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I know this might not be the best place to ask but I NEED a bra. I have an ancient %100 cotton bra I love. It is unlined and wireless. I absolutely can't find anything like this-anyone know of one???? 



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I can't vouch for how well any of these work would, but here you go.  There are many more you can see and though some may be lined, they are 100% cotton and wireless.  If you check Google Shopping, you'll see more options like the two below.






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fyi the hanes one has seems through the cup, as in the seems on the outside of the cup are also on the inside. This was a no-go for me.

I refused to pay $40 for a cotton wire free bra and ended up happening upon some super soft cotton "sports" bras at Sam's club for about $6 for a 3-pack! That's my kind of bra price lol I'm quite small in the cup dept, but w/34-36 ribs it was hard to find anything that fit right. Some of the cotton bras have more shaping than I could fill out and I hate all the padding so finding the sport type ones was great after my old faves died and were discontinued by the company.

Good Luck!!

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I have two of these and I love them! Not super supportive but super comfortable.


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rawganique has a lot of different cotton bras. i have a few and i love them. organic too, which is nice. they are pricey, but last a long time..worth the money imo.

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I just (like literally 1/2 an hour ago!) ordered 2 from decent exposures, advertised here on MDC. No idea of the quality or fit yet, but they certainly were not cheap. But they are 100% cotton,organic (don't really care, but anyway), unlined, no wires. Will see about how they work out...  Good luck - I found the bra-shopping experience very frustrating.

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I love these! small organic company and extremely comfy


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