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Chicken Pox, anyone? - Page 2

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I am in Burlington, VT & my 4yr old daughter has them. Had a couple spots that I thought were bug bites last night & this morning woke up w/ a ton more.

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she has lots more this morning. she's feeling great (although itchy) & would love some kids to play with :)

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no new ones since yesterday & all crusted over

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my 18m old DS has them. very mild so far. we are in Burlington, vt

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I wish I had been paying attention! I live in St Albans, and I would love to expose my two DS's... Oh well, maybe next time

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I know that this is an old post. Not quite sure how everyone handles these threads these days.  Haven't posted for a year, but looking for the same thing as last year.  Chicken Pox!!!  Would LOVE to expose my two kids (again!)!!! Any help would be great!! We are in central/southern mass and will happily travel. thanks-cara

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Possible case in Concord NH! My niece has spots! About to expose my kids! smile.gif
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I'm guessing this died out?  Any further updates for this general area?

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Interesting. We had it last summer, right around the 4th of July. We had traveled to the manchester nh area, and then the york me area. Our girls randomly caught it. I wish I had know about this site so we could have shared!

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