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erratic sleep @4months

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Hi everyone, for the past few weeks my dd has developed very irregular sleep patterns. One night she will go to bed at 9 nursing only 2 and wake 2-3 times during the night, the next night it will take me 3 hours to put her down and then she will be up every 2 hours, every night is different. Some nights she nurses 4-5 times before finally falling asleep. I've never had any issue with milk supply and she is a healthy 16 pounds, we do the same bedtime routine every night around 9, I tried waking her up at the same time everyday and letting her wake up naturally, made no difference, swaddling makes no difference, having her in our bed (as opposed to in her crib which is sidecarred) - made no difference. This is my 1st - my gut is telling me it is normal and she will eventually find her own rhythm, but some days she looks so tried I am starting to think it may be unhealthy. Any advice/experience is appreciated - TIA!

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There is frequently a really big sleep regression at 4 mos.  That and morning sickness are the absolute only parts I would wish away (I even like labor). 


The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley has lots of good, gentle sleep info and advice. 

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thank you - just dloaded it to my kindle hopefully it will help!

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This is my situation exactly. My dd is a couple weeks younger but everything else is exactly the same. It's really awful; I'm a working mom and I'm starting to feel so desperate. I'm exhausted. I've tried cluster feeding, napping in the afternoon (a little hard with my ds4 who wants my attention rightfully), and going to sleep earlier and having DH bring the baby to me when he's hungry. Nothing is getting me  any consistent  sleep though. I was easier when I was home on maternity leave and he was more consistent then. I thin he nursed more freq throuout the day. I've wondering if it's reverse cycling.


Ugh. Help!

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You know in all my reading in this forum It seems babies have sleep regressions every month. whats with that? 4 months, 8 months, 9 months, 12 months. Does the regression ever stop??  sheesh.

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