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What diapers to use when the baby switches to "real" bm's?

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This is probably a silly question.  I use cloth diapers until my babies start eating real food and their bm's get, well, gross.  Then I work hard at ec'ing, if that works (which it did for #'s 2 and 3), I'm okay with cloth.  But #4 didn't take to ec'ing and I just couldn't take the messy ones on cotton flats so I switched to disposables.  I want to be ready for this if it happens with #5.  Are there any diapers or methods that make cloth diapering easier after the breastfed bm's are a thing of the past?

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Having a diaper sprayer really helped me cloth diaper until he was ready to potty train. It's really not that gross if you don't have to touch the poo and just spray it into the toilet. I have the bum genius ones but the other day I saw something like it at Home Depot - it's just called a Bidet sprayer, I think but it's pretty much the same thing.

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I'll second the sprayer.  I was seriously grossed out by the whole thing up until I got it, when DS was about 11 mos.  I don't know how I made it through those months without it, because now it's so easy. 

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Diaper liners are a good option too.  They're thin sheets like dryer sheets that you line the diaper with and flush (or throw away) with the poop.  You can throw the pee-only ones in the wash with your diapers and re-use them a few times.  However, they are a challenge to arrange in the diaper once you're at the toddler stage and are having to chase the kid around to wrassle a diaper onwhistling.gif.  We switched to scraping at that point.

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I usually just dip the poopy diaper in the toilet and swing it around a bit. Holding on to a clean corner, I don't get my fingers dirty. But I can see, that's not everyones thing. A sprayer would be a good option, and probably cheaper than switching to disposables.

There is another option. We recently adopted a dog, and if she gets hold of a poopy diaper, it's carefully licked clean. Somewhat yucky from human perspective, but doesn't seem to harm the dog.
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I'm not there yet, but I know people who fill a bucket with water and diaper detergent (or baking soda). Then, you would just dump the solids in the toilet and throw the diaper in the bucket of solution to soak for a day. Everyone says that works really well.
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I use a diaper sprayer also.  I went a few mo. without one so I know the difference and now I couldn't go without it!  If you know someone handy they can do a homemade jobby with a kitchen sprayer.  Search for a tutorial.  That's what we did. smile.gif

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