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Swimsuit for lap swimming while pregnant

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Does anyone have suggestions for what to wear while lap swimming as my belly grows?  I've been getting by with my non-pregnant one-piece, but it's getting a little scandalous up top.  Is a two-piece the way to go?  I've never worn one for lap swimming before, so I'm a little skeptical, but I'm having a hard time picturing how else to go without buying new suits every few months!

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i swim laps in a 2 piece tankini whether pregnant or not. i just prefer them. mine are a little lose around the middle. it is a non maternity one. it would float up sometimes when i stopped. i havent been swimming in a month or so, so i am not sure how tight it has gotten, but i have a 2 piece tankini maternity that is still probably too big. i found that all the tops get scandalous lol except the maternity one i bought. i got it off target.com. it has enough coverage to keep everything in.

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I wore a two piece last time but I didn't do any real swimming in it. It was the only way to go though because my torso is short, my belly gets enormous and I need a different size on top and bottom. I say go for a bikini, show off that belly and hope you don't have a wardrobe malfunction ;-) 

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I have no personal experience with two piece suits--my breasts are too big to be contained while lap swimming in something like that.  I need more support.


Anyhow, I wear faux tankinis while pregnant.  I usually buy ones for plus size women, but not always.  I don't get a huge bump.  They usually have a full underlining.  Last time around, I wore a Maxine of Hollywood plus size suit.  The faux tankini style.  Had a shirred top with cups.  The seams did irritate my pregnant nipples, but I got used to it.   Sadly, that suit did *not* hold up to frequent use (2-4x/week).  I buy fitness suits now--made out of something other than just lycra.  It's usually a chlorine-resitant nylon blend.


Swimoutlet has some fitness maternity suits.  I usually buy a non-maternity Ocean suit--again, faux tankini because I like the extra support.  Again, I have big boobs, but a short torso, so what works for me might not work at all for you.



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With my last pregnancy I used a TYR reversible lap suit the whole way through. Towards the end it was getting scandalous and the fabric was getting thin because it had stretched a lot. This time, as I didn't have the $ to go buy and ruin another suit, I"ve been wearing my non-lap swimming takini from Lands End and it has actually worked well. I find that it supports well and it seems like it is full enough in the belly area to not have to stretch too much. The only thing I've found is that the bottom almost comes up too high, so I have to sort of scrunch it under my belly.


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