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I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this in but I had chronic low supply issues with my first because of pp thyroiditis. I am wondering if anyone had any advice as to help prevent this happening for the next baby. We are thinking about ttc'ing again and I am really concerned that I will get pp thyroiditis again and if anyone had any advice it would be appreciated. The only way I can ebf ds is by taking domperidone and I would really prefer to not take it the next time around. So far the only two things I have come across is a study where they said taking 200 mcg of selenium starting at 12 weeks can help prevent it but it didnt completely prevent thyroiditis for all the women in the study taking it.  Also I have come across systematic enzymes but they are really expensive and it is not completely proven safe to take during pregnancy.  Would simply pumping a lot after feedings help in the first few weeks? Any other advice would be really appreciated. I also don't want to end up hypo thyroid for life and at this point my thyroiditis has seemed to resolved itself.  Thanks!