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Homebirth in Cincinnati OH

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If you have had a home birth with a midwife in the Cinci area, would you mind PMing me with the midwife you used and your experience? I feel like my pickings are slim and am starting to get a little worried.


I am due in mid-July with my 3rd baby, 3rd home birth (I hope.) I am looking for someone with a very strong skill set, preferably licensed through NARM...



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I am in the exact same situation, also due in July with my 3rd.  Would you let me know what you find out?  I too feel like I have such limited options.  It's scary and sad we have to work this hard just to give birth at home.  Thanks and best of luck!



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Most people will not feel comfortable sending you the names and contact info of their midwives here.  Have you joined the Cincinnati Homebirth  Yahoo group?  That's your best place to meet other homebirthers and get some info about care providers.  It is a large and active group.  Good luck with your journey!

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