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The Belly Thread

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Feel free to celebrate your belly here - pregnant or not!
Here's my belly today, at 9w2d - looking pretty close to how it did at 0w0d, but maybe a bit rounder in my lower belly. 
And here's 10w2d (adding to my original post for the comparison - I made sure my shirt was pulled closer under my bust this time, so my boobs didn't just get way bigger or anything) 
11w2d. Maybe I'm starting to look bigger? Or at least things are shifting around. 
(It's hard to tell when my partner seems to be taking the pics from farther away each week!) 
13w2d - it looks like my belly is rounding out. 

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Okay, here is a shot of my belly (and me!) while in active labour with Kayden, at 38 weeks. I'll post one of my maternity photos once I load them on to my computer!
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Aww, Livingsky, you look gorgeous. It's making me tear up! :) *hugs*


I have decided to wait until 12 weeks to tell everyone at work, and I have to endure the two other pregnant women talking about their bumps. I have plenty of bumps, but none of them are baby. My grade-level coworker, who is only a week or so farther along than me, is "showing" so much. I watched them poking each other's bellies today and I just felt like that will never be me and I will never feel comfortable with anyone doing that. I'm not really sad about not having people poke me but it seems to be a "normal" part of pregnancy I will miss out on.


So I'm having my first abdominal U/S today and I'm nervous they are going to tell me they can't see anything. Sigh.

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Hi Ladies!  Love this!


Nice Eleuthia!


LivingSky - I hope I look that good in active labor! 


Boots - I was totally worried about that as well at first with my added cushion.  As for the belly touching - it has started.  I understand...  hug.gif

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bootsvalentine - I hope your u/s goes great today. They may have to do a vaginal ultrasound if they can't see everything they want abdominally. When i was 11w1d the tech could get most of what she need abdominally but the baby was very active so she had to do a vaginal to get the rest of the pictures. This happens to even slim women early in pregnancy. 


I have my anatomy scan next Wed and I am also nervous that the report will come back unable to get all measurements due to my weight. This happened with my first pregnancy and I had to go back in 2 weeks later, I felt embarrassed.

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here's what i'm looking like from the side these days, 20w3d. i'm rounding out way more than i expected to.


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grizzle, what a gorgeous belly. giving me hope!

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thanks! i really didn't know what to expect because i have always had a big B belly--which is to say that it had the crease in the middle and looked like a B from the side. :) my friend lizz who is also a chub said to me one day recently, "you used to have a B. but now you have a D!" 


i think that my uterus pushed all my belly fat and innards up because i got very round on top first, and the midwife is always practically in my crotch to hear the heartbeat. i also think that i have a long torso, which helps for roundness maybe? it makes me think that my belly fat and innards had room to go up and not out to the side as much. who knows, bodies are a mystery. 

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eleuthia, I think you definitely look pregnant! Very cool!


LivingSky, I love that you posted the pic of yourself in labor. It's just such a powerful feeling to see that and think (if all goes well), that'll be me someday! Very cool.


grizzlebee, that is just what I hope my belly will look like in 6 weeks or so! smile.gif I seem to be having the exact same experience with my organs being pushed upward, or my fat, or whatever it is. My tummy seems to be round very high up now. It's a little weird how it's happening (my thinner friend, also expecting #1, is 21 weeks and not showing at all; and my tiny SIL, expecting #2, is carrying low and has one of those perfect little basketball tummies) but I do like that I am starting to look pregnant. Well, if I wear maternity clothes. If I wear regular clothes I just look lumpy.


Oh, and I love your outfit!

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I'm so happy there is a thread for this! I love looking at plus-size pregnant bellies.


Here's mine at 28 weeks (please excuse the sleepy two year old and the state of my hair). I confounded all the laws of fat pregnancy by getting obviously pregnant-round really early. That belly is rock solid.


The Belly and Claire early month seven.jpg

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I love everyone's belly shots. Ok so here is mine at 18w1d (i wanted to take one yesterday but DH was too busy fixing his computer)




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Ahhhh I LOVE this thread! I HATE always sharing my belly pictures with teeny-tiny Mamas! THIS thread is gorgeous and I can't wait to post one in a few weeks! I'm still getting over the shock right now that I WILL have a belly soon after 5 years of secondary infertility, lol. You Mamas are all GORGEOUS!

*waves to LivingSky* Been a minute since I've seen you around on the ONE thread but I remember you well! smile.gif
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Does anyone think the "top" of their B belly started getting bigger before the bottom? I know the baby is still hiding out under the lower bump, but maybe with things moving upwards?



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Yes, definitely. My bra bands have been getting tight for some weeks, and my stomach feels like it's "pushed up" and big all the way up to my ribs, but my lower tummy isn't that much bigger than it ever is.

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Originally Posted by bootsvalentine View Post

Does anyone think the "top" of their B belly started getting bigger before the bottom? I know the baby is still hiding out under the lower bump, but maybe with things moving upwards?



OHH YES, definitely. the top of my belly is firmer than the bottom now, too. 

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Beautiful bellies!! I'm also getting much bigger on top, which I'd just kind of assumed was because of my "fat apron". I'd love to see it start rounding out and am excited to get to the obviously pregnant stage, which just takes a little longer for the bigger mamas :)

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Wonderful - makes me excited to get pregnant again so I can post! My belly always gets hard first & the bottom always remains rather soft & hangy. When I'm pregnant is the only time I feel ok about my belly.

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did i look bigger last week? maybe it was the stripes, ha ha!

we found out two days ago that there's a girl in there. :)

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Attached2Elijah - WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, it's so great to see you here!
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This one was taken at 14 weeks 5 days (today).




I have a slight complication - the only one, in fact, that is not attributed to being fat.  I can't believe it - in 3 pregnancies this is my first complication.  Placenta Previa.  I hope it's gonna correct itself.  It is scary to think about bleeding all throughout pregnancy.  It really is.

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