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1/9 weekly chat thread

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Good morning. I'm in Central time zone, so I feel like I'm always up typing away before everyone else.

Yesterday I tripped over my dog. I had a plate in my hand too. Fortunately when I went down, I  landed on my knee first, sort of threw the plate away from me, and then landed on my wrists. It all happened so fast. But I didn't feel any pressure on my abdomen area at all. So I definitely took it all in the knee and then wrist. It was of course scary. My poor husband heard the dog yelp, then me scream, then the plate crash and break and he came flying in the room.  My knee hurt pretty good, but I got ice on it and did some energy work on it. I kept trying to sense any discomfort in my uterus, but there is nothing. No stretched ligaments, no pain, no bleeding. So I'm pretty sure I'm fine. But it's definitely scary to fall when you are pregnant! It was amazing to me how my body instinctually protected the baby by landing the way it did and throwing the plate away from myself. I mean, I pretty much ended up face down, but my mid section was always somewhat in the air if that makes sense.  Anyways, I'm fine. My knee is sore and I'm sure I'd should prob. go to the chiro. this week to get back in alignment.



Well everyone stay safe, watch your footing and have a great week!! Sounds like a lot of us are on an upswing, which is wonderful!

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Glad you're okay, Jamie.  


I'm headed to work and I decided to tell my manager I'm preggers, since I spent much of each morning last week tryng not to throw up on people and couldn't really get started on work til 9-9:30.  His wife is pregnant for the first time too (she's having a girl) so he should be familiar with all the symptoms.  Sort of funny I'm telling HR director/manager before the majority of my family, but DP and I are taking a sort of "as needed" approach to letting people know.  


Everyone have a great week! I hope everyone continues to feel a little better.

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Hey - Whoa... Sorry about that fall, Jamie! Glad it sounds like everything will be alright though.  I fell once during my second pregnancy - pretty hard on my side in the rain on the cement sidewalk - It IS amazing how you'll instinctually fall to protect that belly!  


This week I am getting my family ready for a 5-week trip to the US.  We leave on Friday and there's so much to do between now and then.  Wow.  Please send good vibes my way.  And of course this week so much is coming up at the last minute from other people around me - both personally and at work.  It's going to be a long week and this morning I was pretty sick until 10am... to the point where I couldn't even leave my house to get to work on time.  I had to text and call my boss and I blamed it on my son - who actually does have a stomach bug right now.  That worked... this time.  I'm trusting it's all going to happen somehow and we'll get out the door in one piece - but I'm not sure how just now!


I have also outgrown my business suits in the waist - I was hoping to eek them out for a few more weeks, but they are very tailored to my usual frame.  I have about a week's worth of formal meetings back in the US, and I had to go out and buy a size up in pants and a jacket that will hide my bump just to get through these meetings.  Those things will come in handy as I'm coming back down in size on the other end too... 


The kicker is that those same suits fit me until 13-14 weeks prego with my first...  I am only 8 1/2 weeks and I am officially already a sausage!  :)  I have also given up and am going to pack maternity clothes for the trip.  I am already unbuttoning/not liking how most of my normal pants feel in the waist now, and the yoga pants are so ON first thing after work every day! 


Anyway - happy week everyone!  I hope you're all feeling a bit better and that things go well for everyone all around. 


Veritas Vitae - Good luck telling your manager - sounds like he'll be really understanding... and I always tell myself that although it seems like it's so OBVIOUS that you're pregnant - usually it's so not, unless someone is really really keyed in to you.  My first pregnancy, my secretary absolutely knew weeks before I told her - but she was just WAITING for me to get pregnant and watching for signs :).  My own boss was totally oblivious until I sat him down at 12 weeks.   Let us know how things go! 

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Eeek, glad you're okay, Jamie!


Do you want to add the appointments from the last thread to the OP, or just forget about them? Does everyone like seeing them there?

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It's not personally impt. to me, but if everyone else wants them, that's fine.

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My girls have been getting up like an hour earlier the past couple days, what is UP with that?!



Goodness, Jamie!! I'm glad you are okay... I've done something similar. When Marah was a wee little one I fell down the stairs holding her... I banged myself up real good protecting her, she was unharmed by the time I got to the bottom. Take it easy!


The appt thread isn't overtly important to me, either... though I can see why others would like that info posted. I know I need like a constant visual when I do have appts because I am prone to forget very easily, lol.


Lizbiz, I just realized we both have Aug. '07 babes... I was in the July '07 DDC. :) I am not looking forward to the end of pregnancy in August again...  I was MISERABLE. swollen, hot, cranky.. done. lol

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ugh, Demeter, I am not looking forward to an august due date in ARIZONA. I just plan to not leave the house until after dark.


So I am having some ovary pain  (I think) on the left side and they ordered an ultrasound. I wish I could go today but I can't call for another hour and then I don't know when they will be able to schedule. I hope that's all that it is, it's pretty dull and I first noticed it when moving, then it got a little more constant.

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Ouch, Jamie!  Glad you're ok.


I'm not looking forward to the heat of summer - it gets pretty humid here even though the temp doesn't always get really high.  But I just wilt in humidity and I get very crabby.  What I am looking forward to is having all the fresh strawberries and tomatoes from our garden, and having access to so many good fruits and veggies.  By the end of my first pregnancy it was dead of winter and I was mostly living on bagels, applesauce and chex mix because I'm so picky about my produce and I was just bored with everything available.


I've been looking through my husband's family genealogy books for names.  I've found some I really like, of course, for girls.  I feel bad but I really hope this baby is a girl.  I'm not sure why, and I know I'd love a boy just as much but for some reason I just really want another girl.  Part of it is I think because everyone *else* wants it to be a boy.  I have a girl, my sister has a girl, and my sister-in-law is having a girl.  So everyone's like "time for a boy!  We need a boy!"  And I'm kind of like defiant about that.

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Glad all is OK Jamie, that is quite a scare and quite a fall, so glad nothing is broken and you iced it right away.  The chiro would be good.  Ninetales, I am also looking forward to summer produce.  Literally I cannot wait! Love that everyone is having girls in your family and can totally see why you would hope you have another girl.  With all the other girls around it would be nice for your new little one to already have built in friends in place in like that in her family and extended family.  I love my guy cousins but the girl cousins and I remain close to this day.  I forgot, did you already have a prediction on gender?  Boots, hope you pain turns out OK.  Please keep us updated.  Veritas, how did it go telling your manager?  

I am doing quite a bit better this week with regards to energy and nausea.  Since I go for surgery this week so I am thankful that happened since trying to get everything in order.  Had some light spotting for a few days but it turned out to be nothing and all is fine thankfully.  I am still peeing so often and wake up several times during the night to do so and my breasts are sore like mallets hit them.  Can't wait until that passes as well.  Still feeling lots of happy hormones, very happy pregnant lady right here.  

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Liz - it went as well as can be expected.  He immediately asked me when I'd be out of the first trimester and how I was feeling.  His wife was exhausted but apparently no m/s (so lucky).  But he said that we could try and work around the fact that I've been running a bit behind in the mornings.  It will be a tough next two months, since we're required to work 55 hour/6 day weeks, no exceptions.  This is the absolute worst time I could be in the first trimester, since all of the public companies are publishing their yearly financial statements. 


I'm with you all on the summer heat.  As soon as my sister found out I was due in late August she pointed out that I would be miserable.  At least I will be moving from Florida to NC in April.  Should be at least a bit of a milder summer, I hope.  I definitely couldn't deal with the humidity of Florida 9 months pregnant, it gets miserable here.  I was so excited last summer when I get sent to Minnesota for a couple of months and missed the summer here.


Ninetales - My family is the same way.  Out of the 8 biological (9 total) grandchildren on my dad's side (my nieces and nephews), there is only 1 boy, and then 1 more boy by marriage.  I believe my father and especially my grandfather are just praying that the next grandchild will be a boy, but they just get girl after girl.  I wouldn't mind too much if I had a girl. winky.gif  

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I've yet to join the weekly chat.  Just thought I'd sub in. 

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Hi Veritas Vitae,


Well, good.  Sounds like you will have a tough couple of months ahead of you - but hopefully, it's the kind of work that you can mostly get done when you feel well - maybe even bring some home or work through lunches/weekends after the cruddy mornings have passed.  That's what I'm doing now, in fact!  And also, hopefully you can just tone down any other commitments for a while and just focus on work/growing the baby/surviving that combo.  That is what I did with my first - I was working a higher pressure job in fundraising and being sick was the pits. 


Anyway, and yeah, gack... so jealous of people with NO sickness! 


OK - all back to work for me!



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Sol- I continue to think of you as you embark upon surgery and post surgery healing. I will be intently looking for updates the day of surgery. Friday, right?



I'm also one that's peeing extremely frequently at night. It's super disturbing to sleep and I'm very bummed it's started so early. I remember this kind of peeing at night in third trimester with the other two pregnancies. I bet I'm getting up 10x a night some nights...no joke. I have improved upon it when I pay attn to liquid intake in the evening. If I slow it way down I do much better. Prob. is that I'm most thirsty at night (of course). But this is really ridiculous. I can't believe I can function at all during the day with that interrupted of sleep. It's a bummer for sure. And prob. an actual complaint. lol  all the other stuff I just kind of feel like, 'well it's a part of it,' but honestly the peeing all night really plain sucks. So there's my complaint.

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I got up twice last night... which is a lot for me, lol, when I wake up though I'm busting to go. And I'm not making it to the morning without having to go that badly first thing in the morning either. Poor me... I have a night nursling and she's not overly easy to slip away from. It started later this time than last time... it's one of the reasons I was wondering what was going on in there, lol.


Thinking of you, Sol. I hope everything turns out well and you heal quickly and without complication. :) ((hugs))


I really should relearn the smilies here.

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And I really should remember which thread I'm posting in. My peeing issues, prob. should have gone in signs and symptoms. Oh well.

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I think it's fine to talk about stuff in here that might possibly go in another thread if it's easier to talk about it here. smile.gif

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I think I've decided that my brain is officially gone this week. Last night I realized that a blue and red crayon made their way through the wash and dryer. whistling.gif Um, so I'm definitely in trouble with my partner. He's not too pleased. So today I've spent about an hour spraying each spot of crayon on each article of clothing and hoping to god that the four cups of random stuff I put in the wash will take the crayon out. This is definitely the dumbest thing I've done (or has happened) so far. Anyone else have some "dumb" moments so far?

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Thanks Jamie and Demeter, it is Thursday and we are flying tomorrow.  I was really nauseous last night and early this morning but feeling much better now.  Made vegetable black bean quesadillas in an iron skillet smothered with guac and lots of spicy hot sauce for lunch and feeling a lot better now.  Also had a side of fresh cherries since they were on sale.  

Sallyrae, No worries, there is even a word for it, pregnancy brain.  So it really isn't your fault and you can't get into trouble with him.  thumb.gif

Intime0, would love to hear your pickles story sometime!  So glad you got them.  I bet it is hard to keep your kids from eating all of the pickles.  

Veritas, wow, that is a lot of working coming up and could wear anyone out, pregnant or not.  Glad you told your manager.  I really hope your M/S goes away very soon and frequent snacks + other remedies can help keep it at bay.  I do not know this for sure but heard that your M/S should get better for most around week 10-12? Since the placenta is taking over?  I hope that is the case for all of us dealing with M/S. 

LizBiz, glad that you are able to somewhat work around your M/S, hope it also gets better soon.  

Boots, please update us after your appointment.  That is scary.  I have been meaning to ask who is the adorable kid on your avatar?  

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I feel like I've missed a lot. Thank goodness you're ok Jamie!

Sol - good luck with your Surgery - I missed what it was for.

Boots - update us on your u/s, I'm hoping everything is PERFECT!!!


UGH - My left hip HURTS!!! I walked a few miles yesterday and now I have a limp and almost excruciating pain on my left side. The hubs tried to massage it for me - but it's DEEP down in there. UGH.

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Glad you're okay, Jamie!  I had a similar scare - yesterday morning I fainted on the subway on my way to work.  It was super crowded and warm, and I was standing up and got dizzy...and totally just passed out.  It was really scary, but everyone around me was so nice and helpful.  I need to learn to ask for seats.  Since I'm not showing yet, I feel so guilty and high maintenance, but I definitely don't want to pass out again.  Paramedics were called and they checked all my vitals and everything was fine - I just need to EAT!

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