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Ok, I suppose I'll stop saying that exercise doesn't help you lose weight as easily as diet. This article talks about a study showing how exercise alters gene expression.


Maybe I'll take the boys for a bike ride this afternoon.

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I prefer to get my exercise from a combination of yoga, walking to the printer at work, and yelling at dh.

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That's really interesting, Sara. I believe it. Unfortunately I don't have the time or energy to work out as much as I used to... When I lost 45 lbs some 7 years back, I was working out all.the.time on top of eating super clean and counting calories/macronutrients and it still took me a good 7+ months. It shouldn't have to be THAT much work! I'd never have the time to do that again. I really was working out for at least an hour in the AM and an hour in the PM. *facepalm*
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Now that I'm off wheat, dairy and eggs, my weight doesn't really change. I've been 134 for almost a year. Sometimes I look thinner than others but the scale is always the same. It's a good weight for me, so I don't mind.

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I'm down 10 pounds. Yay. :)
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Nice.  What did you change?

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I've been eating significantly less and super super clean. I eliminated most allergens and am eating basically lunch, dinner, and snacks composed of nothing but meats, vegetables, and fruit. I've been sneaking a grain in every few days just to keep my sanity. winky.gif Nah, it's actually been pretty good and I don't miss many foods. I've just been irritable because dieting makes me ragey.

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Joanie, you are awesome!!

Ok, so I'm not dieting. I'm tracking what I eat and making smart choices. And I've lost 6 lbs!! I am so excited. I hadn't weighed myself in a while.
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I'm sitting on the couch and eating a lot of cake.

Good job guys!
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Mmm cake.

Amanda, 6 pounds is a lot.

Joanie, I feel like I'm dying without grains. Grains are my friend. I don't know how you do that.
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I'm not pleasant to be around, Sara.
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Joanie, do you have problems with all grains?
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No idea. I think I have problems with nearly all foods. I have allergy-like problems whenever I eat most things. Mostly, my sinuses go crazy and I have the typical hayfever-like symptoms. When I fast or eat super super clean and minimal, no allergies. Sucks. I think I have problems with some vegetables that I didn't know about...
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What if you have a problem with something environmental and you're just more into grains while your immune system is worried with that? I went off the wheat for joint pain and now tiny amounts set it off, so I don't think you're crazy, but I push the boundaries of what I can eat a lot.
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Oops, I never responded to your post, Sara! Now two and a half weeks later...... here I am. lol. I have environmental issues too for sure. How that works with my food cravings, no idea. Could be. Still makes me mad that I only got nasal allergies after my nose surgery at 23 opened up my passages. Ugh.
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So I've already gained back some of the 10 lbs I lost. Granted, I have a lot going on, but I'm still mad at myself. I'm thinking of joining WW. I don't know what to do at this point. The restrictive eating for weight loss only lasts so long (and not long at all) before I'm burnt out and fiending for junk. I definitely can't do any crash diets anymore. I need a lifestyle change. How to get the motivation? No.freakin'.idea...
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Maybe try to find a friend to support you?  Someone you can get together with and cook healthy meals where you try out new recipes?  There are often clubs or groups like WAPF (vegetarian, paleo, organic, etc) that you can get together once a month with other people.  I would think your best bet is to be accountable to someone for awhile until it becomes a habit.

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I second Abra's suggestion. Other people not only can provide inspiration, motivation, and instruction, but can help hold you accountable if that's what you want/need. If you could find someone close to you even better... Any of these new couples in your neighborhood? You can pitch the idea as a time saver as well as being healthier and a way to revitalize the menu plan. You could start out with weekly shared dinners... You cook for both families then they cook for you. Then you could branch out to other families... Pretty soon you might only be making dinner for yourself a handful of times per week. Leftovers for lunches... I really want to do this but my closer friends and neighbors have picky eaters, food restrictions, etc. that make vegetarian recipes harder to do.
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