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I am leaving tomorrow on a two day train ride to visit with my family for the rest of the month.  It is just me and the three girls.  I feel like I am taking a TON of stuff, but at the same time I'm really proud of how little we are taking.


Here it is:


1 grocery bag of food for the two day ride (not too healthy, but I'm trying to make it fun):

luna bars

lara bars


juice boxes


3 spoons

peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

gummy worms





bunny crackers


1 child's backpack of toys:

polly pocket disney princess dolls (their FAVORITE toy and perfect travel size)

12 crayons

2 coloring books

2 eggs of silly putty

pipe cleaners

tablet with books, songs, movies, and games


Diaper bag:

16 newborn prefolds (dd3)

2 newborn covers and a prefold belt (dd3)

2 pair newborn pants (dd3)

6 premium cloth diapers (dd2)

2 diaper covers (dd2)

1 pair extra panties (dd1)

1 cover (dd1)

2 toddler sized prefolds (dd1)

cloth wipes

my wallet



Checked bag (airplane carry-on sized)

2 play outfits each

2 sets of underwear/socks each

bathing suits


diaper cream

hairbrush and hair clip


1 dressy outfit each

small box of presents for family

blessing outfit for the baby


And I'm also checking a large suitcase full of food because I can't use food stamps at my parents house AND organic food is more expensive and a pain to get in their area.


We will be wearing one outfit including shoes and sweaters, and my parents borrowed carseats for us to use while we are there.  I expect to wash diapers every 1.5 days, and wash clothes every third day.


I'm excited to see if I overpacked or not.


ETA:  I also have toothbrushes, nursing pads, my moby and a wet bag


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Once we went to Disneyworld because our band was playing in the park.  The four of us took one carry on of clothing, music, and my piccolo, one diaper bag of diapers, snacks, and toys for two kids, one carry on of food and a trombone.

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Hi! We went away for the holidays to the east coast for three weeks... I took:


1 carry on rollie bag with Mr.Moo's clothes, my shoes and the breast pump (to have bottles for travel just in case we ended up getting seated next to a creeper on the bus, train, or plane).


1 carry-on rollie bag (that I checked as my one free bag) with my clothes and toiletries and a folding extra bag which I filled with gifts he was given by family on the way home (I paid extra to check the second rollie bag on the way back).


1 messenger bag with Mr. Moo's toys, diaper stuff, bottle and my netbook and camera


1 travel infant car seat (the kind I could buckle into cabs - checked for free).


It was hard to balance the two rollie bags, car seat, gift bag and the diaper bag while carrying him, but I didn't have to carry all that stuff around for long... and I relied frequently on the kindness of strangers. winky.gif



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