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Sign up here for a Spotlight thread!

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Spotlight Thread Signup:


  1. Demeter
  2. Veritas Vitae
  3. Intuitive Jamie
  4. eleuthia
  5. Cecilia's Mama
  6. MsZelda
  7. Mama Chickadee
  8. bootsvalentine
  9. Sallyrae17
  10. Sol_y_Paz
  11. sheaffer
  12. Ninetales
  13. Intime0
  14. pennywhistle
  15. DesertSunsets
  16. justchanti
  17. Carolina Kel
  18. rebecca10
  19. Geigerin
  20. LilyTiger
  21. smbcoffee
  22. ilovetchotchkes
  23. lakeruby
  24. LeAnn A Doula
  25. mommamelissa



In my last DDC, we did weekly "Spotlight" threads, where we get to ask the spotlighted person questions and get to know them better! We don't have to have a master list of questions, though we can have a few that we put in the OP to jumpstart things if we want to. I have a whole list from my old DDC that we can use if we want!


If you're interested, just reply and I'll start compiling names. Other DDCs have gotten their signup threads stickied, so hopefully we can too! winky.gif


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I would be! I had a spotlight thread in both of my previous DDCs. It's a real fun way to learn more about everybody.

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this is an interesting idea - I would definitely participate but would rather not be one of the early ones "spotlighted" ...

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I'm willing to participate.

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I'm in.

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Sounds cool! 

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Cool! I'll ask for the thread to be stickied. smile.gif

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Me too, please! :)

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in biggrinbounce.gif

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Signing up.  

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Hello Mamas!


I'm new to this whole thing, and thought maybe this would be a fun way to introduce myself!!?!!?!  Signing up....ask away!  A little background- I'm 34, married, and expecting my 3rd (his 1st) in Aug!

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At first I didn't want to do this because I thought I'd be too embarrassed but now it looks like fun, so I'll sign up too.

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It IS FUN.  I just read Demeter's.  Sign me up, too.

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sign me up, too!

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I'd like to join!

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I'll give it a try... although this is pretty new and I'm pretty shy with sharing around these parts.  Maybe this will break the ice so to speak?

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Sounds spiffy :) I'm game! Sign me up!

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Okay, I'm in too.

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I'm enjoying reading the other spotlights. I think I'll join. :)

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