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planning for a second home waterbirth... I hope!

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With DS I was induced, medicated and eventually ended up with a c/s. Not a nice experience, very traumatic. It's what brought me to this board. With DD everything was supposed to be better, I wanted to VBAC and I did, but at a hospital after AROM. With #3 now...I will pick up a copy of the hypnobirthing CD and I will also get me a doula again but I will most likely still go to a hospital and birth baby there. There are not midwives or birth centers in our insurance network...unfortunately and I don't think my DH would go for a homebirth. 

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Anyone have experience with California or LA doctor's or hospitals or birth centers? What about Doulas? I want the BEST DARN doula around if i deliver in a hospital. Sorry to go on... i guess i needed to get this off my chest. I'm mildly freaking out. 
yeah a good friend of mine did a VBAC in LA in June. I will find out what her birth center was called. We live in Oregon and she flew down a month before her due date and rented a cottage so she could birth there. No one in Oregon or Washington would allow her to VBAC because of a particular type of uterine scarring, but they let her, and she had a beautiful VBAC with them! I know it is a former OB who now works with a midwifery team, but all names are escaping me!

ETA: The Sanctuary Birth & Wellness Center & Dr. Stuart James Fischbein (who is on facebook) she also said I could give you her email if you'd like. PM me if you want it smile.gif
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MadiMama -can I call u MMC?

Drum roll please....PAID leave!whistling.gif
You can call me Maddie, if you like smile.gif I'm packing my bags right now. PAID LEAVE?!?
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I have had one vaginal birth and four c/s's, so its probably a done deal now that this will be my fifth c-section. But either way, I am not going to think about it at all yet. Worrying and obsessing will get me nowhere (not saying that you are doing that, just that I will.... ;p ) and I want to focus on the pregnancy as much as possible. :) 

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Yay! I was accepted to the birth clinic yesterday. My first meeting with a midwife will be in March. This is such a relief. The birth clinic has capacity for about 2 women/day, so I wanted to apply as early as possible, and I wasn't sure if I was applying too early, since here you cannot get your "pregnancy health card" until 9-12 weeks. Yay! I'm so happy.

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I'm headed to the hospital this time. I have hyperthyroidism which has been a complete PITA to manage. Unfortunately it puts me in the high risk category and a midwife is not qualified to deal with the complex health issues.

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Planning our 4th homebirth, we've had 2 uc's and 1 mw.   3 of our 4 hossy births were unmedicated(well,pit with one, but no epi, etc), with #6 I had a horrible panic attack, followed by an epidural and the worst pain I'd ever been in(epid didn't work right, and made the heartburn worse)  He was born face first, poor guy.   Was glad to have support in my last birth at home :)

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I am hoping for a homebirth this time around but haven't made the final decision for many reasons.  The first is that I really want the midwife that attended my last birth at a birth center attached to a hospital to be my midwife.  However, she no longer works there and is employed doing some gyn-only care at a clinic...no hospital birthing privliges.  Mine would be her first homebirth (she's delivered over 1000 babies in the hospital, though). She said she has been thinking about doing homebirths on a case by case basis but she has to think it over and do a little research before she decides for sure.  If she says Yes! (Which I hope she doespraying.gif...I can't imagine birthing a baby without her) then it is a no brainer for me.  Homebirth with my midwife! :)  (and Prenatal care with a natural minded OB).

If she says no, however, I am at a loss.  The practice that she no longer works for hired on 5 new midwives (for a total of 7) and the no longer guarantees that your midwife will be the one with you during delivery.  I cannot have a stranger attend me during a birth.   (Did it once and didn't like it one bit! For me, the one on one continuous care is 90% of the draw of having a mw in the first place!)  If she declines, I will probably have to either research and interview hb midwives (there are 2 within an hour and a half of me that I know of...maybe I should do that now just in case) or bite the bullet and do the birthcenter (despite their garbage changes) again.


I am trying to be chill about the whole thing, but labor is one of my favorite things love.gif and I don't really want bad care to screw it up!

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ideally homebirth, but uh....i don't have easy pregnancies. history of preeclampsia, bedrest, etc. but i do have rather easy deliveries.  i didn't have to have mag last time, but i was induced for very low fluid. wish i had asked for an internal exam before i accepted the epidural because i was transitioning while receiving the eipdural last time. this time ill ask for the exam to see where i am in labor. by that time i knew i couldn't go hours and hours more... 20 minutes later i had a baby in my arms. and no feeling in my legs :(


so realistically, i want a hospital birth no pain meds bc i believe that my body can do it. 

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Definitely planning a homebirth! I had a wonderful birth experience with DD at home with 2 midwives and 2 doulas....I hope I am just as fortunate this time.

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Definitely planning a home birth, probably in the water. My DD was a planned homebirth, but due to a number of different factors we basically risked out at the last minute and ended up in the hospital for an induction. Despite that, it wasn't a terrible birth and my midwives were great, but I would definitely have prefered to stay at home!

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Planning a hospital birth. Epidural. My daughter was born vaginally so I'm *hoping* all goes well and we can do that again.

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Planning my 2nd home water birth.  I just spoke to my midwife today and she squeezed me in as her last client before she goes on vacation... I won't have as many in-home post-natal visits, but I'm feeling ok with that so far because I'll have access to her back-up if I really need it. 


My first experience was so amazing and I'm so hoping to re-create that a second time around.  It still feels surreal that I'm actually pg again! I totally agree with what others have said about not judging others birthing choices.  What works for someone might not work for the next!


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I am planning for my first homebirth.

My first was hospital birth with drugs and it sucked, my second with hospital with no drugs and was great...so this time I am hoping to skip the hospital all together.

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Planning for my third homebirth, this time unassisted.  I'm really hoping for a water birth.  With DS I labored in water, but it drained me so much I kept falling asleep and slipping into the water so I ended up on land.  With DD I was in a second floor apartment that couldn't support the weight of a birthing pool (not built to code) so that nixed that for me.  I did stay in the shower until the hot water ran out though with that birth.

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We're planning on having another unmedicated hospital birth! Different hospital this time though!

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I'm planning a homebirth with midwives. Maybe even in the back yard!
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I work at The Sanctuary if anyone has any questions...
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Thanks for the info about homebirth in Illinois - I'm glad to see that I was wrong!  I can't find a provider in my area (I'm still doing a little looking) - but I'm glad to know it is an option for folks in Chicago at least!

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Bbean how fun! You must live someplace really warm for an outdoor birth in September to be an option.

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