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Chicken Pox, anyone?

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Looking for chicken pox in Maine, anyone out there have them? Know anyone who has them? Pass them along!

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Yes, please share! I am now in Maine and would like to find chicken pox as well. I will post here if I do.

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There are pox on the seacoast of NH...not too sure how far that is for you. But I am exposing my 3 chickadees tomorrow at a friends...so if it works, i'm more than happy to share the pox love joy.gif

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Yes! Please keep me posted, very willing to travel. Thanks!

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Also looking for exposure! we are north of portland.

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Also looking for exposure! we are north of portland.

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We are also looking, we are located in Sacramento CA.
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We were exposed 10 days ago (lots of hugging/lollipop/water bottle sharing)....so I am expecting someone in my family to break out this weekend!! (kiddos are almost 7, almost 4 and almost 1)....


I'm all stocked on goodies from our naturopath doc...hoping I didn't waste my money! HA!


Our friends who had the pox are all about cleared up but they did spread it to friend's of theirs who visited them a couple days prior to us...


I'll keep you all posted Peace.gif



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In VT and would love to get them!! Will travel!
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And.....we have the chicken pox!  biggrinbounce.gif


first day of spots for my almost 7 DD and almost 4 year old DS..


I'm more than happy to have some playdates this week if anyone is looking for exposure..PM me. :)


I'm in Exeter so you can google to see how far that is for you.



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I'm in Kingston! I am so late again! Why do I not check this daily?!?! Can we still come visit?!?!

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I too am looking for the chicken pox, am in near sunapee but will travel.

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I'm in Yarmouth and my kids are on their first day of at least 16 days home from school since they haven't had chicken pox yet. I am hoping to make the most of this time and try REALLY hard to get them exposed. My kids are 9, 7, and 6 and we're willing to travel for some pox! They are more upset than I thought they'd be...especially my middle one who is missing being an arctic hare in her class play. I'm upset too...not that I love school...and am always psyched for days with my kids...but this was so sudden and has kind of rocked our world...anyway, let us know if you find any!

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MaineMamaof3, is the school making you stay home because they are unvaccinated for CP? Is there a case of CP in the school? We just finished exposure 4 for CP, my DS still has not caught it. I had his titers done and they say he still have no immunity... I was starting to wonder if he had caught a really mild case one of the first times, but the doc says no. Guess I will be on the hunt for CP with you again :(

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I've got some chicken pox in hancock county, can travel to bangor with them.

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Bummer, we are North of Auburn....My youngest is not vaxed against anything....she's 19mo old...almost 20mo old...My older 3 have been vaxed but they still have that chance of getting it...We want the chicken pox... :-)

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We have the chicken pox - just outside Montpelier.  

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is it too late? looking for them for my 5 yr old

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Desparate to find chicken pox for my 7 and 4 year olds.  This will be our fourth exposure.  Willing to travel from Massachusetts!  Thanks so much!!

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Deemc, did you find them?

Anyone?!!!  I have posted to two different threads in the Vt, NH, ME tribe site and my fingers are crossed!!  I would be ever so grateful for any assistance!!  Thank you!! 

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