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Omgoodness Penny! That is super scary! I'm so glad you're okay! Seriously, that must have been really frightening to have that happen on the subway.  Sososo glad you're fine!!

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Glad you are okay Jamie and Pennywhistle.  How scary for both of you.


Veritas Vitae, I can totally sympathize with the crazy work schedule. I expect to be working similar hours if not more over the next few months, and am absolutely dreading it.  In fact, I'm pretty sure that I will be up all night working tonight as I have a big project due tomorrow.  Ugg!  It is just so hard to do when your in the mists of the first trimester. I had been feeling okay, until Friday, when I turned six weeks pregnant (yes, with a Aug. 31 due date, I'll always be the last one :))-and got violently ill with morning sickness. After a day in bed, I'm doing better than that now, thank goodness since I don't know what I would have done about my work if not, but still it's a struggle.     I'm glad it went okay telling your boss. It must be a huge relief. I hate feeling so bad and unproductive and not having people understand why.  I'm going to try to make it to 12 weeks before I tell people at work, but I don't know if I'll make it.   



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I'm so glad I have a job that is lenient with sick leave so that I could go home early yesterday without having to go into detail (haven't told my boss yet).  I spent the day on the couch with my husband babying me.  Once I got over being freaked out, it was nice :)  I've started snacking every 2 hours and so far today I feel totally normal again.


I'm glad to hear good stories about telling bosses!  I'm not looking forward to telling mine - she's awesome and I'm sure she'll be fine, but the timing of the birth is going to screw with some timing of projects and a promotion for me, so it might get a bit tricky.

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Just joining in the chat!  Hi!!  wave.gif So, now for some randomness. 


I hate laundry.  I've done far too much of it in the last day and I hate it.


I want a milkshake and some chicken nuggets but I'm working hard to avoid the craving tonight, lol! ;)


Is anyone else experiencing the NIPPLES ON FIRE!! Seriously, every so often, I have this episode where my NIPPLES FEEL LIKE THEY'RE ON FIRE!! Argh it hurts! It burns and stings and just hurts. Pulled my shirt up tonight and they were flaming red. :( It's not often, but enough that it's miserable.


Okay, rant over.

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Hey all- I decided to jump in on the chat thread.  My DW has posted in the DDC before, but I'm going to take over since I'm the one carrying.


Rebecca and Veritas, I've felt so lucky to have work be slow lately and its about to pick up.  I have a 16 hour day on Saturday and I'm dreading it.  If you gals figure out any survival techniques for the long days/weeks, please share (if you have any time ROTFLMAO.gif).


Pennywhistle- so glad you're feeling better.  I'm having a hard time getting enough food, too.  I've gotten dizzy, but not to the point of fainting.  I just hope I don't since my job involves heights, I've already gotten vertigo after climbing a ladder a few days ago. 


Thandiwe- Mine aren't quite on fire, but they are trying to be.  Has it happened in your previous pregnancies?  I read that its a lot better after you get to the magical 2nd trimester.  

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Originally Posted by DesertSunsets View Post
Thandiwe- Mine aren't quite on fire, but they are trying to be.  Has it happened in your previous pregnancies?  I read that its a lot better after you get to the magical 2nd trimester.  

Y'know, I do vaguely remember the feeling, but last pg was pretty chaotic for other circumstances, so it's kind of a blur.  Past that?  I don't really remember... ;)


16 hour day on Saturday?  Oh my!  I give you kudos!  I struggle to stay awake.  I, too, have been struggling to eat enough; I'm nursing too, so I think that's made a big impact, but it still sucks!!

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PennyWhistle, oh my goodness!  That is SCARY. ASK for a seat.  Pull the pregnancy card!!!!

Thandwi...Not this time...but in other pregnancies, my nipples would BURN.  Holy cow.  Sorry you have that. 

The world's best milkshake is a block from me.  Not even kidding.


Well my pickles are delicious and I've been having them with every meal.  The Asians just arent big on pickles.  Liz Biz recommended the German store. So I sent my 14 year old over there.  (This was after buying EVERY jar of pickles in Singapore, from 2-3 different stores.) 

It was all in German. LOL.  So she said she got all the jars that we didnt currently have or that we'd never bought.


The store owners were speaking German so she didnt think they spoke English. 


Anyway, she bought 2 jars. 


So I tried both jars.  One was so disgusting. It was hot and squishy and weird tasting.  So guess what I did?  I made everyone try it. LOL.  (Don't worry, I do it all the time.  LOL. We regularly tempt each other to try gross food...which is in high demand over here.) 


No one liked it but it was sure fun to watch their faces.  (Not the littles.  They dont really get the "joke".)

So anyway, NO ONE is allowed to touch my pickles.  They all felt so sorry for me, they didnt even ask for any. 

Told you I'm long winded.

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Intime0 - I'm so psyched you got your pickles - Yay!  I love it!  


Pennywhistle - It is really normal to feel faint when temperatures change and you're in a crowd - I get sick on buses in the wintertime really easily especially when prego - even if I HAVE eaten!  Yes, pull the pregnancy card to get a seat and bring some cold water to sip on - this helps me.  


Desert Sunsets: Tips for the 16 hour day - any chance you can fit in a 20 minute rest somewhere in the middle?  And drink water, drink water, drink water... and eat, eat, eat!  But not junk.  And call it if it gets to be too much - it's sure not worth falling off of a ladder!  



Oh. My. Goodness.  I am stressed out!  We leave in 2 days (for a 5-week trip to the US) and I am working my A$$ off and wow... so much still to do.  The kids are starting to feel the tension and bedtime tonight wasn't fun :(.  Can't wait until we are just OUT OF HERE!  The homestretch at my job right before breaks is kind of awful - because we just work until the bitter end and then we have to leave RIGHT AWAY - and with kids, that gets so harried!  Darn it! 
Speaking of all this work - I'd better get back at it, LOL!  
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Good luck getting it all done Liz. Sending you a KaPow of energy to power through!! goodvibes.gif

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OH WOW PENNY! So glad you're ok. I fainted in the train station in Japan once - luckily my mom was there to catch me.. it was actually in the bathroom. I was severely anemic then and after squatting to pee - the brain failed to make it back to my brain in time. It was TRULY scary (although at the time I didn't care cause I was out cold)! So glad the folks were nice to you and called EMS.


My nipples aren't on fire, yet. They do itch sometimes and I've noticed they are kinda scaly.. well - before I started dousing myself with shea butter every night. My boobs still feel like I get beat in my sleep...and are growing as we speak.


My nausea is pretty suppressed during the day - but almost kills me at night now.

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Penny, that is really scary, glad everyone was helpful and you got to rest for the day. But next time, hopefully you can take a day off without such a dramatic beginning!


So far week 9 has been better with nausea than week 8. I am feeling okay just SO_TIRED. I am trying to drink fruit/veg juice now to combat the fades. I have trouble getting started in the morning, especially. I don't know, I might have to try to start getting up earlier and taking a walk before work or something. Good luck to my poor huz to try to get me out of bed to do that, though.


Desert, good advice about the eating and water. Maybe a power nap. I found cashews to be a good snack every hour or so, seems to keep me feeling human.

I can't imagine 16 hours. As I teacher I work 7:45-3:00 and that is kicking my butt! And hello from Phoenix! :)


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I get winded going up a flight of stairs.  I run half marathons!  This isn't supposed to happen to me!  bawling.gif


Also, now I really want a milkshake.

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I bet if I had a milkshake it would give me the opposite of constipation (lol)... so weird I happened to read through what symptoms I 'might' be having and sure enough they all hit me. Not really enjoying this symptom but I guess in comparison to feeling pukey I'll take it. Hopefully it's short lived.


I feel like I need a full body massage... everything is all centered in my neck right now and I think it's causing some headaches and fogginess.


I need to figure out what exactly I'm doing in regards to prenatal care... it's an area that I have NOT wanted to think about yet but I think it's time. :/

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Oh yeah Penny - I dance and I'm winded ALL the time. I'm hoping that once the nausea ends - I can get back to my daily workouts and the winded feeling will go away.


Demeter - I say at least once a day - that I need a massage. I had a NASTY migraine yesterday that lasted through the night.

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Well, I was wrong, I wasn't up all night--I got home from work at 1:30am and then got a few hours of sleep before being up at 5 working some more.  And now I'm done! Well, at least my part is. The brief is getting printed and filed, but besides worrying that it gets to the court by 5, there is not much I can do.   What a crazy few days!  I'm am so ready to sleep.   Hopefully I'll have at least a few down days before things get insane again.


DesertSunsets--sorry about your 16 day on Saturday. No great insight here on how to get through it, except to bring food and drinks with you if you can, and try to catch up on rest on Sunday. 



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I'm winded too. But, I know I'm a broken record, the liquid iron helps.  When I cant make it up the stairs without sitting on my bed, I know I forgot to take it.


Nothing sounds good to eat. Having a hard time finding food I like. Anyone else still there?


LizBiz, do you bring an extra suitcase to fill it with stuff?  Target had cheap bags so we bought 2 and they were STUFFED. 


Having a lot of migraines too.  Feels like they are in my neck.  Going to chiro tomorrow. But I can't help but wonder if it's not my pillow.

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intime, did you test as having low iron or did you just decide to supplement on your own? I really expected to end up having low iron but didn't.



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^^^ That's a good question, and if you haven't tested as having low iron, it's something to be careful of-- iron is not really something you want to take in excess of what your body needs. 



"On the other hand, too much iron in the body can lead to a condition known as hemochromatosis, which can cause diabetes, liver damage, and discoloration of the skin. Unlike other nutrients, excess iron cannot be excreted by the human body. For that reason, you shouldn't take iron supplements on your own -- ask your doctor if you need extra iron."

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I just switched from my super prenatals to gummies without iron.  I'm hoping they solve the nausea issue.  I'm at the point now where I'm actually gagging even thinking about my vitamins.  I just can't do it anymore.  I'll let everyone know how the gummies go!  They're high quality ones from Whole Foods, but I still feel a little goofy eating gummy vitamins.  eyesroll.gif

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Hi Jamie, Thanks for the Kapow!  It helped today!  I'm getting there... slowly, but surely.  I have a conference call tonight, keep packing, sleep as much as possible, work the morning, pack 'til 2pm then get the kiddos ready and leave for the train station at 3pm.  I CAN DO THIS!  :)  One little work project is not cooperating, but it's not the end of the world if I have to bring it with me.  


Intime0 - We DO load up every time we go back and forth and every time someone comes to visit!  It's like Christmas!  And I always relish my first trip back to Target ;).  Can't wait for cottage cheese and Boca burgers!  Yum!  Although thankfully, I am now loving Chinese food again (thankfully).  I'm with you though - food is necessary, but compulsory at the moment - especially dinner.  I'm sick by dinnertime, and I have to just choke dinner down.  Ugh. 


Rebecca - Glad you got a little sleep - I just truly consider all nighters impossible - I would just not function pregnant on no sleep - I would pass out at some point.  


I hear you all on that need for a massage - it's all in my neck too!  Ouch!  Am going to try to do that at least once while I'm home, but it's actually much cheaper to do here!  $10 for an hour long massage! 


OK - back to work, once again! 

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