natural delivery with the help of a doula. 


My due date is ~9/13.  We've been trying for about 5 months and I had a miscarriage at ~6 weeks back in October - so I'm nervous about this one.  I keep doing pregnancy tests nearly every day.  I'm going to have a hard time waiting until the 8 week mark when I get to go see my midwife and hopefully confirm the viability.  


I'm looking forward to getting to know you and I wish you all the best!



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Alright, all you 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on Mommies... how the HECK do you feel your uterus above your pubic bone? I feel like I'm in alien territory here. Lol.

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I lie flat on my back and find my pubic bone and just start feeling around just above it. I normally do that anyhow for self massage during ovulation. I get some slight cramping and uterine massage helps. It feels, right now, about the size of a pretty large orange...almost a grapefruit. It's pretty typical to show sooner the more babies you have, too.

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Hello everyone! 

I am almost 34 and pregnant with baby #3.  I am still processing it!  I have a lot more fears and anxieties this time around for some reason. 


I am due on 9/12 and just had blood work yesterday at 15dpo.  Beta was 164 and progesterone was 29.5.  I am still deciding if I will supplement with prometrium or not (I did with my last pregnancy due to a miscarriage I had between DD1 and DD2, but I hated taking it and don't want to do it again unless it is necessary......which is kind of the magic question, LOL).


mymaya -- I am in the same boat thinking about the progesterone.  Let me know what you decide to do!  I also wanted to add that with my last pregnancy, my beta was 730 at 15dpo and 1970 at 17dpo.  They were thinking I had more than one in there, but it was just one strong little girl. 


The morning sickness hasn't hit me yet, but I am sure it will *sigh*  I am nervous because I am still BFing my 15 mo old and I am so scared that I won't be able to eat enough to support all of us.  I have always wanted her to wean on her own,  I am still hoping for the best.  I read somewhere that BFing during pregnancy can actually reduce morning sickness, so here is to being hopeful!  I am already starting out this pregnancy underweight, so I really can't afford to lose.  My goal is to gain at least 30 lbs, but I know I will have to work at it.   I have trouble packing on pounds (even though I eat until I am almost sick).....I think I will just need to eat like crazy when the m/s goes away and gain as much as I can before I hit the home stretch (I generally lose a pound or two at the end because my stomach feels the size of my thumb, haha).  So far I have felt dizzy/lightheaded and start feeling a little queasy if I go more than a few hours without eating.  I am hoping the morning sickness won't be as bad as my last pregnancy......my betas are lower this time so maybe that is a good sign. 


I am really looking forward to getting to know all of you! 

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Hi Everyone,


I'm Erika (30), mom to two daughters age 10 and 6. My daughters are from my previous marriage. I recently remarried in September of 2011 and we started trying right after. It took us 3 cycles to get our BFP right before Christmas - Due 09/01. This is my husband's first child.


Morning sickness has just started this week (I'm 5w6d). But I'm absolutely starving. This week I have eaten so much, it's embarrassing. But the fuller I am, the less sick I feel.


My first birth was a nightmare hospital birth - 36.5 hours of labor.

My second birth was a homebirth with a midwife. From first contraction to delivery it took 29 minutes (MINUTES!). Best day of my life. It was amazing.

I'm planning another homebirth for #3. I am meeting my midwife for the first time on the 18th. 

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Erika! I thought I was fast at 5hours, 2 hours and 1h45minutes!! My joke ahs been that the next few I might sneeze or burp out! lol! Way to go mama!! Precipitous births are exciting but can be scary!! the chance for hemmorage is higher the faster the labor. I like to take motherwort immediately after baby leaves my body to help prevent that.


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just got my second beta! first one at 18 DPO was 719. second one, at 21 DPO is..... 3729!!!!!! they didn't check for progesterone in-spite of me asking. shall I insist, or do you think that the high number also indicates that the rest is fine? I don't have experience with all these blood tests, so an advice would be greatly appreciated. 


Welcome to all the freshly pregnant ladies! I wish all of us a long and sweet stay!


mymaya, 40-year-old mom to DS (10) and DD (7), EDD September 7th, 2012

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