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are you going to find out the sex?

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We didn't with our previous baby, and I really feel like it is the most amazing surprise- there are so few things to be truly surprised about in this modern world.

That said, I am itchin to know this time around! DH adamantly does NOT want to know, and I know it would just not be possible to keep that a secret, so we're going to wait to meet this little bug to find out gender. DH and DS are pulling for a boy, I'm leaning a tiny bit on the girl side, but I don't really care either way.
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We found out both times previously and since this is in all likelihood our last, we're thinking we'll let this one be a surprise. However, I am terrible at waiting and I might change my mind!
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We found out both times previously and since this is in all likelihood our last, we're thinking we'll let this one be a surprise. However, I am terrible at waiting and I might change my mind!



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We found out with our first and didn't with our second. With my third, I felt like I just had to know if I was having a third boy.


I don't know this time around. Dh likes the surprise and right now we are leaning toward waiting. But if I find myself having multiple medically necessary ultrasounds, I can't imagine resisting the temptation repeatedly. orngbiggrin.gif

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I always tell myself that we should wait and be surprised, but I am so impatient!  I just HAVE to know.  We actually went into our ultrasound with DD2 planning to hold off finding out the sex, but the second her image popped up on the screen, it was a perfect potty shot!  I knew that instant that it was a girl, even though the tech didn't tell us until 15 minutes later.  


My 3.5 year old DD asked Santa for a baby brother this year, so I know she will be hoping for a boy.   DH and I would love another girl =)

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This one will be our surprise baby :)

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I think we'll also wait and see!

I'm feeling some pressure to find out because my family and DH's family live on separate continents from us, our families are small so no other grandkids yet, and I know they'll feel kind of hurt and removed from the situation since we're so far away.  I wonder if they would feel less distant if they know the baby's gender! For example, my MIL is a total master embroiderer and seamstress and will get a lot of joy out of making some things for the baby, but it's narrowed down a bit if she doesn't know the gender.

Did you feel outside pressure to know/share gender? (BTW when I say pressure, I'm guessing here, we haven't even told anyone about the bun in the oven yet! ha)

Maybe we'll end up doing some crazy thing like having the ultrasound tech write it down on two pieces of paper and we'll mail one to my IL and one to my family! haha.  DH is so mellow, he doesn't mind either way <3



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My grandmother was crazy pushy last time around about knowing the sex, like it was a personal affront to her that we didn't find out until the baby was born. This wasn't even close to her first great-grand child, and she isn't a crafter.. I don't know WHAT it was about! She was like, how will we know what to buy for you if we don't know!!! um, either wait, or don't buy something pink... She ended up waiting until he was born, and then she sent a stuffed lamb that you wind up and it plays a song. totally not gender specific!
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We did with our first 2 and I'm considering not this time, but I'll probably change my mind, haha.

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With my first one we only had one u/s and they were not able to tell so he was a surprise.  I already have one of each but I still would like to know so if we can we will find out.


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I really don't know.  I like to avoid all U/S but I have a feeling curiosity will get the better of me!

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We found out with DD1.

We were surprised with DD2.

I feel like I really want to know what this one will be.  Mostly, I want to know if we are having a third girl...but I'm pretty sure DH will not want to know.

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Nope! I'm not a gender essentialist. Regardless of the child's genital sex, we won't know the child's gender until the child is old enough to express it. We have no need to know the genital sex prior to the birth. If it isn't medically necessary, I will not get an ultrasound.

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No.  We didn't find out the first time and it was such a fun surprise at birth.  It will be our last child so I feel like I'd just like to be imagining my future family earlier, if that makes sense.  So I'd love to find out, mainly just to spoil the surprise, but DH won't budge on it! 


ETA, I am kind of gearing myself up for it to be a boy.  Based on the shettles method, I'm totally going off of boy.  Another boy would be nice for practical reasons but I'd love the opportunity to parent a girl.  So we'll see!

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I didn't find out with my first two. We didn't have a choice anyway - they will not tell you the sex at routine ultrasounds in the hospitals here. But now we have the 3D/4D ultrasounds available so we're leaning towards finding out. 


I loved the surprise of not knowing though.

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Not a chance :) it's the only real surprise we get in life, and I like to wait until birth day to see what we've been gifted with :D

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I think I want a surprise this time.  With my first pregnancy I had intended to let it be a surprise, but then we found out it was twins and we were stationed in S.Korea at the time and there wasn't a huge selection of baby gear.  So, we ended up finding out before the birth.  With my second pregnancy we wanted to know.  We assumed it would be a boy since my husband's family has a long history of boys being born.  We were surprised at our ultrasound to find out we were having a girl.  So, now that we have had both, I want to leave the big surprise until birth!

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Probably so.  I have a strong feeling this is a boy.  When DD2 was a newborn, DD1 (then 3) talked and talked and talked about her two little brothers, one big and one little.  The big one was named Solen (a name I'd never heard before) and they played and played together that fall.  The little one was more vague and nameless.  It was the exact time of year she had started telling us about DD2 coming the year before.  She had announced "my sister is coming" about 4 weeks before she was conceived and then spent the next month or two telling us all about her sister and the things they'd do together.  It was pretty magical.  So, when she started talking about her brothers the next fall, I sort of believed her.  Since then DH and I have referred to #3 as Solen (the name that has really grown on me.  I always wanted a boy name associated with the sun, but with both of my other pregnancies I couldn't find one I liked).  FWIW, according to the Chinese gender chart, this should be a boy. lol.gif Honestly, I'd be thrilled at a third girl, but I think DH and I would both have to adjust to the idea of a third girl.  I love the idea of a troop of sisters.  I adore the sister bond my girls have.  I always wanted a sister, and I'm so glad they have that bond.  Raising a boy feels very unknown to me.  Still, somehow I'm just sure there are two more children in our family, and they're both boys.  The conviction is sort of crazy, but there it is.

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We didn't with #3 and strongly considering not founding out this time. Dh said it sounds like a good idea.... For now. LOL
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I have always toyed with the idea of not finding out... but i am DYING to know. I have 2 boys and although we want like 5 children, i just can't bare waiting! Plus i sew a lot and would like to sew a quilt and some clothes for the baby and i prefer not to do gender neutral (especially if a girl! I will go crazy!!!)

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