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Ugh... I probably will find out.  I have 2 girls and found out both times.  This time.... I know it's another girl (for many reasons including I am scared to raise a boy since I know nothing else!!! I was raised by a mom only in a house of only sisters!) At this point, I feel like I could wait (although, I am known for my inability to wait for things llike this).  However, My feelings might change as I know that DH  wants to find out and knowing the gender means less fighting about names (deciding on one gender's name is hard enough!) haha!

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jodieanneanton - I *know* this one's a girl, too. LOL I have two daughters and have no idea what I'd do with a boy! I was raised by a single mother as well. 

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Our son was a surprise - but we are moving at 7 months and I am not packing or keeping hand me downs clothes that are highly gendered in the other direction.


I feel silly wanting to know something so trivial as gender - but this time I have other considerations and am finding out for said practical purposes.


That said - they do not offer gender info at the regular 20 week ultrasound - and I won't pay for an entertainment one, so I don't know how I would find out...



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Originally Posted by Flower of Bliss View Post

  Since then DH and I have referred to #3 as Solen (the name that has really grown on me.  I always wanted a boy name associated with the sun, but with both of my other pregnancies I couldn't find one I liked). 

This is a beautiful name...my Fella's middle name is Apollo and I would like to name a son Henri Herio...Herio was one of Apollo's sons :)


I have a similar story in that my three year old DS has been telling us for months that I have a baby in my tummy. I am 5w5d today and the kids don't know yet and he is kissing my belly and telling the baby that he loves it. It's pretty amazing the knowing that wee ones have!!

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FWIW I also "KNEW" my third was a girl because I had only had girls and when she was born with a penis! Boy was I thrown! So don't count too much on "I have only had girls..." to be your guide :)



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I started looking at girl names a while ago because DH and I have a very hard time agreeing on them (and we already have a leading contender from last time, if this turns out to be a boy).  So I think that's why I kind of have it in my head that this baby's a girl.  Also, both our kids have been saying they want a little sister.  OTOH, Shettles says a boy is more likely (we weren't trying to gender sway, though).

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I also *know* its a girl based on my general feeling and also timing of thingspartners.gif so far before ovulation last month!  :)  If I get a boy, I am sure I will be excited... (Once my husband and I battle it out for the name and I learn a few things about boys via the good old learn as you go methodwinky.gif)

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FWIW I also "KNEW" my third was a girl because I had only had girls and when she was born with a penis! Boy was I thrown! So don't count too much on "I have only had girls..." to be your guide :)



lol.gif  "then she was born with a penis..." lol.gif


Ok, good to know. LOL However, I really, really think this is another girl. 


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I honestly can't decide if I want to find out or not. If we find out I don't think we'll be telling anyone else. Unfortunately everyone already knows the names we have picked out (because we've liked them for so long) and I just want to keep some mystery in the whole process (it bothers me how everyone HAS to know everything. For example, my best friend was totally irritated that my sister wouldn't tell anyone the name of their son before he was born.)  But I kind of like the idea of DH and I knowing, because I think it could promote better bonding.


My other best friend and the Chinese gender chart say it's a girl. That I don't know about, but my head keeps going back to twins?! I had a dream last night that that's what I am having! There is only one set of twins in my entire extended family, so this would be so surprising! (And terrifying! I think I'm too short/petite to carry twins, among other reasons!)

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Probably not :) We haven't ever found out before (and have four girls thus far!)... and with dd3 and dd4 we didn't even have *any* ultrasounds. Don't see us starting up now. (but I do assume this one is a girl... because I don't know how to think anything else! lol)


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I have to find out. I tried to keep the last one a surprise and couldn't do it.

We have 2 boys and 2 girls so this baby will be the tie breaker.

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I want to find out. For 2/3 of my pregnancy with DS, we were not in the USA, but I had a high risk pregnancy and pretty westernized medical care, so they did quite a few ultrasounds throughout the pregnancy. I had a strong feeling he was a boy, and people would come up to me on the street and tell me that I was having a boy. the 3rd sonogram confirmed it. I'm hoping for a girl this time, but will be happy with either. I'm not having any strong feelings yet as to the gender of this one. 

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Not sure.. I just really am not interested in dealing with the entire gendered mess (pink! blue! ugh!) even before birth. If I thought we could keep it between us I'm not sure which way I'd go, but if we find out it would be tough for my husband to not tell his mother, who would then tell the entire family--so right now we're leaning towards surprise. But who knows what will happen later on..!

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I'm thinking I might actually be able to keep it a secret this time since I have one of each gender...course that's what I said with my last one! Then when the technician asks if I want to know I always blurt out yes! I am fairly certain it's a boy based on my ovulation dates...and the time we did the deed, however, we could have a champion female swimmer in the mix! Ya never know! I have 3to older girls(my oldest being 11) and then my 2 boys(youngest being 2. Another boy would even things up...but I miss having a baby girl. Yeah, I'll probably find out. eyesroll.gif
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Last night, my dd1 (4) was talking and talking (as she usually does) and mentioned something interesting. Keep in mind we haven't mentioned pregnancy or baby around her...


(in reference to where ppl sit at the dinner table)

DD1:   I sit here, [dd2] sits there, the little girl is gonna sit there, daddy sits there and  mommy sits there.

Me:  Little girl?  What little girl? (thinking she would mention a friend or something)

DD1:  The one in your tummy, mommy.

Me:    jaw2.gif umm....  (regaining composure) hmmm... in Mommy's belly?  Who told you there is a baby in mommy's belly?

DD1:    No one told me.  I am just saying it.

Me:  But, where did you hear that?





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that is so cool!
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That's so cool Jodieanneanton!


We will definitely not be finding out. I like the surprise and I like that this way the gender stereotyping can't start until the baby is at least born! We didn't find out with my Daughter either and I didn't have any trouble waiting.



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No!  I didn't want to find out with DD, but I had to have an amniocentesis and DH was getting ready to deploy and he wanted to know, so when we got the results back they went ahead and told us the sex too.


This is our bonus baby, we've already got a boy and a girl, so whatever we get is great.

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I don't think I will be able to resist my curiosity! Chinese gender chart says boy. I want a boy but my hubby wants a girl! Who knew?!
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Originally Posted by Carson View Post


ETA, I am kind of gearing myself up for it to be a boy.  Based on the shettles method, I'm totally going off of boy.  Another boy would be nice for practical reasons but I'd love the opportunity to parent a girl.  So we'll see!

The shettles method?

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