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I'm slowly patching together a supplement regimen out of the vitamins we have and extras I've added in.


Folic Acid

B vitamin complex

5000 IUs Vitamin D

B6 (to prevent morning sickness)

Sodium Ascorbate

RRL tea


I've also ordered some Nordic Naturals fish oil and eventually want to add in this.   I think after this fish oil runs out I will get Krill oil.  I'm going to wait to talk to my midwife about any other supplements.

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Claire, I tried to buy krill oil at my local health food store and the lady told me they dont  sell it beacause it is an extremly unsustainable product and is whale food :)  She showed me the write up she had saying those things.  I am amazed that Mercola would push it if that was the case, but in the meantime I just went with fish oil caps cause my lttle baby has a brain trying to grow and can't be waiting for krill oil to clear customs IYKWIM?!




Amazon has Krill Oil for a reasonable price, though I can't speak to the sustainability of it.


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Could someone here point me in the direction of some good reading on what types of supplements to take? I'm very interested in this but don't know where to start.  


I'm currently only taking my prenatal without added iron and trying to eat reasonably.  I know I have a lot to learn, so any help would be much appreciated! 




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I'm actually trying to choose a prenatal. It sounds like the Rainbow Light ones are very popular. Why do you all use those, what do they cost and where do you get them?

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I take Sisu Multiexpecting, Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA, Vitamin C, and Calcium/Magnesium.

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I use New Chapter, they are supposedly the Cadillac of prenatal, they are organic, plant derived and do not cause nausea- well anything can cause it if you are super sensitive.  I take three at the same time and do not have any reaction and I am usually super sensitive to vitamins.  According to my nutritionists your body can absorb the nutrients easier because they are all food derived.  Rainbow Light is basically the same thing- just more affordable and according to those I spoke with a little lower quality.  I think the main thing to look for is plant derived.


I also take floradix iron which is the same concept


Minami Mor DHA- which is super high quality of DHA because it is sustainable, clean and is derived with a very specialized process- they are really expensive though- with Omega- you want to look for third party testing, high DHA, there are lots of articles recently that name the brands not getting all of the PCB's out of the oil- avoid those!!


4000 IU of D


Domermommy: I like to use the mayo clinic as a starting point because they will give you the information any general doctor will give you- then you can talk to your ob or midwife and do additional research after your bloodwork in the case you need extra- example: iron, D etc.



Good luck with your research!

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Oh and Yeeska I know you can get them at wholefoods and most natural vitamin and food stores- or online.


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Oh and Yeeska I know you can get them at wholefoods and most natural vitamin and food stores- or online.


Where do you think I'd get the best price? I want to do the best I can with supplements, esp in the first trimester, but money is an issue.


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Some information on Folic acid and how it may not actually be good for you.




"What your doctor recommends may not always be good for you. We may have been mistakenly overdosing pregnant women with folic acid by recommending it beyond the time that it is necessary for preventing neural tube defects during the first trimester. Studies are now showing that these high doses are potentially dysregulating expression of over 1000 genes, leading to neurodevelopmental abnormalities and possibly contributing to autism." (quote from Dr. Shetreat-Klein)




folate, on the other hand, from whole food sources, is what you are trying to mimic with folic acid.

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2sweetsparrows -- thank you!! 


And thanks to everyone who is bringing up the issue of folate vs. folic acid -- I'm going to look into that more. 

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For now, I am taking


Rainbow Light Prenatals

A Pro-biotic (looking for a better quality one now that I got my BFP)

Flax seed Oil

B Complex (I started this to increase the length of my luteal phase.  It went from 6 days...to 8...to 10...to BFP in 4 months!!! So glad I didn't have to go to the Chastberry for that as I hear it interferes with milk production)


This is my pre-pregnancy/nursing regimen.  I need to find some natural/easy on the gut iron supplement because my iron is too low. I also need a better pro biotic.  I will be reading over this thread and have a lot of food for thought on what else might be good to add/take away! 


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