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Dunstan Baby Language

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Anyone else thinking of trying to use it with your baby? I did a bit with ds3 and had completely forgotten until someone posted an old video from Oprah about it on FB with the youtube link.


Here's the video that reminded me about it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1fsofmvz4g&feature=share

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DDC... sorry... shy.gif


My FIL sent me the DVD when my 3rd baby was born.  I never reviewed the "words" often enough to get a really great ear for distinguishing the burb and gas sounds, but it helped me *immensely* just to be able to recognize the hungry sound.  And it was ALWAYS right.  It was so nice hear the fussing and know right away it was because he was hungry!  Works for my new baby, too.  Honestly, though, if you listen to the Oprah clips enough, you hear almost everything the DVD shares.  It's a really short DVD, and doesn't cover any additional "words" beyond what was shown on Oprah.  At least for the video I was given, which covers up to 3 months old.

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Yeah, I think I actually have the dvd around somewhere & knew there were just the 5 "words". I really want to try it again this time. It certainly couldn't hurt. And it did seem to help with ds3, when I remembered to listen carefully.

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That is soooo cool!  I've never heard of this before.  I remember people saying that I should be able to understand my newborn's needs but I had nothing to reference and just thought I wasn't as intuned as I should have been.  I wish I'd heard about this!!  It definitely can't hurt to try.  I think just watching the youtube video a few time will be enough - it's pretty thorough.  Thanks for posting about it!


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That's fantastic! Thanks for posting. thumb.gif

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My mom told me about this when I first told her I was pregnant... I'm pretty sure we'll be giving it a try, I don't think it can hurt!

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Definitely going to be listening closely with my new LO.  i hadn't heard of this before - thank you for posting!

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That is very cool...and i think, could become very instinctual for a mom! Thanks for posting :)

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