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We walk a lot.  I had to get a red wagon though because the girls would fight in the double stroller and kick each other in the back of the head, and they are slow walkers on their own.


ETA: I still have 10 lbs to go to my ideal (my pre-second pregnancy weight!), but I'm at my pre (third)-pregnancy weight now. 

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I'm officially at my pre-pregnancy weight!  It only took 7mo.  Yay me!

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Congrats Abra!! 


I had one of those "skinny days" the other day where I just felt fit and slender.  I could put my hands on my hips and feel my ab muscles, nice and firm. But it was followed by several bloated days where I felt about 5 months pregnant and squishy.  Dh keeps trying to get me to do some core exercises since I complain about my abs, but I'm afraid of making the diastasis recti worse than it already is.  I'm tired of the Tupler Technique.  Argh!  I just wish there was a magical fix to pull the muscles in that wasn't surgery, of course. 

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I lost the last of my weight doing the Insanity workout.  I lost ten pounds and 2 pants sizes in a month!


Good job Abra!  7 months is not bad at all!  What I have always heard was 9 months to gain, 9 months to lose.

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My weight is fine and most of my body is stronger than it's been in a while but my core is still weak. My DH and I are going to start P90X soon (next week I hope if we can get a TV that works). Wish me luck!

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I have 10 more pounds to go. I've been doing Lindsey brins postnatal boot camp and I really liked thE gradual progression in difficulty. Once I finish that DVD then I'm going to get back into my Jillian michaels stuff. My core has bounced back pretty easily. The weakness in my hip muscles really surprised me. It's still not back to normal.maybe I should have been better about wearing that hip girdle.
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What does one do when they have no energy to do exercise?

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when I'm that tired I usually am not getting enough nutrients, usually iron.  I lost 3 more pounds,5 to go to my ideal but my core is still super wea

k. the diastisis has gone from 5 fingers wide to 2 or 3 fingers wide so at least its getting better.  With my first two I always los 5 pounds around the first birthday, but I'm hoping to lose them before that this time.

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I'm only getting 3-4 hours of sleep at night.

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I gain weight when I don't get enough sleep even if I'm exercising.

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If I'm exhausted then I go to bed early, no playing on the iPad. I go right to sleep. However a half-assed workout is better than none so I try to do something.
Becky, why are you getting so little sleep?
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Originally Posted by Zoopath View Post

If I'm exhausted then I go to bed early, no playing on the iPad. I go right to sleep. However a half-assed workout is better than none so I try to do something.
Becky, why are you getting so little sleep?

Levi likes to get up at 2 or3 AM and my bipolar meds are regulating still because I keep forgetting them after having not had them for a week, due to an insurance mix up, so when I cycle(rapid cycler) I don't sleep at night.

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That sounds very exhausting, I hope that you get titrated to a steady state soon. Teagan has done the middle of the night bright eyed bushy tailed thing a few times, I was not a fan. Generally she sleeps from 8-6 and by sleep I mean sleeping and nursing every 1.5 hours or so. One misconception that I had was that breastfeeding would help me lose weight. That hasn't been my experience. If anything having to nourish a baby has given me a voracious appetite and I don't do feeling hungry. Not gonna happen, I try to be sensible but if I feel the need to eat or snack I generally do so. On my days off I don't eat as much but at work I need to be satisfied to do a good job. 
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I have always carried an extra 10 when I am nursing. Then it falls off after I quit. This time has been much different though in that I've found losing weigh to be pretty easy. I bet I don't lose that 10 pounds when im done though!
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With my first two I held onto an extra 10 lbs while nursing.  I would lose 5 when they started seriously eating solids, and another 5 when they hit about 12 months old.  I gained a little between pregnancies two and three, and I gained more then I usually do with Éowyn which is why I'm going to more effort to lose this time around instead of just waiting until she turns a year. I'm not sure if it's here because of the nursing, or if it's leftovers.

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With my first two pregnancies, I did not hold on to any extra weight and even dipped down below my pre-pregnancy weight while breastfeeding.  I can tell you that this is not a good thing.  Being underweight and breastfeeding causes all sorts of health issues as it messes with your immune system.  I would get sick all the time and I developed some autoimmune stuff, too.  Not good.  This time I seem to be holding on to about 5 pounds, which is awesome, and it's preventing the autoimmune stuff, so far at least!  FX!  So, really, it is nature's way of keeping you and your baby healthy.  It's the way it should be.  I'm sure once nursing demands decrease some, you'll be able to lose more.

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Well, despite not being that active ( I still get out to walk at least 3 times a week to take the kids to the park) I've lost 9 lbs, which leaves 11 pounds until I get to my pre-pregnancy weight. But that's 145 lbs and I want to be 125-130 lbs.

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Becky, that sounds like me! Are you the same height? I'm 5'5. My pre-preg weight was 149. I'm down to 134 now, but I wouldn't mind losing a few more pounds. Anyway, I'm exercising a lot. I walk everyday, minimum 1 mile. I try for 3-4 miles. I've started jogging, too. And I'm doing around 30 minutes a day of yoga and other exercises like push ups and sit ups. It took going through physical therapy for my hip and knee pain to realize that so many things (pain, fatigue) are from my not being in shape. So I'm trying do better!
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I feel like I want to STOP losing weight just because my stomach skin is so disgusting ;( I have no elasticity. I have a ton of loose gross skin, and the more weight I lose the worse it gets. It doesn't even seem like a fair trade off sometimes.
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