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Red Cabbage Gender Test

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We're doing the red cabbage gender test tonight, I'm sending hubby out to the store to get one : ) Any of you ever heard of it? It seems to be pretty accurate and if not its still fun!



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I watched the video. Seems like fun. But it doesn't say what color determines what. Did you pick up on that and I somehow missed it?

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I found this link on the cabbage test, it looks like purple/girl and pinkish/boy.  This looks like a fun experiment.  I was so sure I'm having a girl, but for some reason I woke up this morning and thought boy.  I should try it out and see what comes up.

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So to me the test is unclear, it turned a wine color that was red but still seemed purple to me, Kris and Timmy are adamant its totally red and a boy so they're happy : ) I saved the juice and I'm doing another in the morning.

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I think that's what color the woman's was in the video...wine/red, and she said boy. :)

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  • Tested again this morning with first morning pee and it was definitely purple, one thing to note is last night we added more pee than the cabbage water and it wasn't an even mix, this morning it was.... I had girl dreams all night too, but it was probably in anticipation of the test and that I've kinda just felt it's a girl as well, we shall see in the next 7 months though won't we? : ) Oh and I noticed something else after reading everyone elses results online, people who got a "wrong" result started with blue cabbage water, I think their dish detergent must have adjusted the ph long before their urine was added which would explain the differences in results. So if you decide to try and your water turns out blue after the steeping of the cabbage do let me know and what kind of dish detergent you are using. Apparently if it turns blue/green AFTER you add pee to it then it's a boy as well, any hint of purple= girl, if its red or any hint of blue =boy


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Fun!  I'm too lazy and too nervous for a false result to try this.  I know that I would be more excited about having a girl and can't get my hopes up.  But I love that other people are trying this fun trick out.  I'd love to get a poll of the accuracy at the end of this all!

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adding to the prediction possibilities: I was speaking with a very dear friend today who told me that lack of morning sickness = boy.  I have read so many wives tales about gender prediction so I was skeptical but she is a trusted friend and gifted scientist so I thought I would do a little checking.  Turns out there are a number of empirical (scientific) studies on matter.   High levels of vomiting or retching have been associated with having a girl.  Not predictive (you could be vomiting a lot and still have a boy or vice versa) but another little hint in the gender prediction direction! 

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That's interesting,mcampa. My mom swears she did not have m/s with either me or my brother, but that she did crave very different things with each of us. I am not having major m/s, but I like to think it's just not in my genes. My m-i-l will be so sad if it's a boy, since dh's family is full of boys, so I will not share this with her! 

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Well... I was pretty sick with my first boy so I'm not sure how much belief I throw into that myth. I vomited daily the first 4-5 months. My 2nd I had mild m/s and my 3rd none at all. My first daughter (4th baby) I was ill pretty much all the way throughout her pregnancy and had similar m/s to this one (on the milder side though still prevalent) with my 5th pregnancy (2nd girl).

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I had the most m/s with my first pregnancy (boy), I never threw up with my second or third (boy then girl). I haven't thrown up with this one either, although I don't recall feeling this nauseous with my 2nd or 3rd pregnancies.


So for me, I really don't think there's any correlation between morning sickness and the sex of the baby.

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I don't quite remember the intensity of my nausea with ds, since it was 8+ years ago, but I do remember loving steak... So when I was preggo with dd#1 I went out for our anniversary and I ordered steak, nothing else sounded too good but I just knew steak would be ok.... Uhhh, nope, my gag reflex kicked in right quick. I sampled a few of their soups and couldn't eat those either. With dd#2 I had an aversion to meat again as well as bread, and now that I'm preggo again I have that same aversion, so I'm leaning towards girl with this one as well which bugs dh and his family cause they want it to be a boy, in fact his parents didn't even want to hear the name we chose should we have a girl : ( That irritated me sooo much, when we visited a couple weeks later, I MADE SUre my mother in law KNEW the name should we have a girl : D.  I just dont see why it matters sooo much, I mean,  a healthy labor delivery baby and momma is all I'm concerned with.

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I vividly remember the sickness with my first, lol, and that was 16 almost 17 years ago. I, prior to that, had NEVER thrown up so much in my life...


As for cravings I've had similar cravings through each pregnancy.... steak always in the early days like between weeks 6 and 9 really intense. Eggs in the first tri with the two pregnancies I breastfed through. Extra onions and garlic, lol. My last two pregnancies I craved hot chocolate which is odd for me because I really don't like chocolate at all when I'm not pregnant. I think it has more to do with what your body 'needs' vs. gender, to be honest.


I also think that tests like these, while potentially fun (though I tell you... early pregnancy dog nose plus the smell of cabbage boiling does not equate to good times!) aren't really to be taken seriously, the only guaranteed way to know the gender without question is to wait for the birth. (though i think u/s technology is such that it's very rare to have them tell you the wrong gender.)

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Ah, see I never puke, so mine is just nausea with severe food aversions to just about any foods. As far as this test in particular, it is apparently 90% accurate if done PRIOR to 10 weeks, shortly after finding out your preg is a good time to do it.

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Originally Posted by ChristSavesAll View Post

Ah, see I never puke, so mine is just nausea with severe food aversions to just about any foods. As far as this test in particular, it is apparently 90% accurate if done PRIOR to 10 weeks, shortly after finding out your preg is a good time to do it.

I would love to know/understand the scientific reasoning behind this.... WHY is it accurate? What does red cabbage have in it? Is this a PH thing because if it is (and it kinda sounds likely) there's no way it's 90% accurate. Do you have any links that explain those things? :) I'm really quite curious.

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I would love to buy this test, but can't bring myself to do it. http://www.gendermaker.com/

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Honestly those products aren't very accurate... it's guessing based on the pH of your urine which really has very little relevance to gender. :) Best thing to do is either get an u/s OR wait for birth. Don't waste your money :)

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If I could find a smoking deal on one, I'd do it for fun (probably like the day before my U/S), but there is no way I am shelling out $20-40 for one of those things! I agree, save your money!

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Honestly, the ph of urine has very little bearing on gender now.. but if you really wanted to do something similar you could just go buy ph strips and test that way. I think anything under a 6 is a girl and anything over a 7 is a boy? There's some sites dedicated to this method.... much cheaper, lol. Really, though, it's about the pH levels BEFORE conception.

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I did the baking soda test just for fun.  It didn't fizz.  

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