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it's saturday, january 7th! check in!

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happy weekend, everyone!


it sounds like so many of us are so close, or are getting things started.  it seems we're due for a wave of babies around here- or are you all holding out for the full moon?


indigoscot- i hope things happen this weekend for your dp.  it wouldn't surprise me!

kaitlyn- hope you're feeling better.  how many days till exam?

wombjuice- thinking of you, lady.  sending you all the labor mojo i can muster.


i have all of you on my mind.  i hope this is a good weekend for you!

if you get a chance, tell us how you're doing.

and, in the spirit of yesterday's thread, do you have a favorite funny movie?


take care, mamas! blowkiss.gif

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I've been pretty busy the last few days and haven't checked in but have had two nights of semi-regular ctx so I guess I'm joining the ranks of prodromal labor ladies winky.gif I was supposed to take my 4 yo to ballet today but was feeling weird and shaky and kind of fatigued so dh took her and now i'm sitting here by myself in a quiet house with ctx about every 10 mins...I'm really not expecting the baby for another week or so so we'll see if this peters out...


Hope all you ladies are feeling okay and get a nice relaxing day!!

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Hello and good (late) morning mamas! 


My exam is 3 days away - on Tuesday! I really suppose I should review up..I packed my stuff in my hospital bag so I could study while there..yet - no baby! *sigh* 


Not a whole lot going on here (still). I tried doing some house work this morning but I have sciatica SO BAD in my right side I walk with a limp now. So needless to say..I move SLOW and I'm wheezing and sneezing and leaking mucus out of multiple places..I sound like a peach, don't I? LOL. Just rolling with the punches per usual. 


Fetal activity is down..I imagine she's running out of room in there! 


BUT on the flip side - I'm able to eat and drink! I just need to drink MORE as my urine is still very dark from having the flu and being so dehydrated. Sleep is something that is complicated..I'm so congested and HUGE that it's so difficult to get comfy. 


Jeesh, I am a mess! Come on baby! 

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I spent several hours last night with contractions 3 minutes apart.  Called my midwife, we decided that since they weren't necessarily painful (they hurt, but I could talk through them), that we'd play it by ear and she would come out if I wanted her to.  I told her to stay home and I'd call if something exciting happened, and they eventually petered out.  I had constant dull pain for the better part of the night, but that's about it.


She had another appointment in my area today, so she came over, swept my membranes, waited an hour, swept them again, and we're back on "keep me posted" status.  I'm a little bit more dilated, a little bit more effaced, but my cervix is still hanging out in a back corner.   


I'm so frustrated...I keep thinking I'm in labor, try to not get excited because I'm always let down, then try to get excited thinking maybe the excitement with encourage her to come out, then they peter out and I'm back to square one.  Blah.


Hope everyone else is having a much better weekend so far than I am!


Favorite funny movie - Big Business.

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I'm still pregnant, lol.  Yesterday was a very weird day...I was slightly nauseous and light-headed all day...just generally felt weird.  But other than that, nothing out of the ordinary, and I woke up this morning after getting a bit more sleep than usual (thank you, magnesium supplement!), so I'm in much better spirits today.


Also, if I were going by my last menstrual period, I'd be 40 weeks today!!  However, I know when I ovulated (via FAM), so my official "due date" isn't til around January 14th. *sigh*


My last day doing clinicals with my preceptor is Tuesday (if I haven't had the baby by then), and then I'm off until 6-8 weeks after the baby is born!  Well, not entirely true; school starts back in 2 weeks, and I'll be skyping classes from home, but this is going to be a much easier semester than the last one, so it still feels like a break to me.


I hope everyone is feeling good today!!  Not much longer now and the babies will be rolling in!  I'm excited. joy.gif



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redbirdlady - Kudos to you for not going bezerk... I hope things pick up speed for you!!


I'm excited for the ladies that actually have contractions and/or are feeling different than normal!!  


I must look gigantic because the 20-yr old guy at the UPS store took one look at my belly and said: "You should be sitting down."  I laughed and he replied: "No, seriously." orngbiggrin.gif


 Nothing much to report, been walking 30 minutes on hills for the past three days, baby's lower but no contractions or any other action. *sigh*  Happy 39 weeks to me and baby... Hubby's on a one-day business trip so I'm actually hoping baby stays put today.


Favorite funny movie(s) - Little Miss Sunshine and The Hudsucker Proxy

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Great news from my end!!  I contacted the two PBi women in town to see if one of them could fit me in for encapsulating my placenta and they both can, but they both refuse to do it at their house (it's *very* important to my old man that it not be done in our kitchen).  So last night I was feeling all sad and mopey.  So right before bed I googled "placenta capsules" instead of "placenta encapsulation" and found a group of encapsulators that aren't associated with PBi.  I emailed the ONE woman in my area and this morning I woke up to an email saying she can do it...and it's half the price!!  Needless to say, my little clan was doing high five's and high ten's over breakfast!


Then I went to Zumba and the lighting fixture fell out of the wall - directly over my head!  I heard a weird creak literally 5 seconds before it happened and jumped back so it didn't take me down.  It was huge and metal and would have hurt like a mo-fo.  After that we all drove to Costco and I nearly passed out in the car from low blood sugar so I grabbed a slice of pizza and drank nearly all of my husband's raspberry iced tea to avoid fainting in front of my kids.


It's been a crazy day!  Whew.


Now I'm off to read the rest of the new posts and see if we have any babies that need some welcoming!

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My weekend got off to a rough start... I had HARD contractions with back pain (something I've never experienced before) every 2 minutes for 7 hours last night.  Didn't go away when I drank water, took a shower, changed positions, fell asleep, etc.  (I had that awkward half-sleep where I'd doze for 2 minutes, wake up for the pressure, fall back asleep.)  I thought for sure that my prodromal labor was finally turning into early labor and things were happening...


And then it just stopped sometime around 2 a.m.  I've had some waves today but nothing on that same level at all.  I was so frustrated when I woke up and realized nothing was going on after all that I sobbed for like 20 minutes straight.  My due date's not even til next week, I know it's silly to be this impatient already, but seriously?  I can't do this much discomfort for this long every day and NOT feel like I want it to be over *now*.  Bleh.


But, after that cranky start, I've mostly had a nice day.  We went to a nice park about an hour away with a train and a carousel... we don't get up there very often, so it's a special treat for our 2 year old and for us.  He amazed us by not only staying dry the entire car ride but also the entire time we were at the park.  Did I mention we decided to start potty learning in earnest with him 2 weeks before my due date?  Because that's a totally sane idea.  ROTFLMAO.gif(It's going really well, though-- he's actually been accident free since Tuesday, both at home and at preschool!)  Now he's napping and I think I might lay down with him... after last night's fitful sleep, I can use a bit more rest myself.

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Had an interesting night last night... nothing in the labor department but DH and I felt really connected (first time in a WHILE as I've been crying and complaining all day, every day, for about a week). I slept REALLY well. I stayed in bed for eight hours (not solid sleep but the point is that I did not need to get up due to pain), then when my hands started acting up I moved to the couch and slept probably another 3 hours! 


I feel really peaceful and ready for the baby to come now and will be spending the day tidying the house... hope the feeling continues whether or not baby arrives soon, really since I'm due on the 10th could be the 24th before we meet our little one!

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nothing going on here.  nothing.  dp is having/has had ZERO ctx.  not even bh.  NOTHING.  with ds2 her water broke, she laboured at home until the ctx were close together and then we went in.  that was at 40+4; he was born at 40+5.  now we are 41+1 or 41 and there are really NO signs that this baby is ever coming out.  and yes, we know EXACTLY when she was conceived because we are lesbians and did an IUI.


baby is bopping around in there like nobody's business...all nsts have shown that she is fine.  ds2 was 8lbs 13oz hence the induction on monday.  le sigh.  dp is done.  sad, upset, worried, uncomfortable and just DONE.





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How stressful for both of you...especially when labor starting at this point means the difference between induction or not :(


I'm hoping that maybe since your dp has birthed before it might just be a case of her body knowing how to make the changes that come with labor quickly, I hear so often that any baby after the first seems to require less preliminary preparation from women's bodies. I keep wanting signs that labor is starting myself, but I know that sometimes it doesn't give us those signs...


Fingers crossed for both of you that it comes on this weekend...

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thanks cedarwoman.  it's not fun in our house right now...tempers are short and the boys are definitely feeding off our nervous energy.  :(  i am resigned at this point to the induction on monday so if she comes tonight or tomorrow it will be a welcome surprise.



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Indigoscot - I'm so sorry your dp is in this situation, how heartbreaking... :(  Keep us posted, I'm sure we all want to hear great news this weekend!!


cedarwoman - Doesn't a good night's rest make ALL the difference in the world??  Glad you're feeling grounded and connected to hubby. :)


Today is my best friend's wedding, taking place about an 8-hr car ride from me. :(  I was to be her matron of honor, but she had to change her wedding date and two weeks after she chose a new date I found out I was pregnant and due basically on her wedding date.  Feelin' kinda bummed that I'm sitting here and not having a grand time in NoCal...

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Nothing baby-related here today.  I can't even imagine what it's like for you ladies with this prodromal labor.  I'm soooo sorry!   I had to work today and my 2nd to last appointment was a sick dog.....well, he had to go to surgery and this is what we took out of his stomach.....Rubber band FB1.jpgrubber band FB.jpg.....347 rubber bands!!!   I was exhausted by the time I got home and quite bummed that I was in surgery this afternoon and not outside on such a BEAUTIFUL day!  This was a 12 1/2 yr old dog - and at lunch today (before this appt) I must have jinx myself because we were randomly talking about how old dogs should never get foreign bodies.  They should know better!  LOL.  Anyway, that's how I spent my day.

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OMG that is a lot of elastics.

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oh my, that is a lot of rubberbands!! That poor, silly dog...My cat likes to eat any kind of crinkly plastic and I swear, one day he'll need medical assistance because of it and they're going to remove a huge amount of unpassed plastic!!


well, after an exhausting morning, I took a nap and everything chilled out and now there's been no ctx for the rest of the day. But I feel much better so I'm okay with things stalling smile.gif


I made lunch plans with my mom and sisters tomorrow, so I'll either have a fun day of hanging with family or I'll be having a baby...we'll see orngbiggrin.gif


Hope everyone is feeling well..here's wishing major labor vibes to indigoscot's dp joy.gif

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I am so grumpy today. My kids avoiding school work unless i harass them constantly is finally getting to me. I apparently can't have a clean house or peace & quiet, but I'm determined to have kids who do something besides play on their computers all day.


I'm having major swelling in my feet that isn't going down overnight. It's a bit worrying, but I basically feel fine otherwise...except for the pelvic pain.


We haven't been able to drain the pool from our test fill. The siphon pump dh bought just will not work for some reason. You're supposed to be able to pump it a few times to get the suction started & then it will flow, but the flowing part hasn't been happening. Not sure how to get it to work.


Today's our anniversary. 15 years, not sure how that happened. lol Monday is my birthday. I'd like at least a few days after that before baby comes, even though I'm really over being huge & awkward & unable to do much. And my memory is just shot lately.


Still getting lots of movement, but it's mostly stretching type movements. I'm really hoping baby is engaged. I've yet to feel a head on this kid in months of trying to palpate, though. I know it HAS  one. lol


We still have no names. Dh is certain it's another boy, so he will barely discuss girl's names & I am completely uninspired by any boy names. They all sound bad to me. Guess this will be another time we spend the first few days after birth trying to find a name we can agree on.

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happy anniversary, devaskyla! 15 years! congrats!


things here are fine.  i'm actually making progress preparing for the baby, for a change.  i can't believe how much i've procrastinated this time.  i spent today going through the attic and finding baby clothes and linens, pulling out things i'd like to use and setting aside things to give away.  doing lots of laundry.  talk about your good times!


i hope to spend tomorrow getting our bedroom set up, and the baby's things put away.


funny movie... hmm... i used to like "wet, hot american summer" a lot.  i don't watch a lot of movies, to be honest.

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and juneboymum, that's amazing.  how does a dog even come across that many rubber bands?  were they swallowed in one fell swoop?


i always feel a special connection to your posts, because we also have an old, ailing dog.  we've been managing his diabetes and thyroid condition for a few years now, and having him here with us (still) has been a special part of this pregnancy.  sweet old pup...

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Note to self: Keep the rubber band balls away from the dogs.  How in the WORLD does a dog ingest that many rubber bands???  

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