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30 Day Shred is KILLER! I started doing it last year right before I found out I was pregnant and was loving the challenge, but I stopped due to the intensity of the workouts while pregnant. I want to get back into it again. Thanks for the reminder. thumb.gif I'm sorry about your knees. greensad.gif My knees hurt during some moves too because I can't do lunges (high school tennis training killed my knees) so I just modify moves or do something else with a similar intensity. Maybe you would feel better doing that too?

Joanie, I can't do ANYTHING. My knees kept feeling like they wouldn't hold me up just walking to the mail.


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Becky, you definitely want to rest and recover.  I would suggest icing your knees a couple times a day and possibly taking Ibuprofen daily as well.  You might need to use knee supports and stretch out your hips after workouts.  I would also avoid anything that puts undue stress on your knees (like lunges) or do them very, very carefully, making sure your knees to not go past your ankles, not lunging too low or using support from a dowel (or chair) while doing it.

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Thanks, Jaimee. It sucks so bad. I was just starting to see progress in my stamina too, and now have this injury. The only thing that seems to have made things bad was the jumping jacks, and I was doing them flat-footed, which I guess you're not supposed to do. It seemed to help my ankles not be sore on the 3rd-7th day of the 30 Day Shred. But on day 8, I woke up to my knees in pain. So much so, that I decided I needed to stop for a bit. It's been 4 days. I don't want to be out of commission for long. I have already gained back 11 lbs of the weight I lost after having Levi.

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I weighed myself the other night after having avoided the scale for a few weeks.  I am just below my pre-preg weight, and my tummy is a little flatter though everything is squishy and not AT ALL toned.  I went off gluten and that helped get rid of the little pouch.  I don't necessarily mind how I look with clothes on, but I know I'll be wearing a bikini in Hawaii so I have about 6 months to get everything toned up.  I am planning to run a couple of 5ks before then, so that should do the trick.  Hopefully!

How is everyone else doing?  Abra you said you're in smaller pants?

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Ugh, not so good. My weight is fine, but I am not at all toned. Apparently, walking just isn't going to do it. I'm going to have to do some sort of real working out. I wore a bathing suit this weekend and it was not pretty. 

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I've been reading this thread but not posting because my weight has been fluctuating a lot and I've been really discouraged about it, but it looks like I've lost 5 pounds that are STAYING gone. joy.gif

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I'm just 6 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight and I'd like to stay here.  But, my stomach is driving me crazy.  Many nights I look like I'm pregnant again, with a small, round bulge.  I think it's bloating, the kind I had just before I realized I was pregnant again (no, that's not a possibility).  So basically my abs are failing to hold in my protruding organs when they swell with gas.  Lovely.  I try to do sitting ab work whenever possible and I run 4 days a week where I'm flexing my core, but it's not making much progress on my diastasis recti.

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Jaimee, you are so thin!  I don't think you look like you've ever been pregnant!


I'm just glad my dh likes my soft parts.  They will always be a part of me.  :D



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J - My weight is slowly and steadily coming off.  I'm down to roughly 133lbs, so I've been losing about 1lb per week.  I weighed 122lbs before I got pregnant, but would be happy weighing 125lbs.   Jaimee - I agree with Carey, you hardly looked pregnant when you actually were pregnant!  I look bloated by the end of the day too, I think it's pretty normal  ;)  Paige - Yay, that's good news!!

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Oh, and yeah I can wear a few pairs of my pre-pregnancy pants now.  I'm happy about it, because I only had 2 pairs for a long time and that gets old.   My skinny jeans are still too tight though.

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Thanks all.  love.gif   I'm pleased overall with how I look these days b/c I can flex my abs and everything looks normal.  It's just when I'm relaxed that it protrudes. I keep wondering if it will slowly get better or if I'll have to really consciously work at it to improve things.

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I'm still hovering around 132lbs, so not much change in the last few weeks.  How is everyone else doing?  The weather is finally starting to get nice, so that means I'll be getting more exercise out in the garden.  Hopefully that will help my progress along a bit.

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I feel pretty good physically.  I've been able to run about 4 days a week for several months now and I'm increasing my mileage.  I'm able to run more and farther at this point postpartum than after any of my other pregnancies.  I think a big part of it is that I'm getting more sleep than I have ever gotten with my other babies.  My weight is dropping, though, despite attempts to keep my calories up and I'm afraid I'll soon dip below 100 pounds again.  I guess that's just where my body wants to be for some reason.  But my stomach still looks pregnant unless I consciously flex my abs.  It's frustrating.  I just can't seem to get myself to do the Tupler exercises regularly and I wonder if the diastasis recti will heal at all on its own.

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Jaimee, I talked to my neighbor who is a physical therapist (specifically she works with pelvic floor issues, so core muscles are well within her range of focus) and she was telling me that it should heal basically on its own within a year.  She said awareness of it and focused exercises will help somewhat, but that in a normal, healthy, fit person it should rectify (ha, that is kind of punny!)  

It was disappointing to hear it will take a year or so, but at least it won't require too much work on my part.... because I always forget!  

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J, that is delightful news!  Though mine was not fully healed when I got pregnant with Avery- 14 months postpartum.  But perhaps mine was worse and this one, which is even worse, will take longer still.  Sigh....

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I still look pregnant, too. If I suck it in I look pretty good, tho. The scale has me close to where I was a couple of months before I got pregnant, so I would say I'm there. Pants don't fit the same, tho.
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J, you reminded me though, that my neighbor is also a PT.  I should ask her if she has any suggestions beyond what we already know.

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I still look a little pregnant too.  I'm still holding on to about 5 or so pounds that don't want to budge.  I think I need to start working out more...the walking just isn't cutting it this time around!

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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

I still look pregnant, too. If I suck it in I look pretty good, tho. The scale has me close to where I was a couple of months before I got pregnant, so I would say I'm there. Pants don't fit the same, tho.


Same here.  I am 5 pounds LESS than my pre-pregnancy weight, and 2 pants sizes bigger...my core is completely shot, and unless I consciously hold it all in place I look about 4 months pregnant.

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I don't have a scale, and I like it that way!!!!  But how can you all tell how close you are to your pre-preg weight because aren't your boobs so much heavier?  Mine feel like heavy weights, so I figure that they must add a few extra pounds at least, right?  


Did any of you get the linea nigra?  I still have mine, and I am desperate for it to go away!  I exfoliate the heck out of my tummy, but it's not going away completely.  Any ideas?



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