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Thanks for that link!  It is really nice to see a step by step outline of the process.  I am also curious about the raw vs. steamed option. 

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I would think the raw would be better from a benefit standpoint and easier.  As it is, I dehydrate meat and liver all the time so it wouldnt' be that big of a deal.  Of course I am the one always doing it so I would have to get hubby to agree to take it over as I will not be feeling like it in those first few days.

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I wonder if it would help with D-MER.  I had that issue with DS and I hear once you have it, it will follow with following breastfeeding experiences.  I ended up stopping on the 6th day after birth because it got so bad and I hated how depressed and resentful I got when he latched on and started eating.  I'm hoping it won't happen this time, but I won't hesitate to switch to formula if it does.  It was a truly horrible feeling.

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Yay--just found out one of my midwives offers encapsulation services to her clients for $100--I'm so excited!  Didn't get a change to ask her all about it--I hope she can dehydrate it raw, as that seems like it would best retain the hormone activity...


Blueone--so sorry to hear about the D-MER you suffered from--I actually had to look that up, I hadn't heard about it before.  I don't think I had anything that severe but I struggled a LOT with BF because of the intense pain for the first month or so--a lot of negative feelings!  I know I was really deficient in a lot of nutrients at that time and once I started Krill oil, I felt much better emotionally...so I will definitely be doing that from the get-go this time (actually already am).  It has really helped me regulate a lot of things I have attributed to hormone/neurotransmitter issues.  At least according to D-MER.org, placenta encapsulation may help with D-MER, so sounds like a great thing to try!

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D-Mer.... I had never heard of it, but after looking it up realize that I have experienced it, fairly mildly, but especially with #3. It wasn't terrible, but I felt so guilty anyway, and I couldn't understand how some of my friends could be so blissed out while nursing. I really don't enjoy nursing much, even after the hormones get going the right way, I have sort of always just resigned myself to it. I'm glad this came up, it gives me more reason to make sure I am able to use my placenta. If I don't have to have those negative feelings, I'd prefer not to.

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So, I had a thought last night, which may or may not be way too much information for you all, but whatever!


When I'm pregnant I have an awesome sex drive.  I could seriously have sex all day long.  I love it.  And then I have the baby and... I want nothing to do with it. At all.  It took a year for me to have sex after my first and months after my second. And even once we started again it was not regular, and not really enjoyed.  I know it's a hormonal thing, but I really want things to be different after this birth.  My poor patient DH! When it rains, it pours, and otherwise it's a famine.  Anyway, I wonder if the hormone balance that comes from ingesting your placenta would help with that.  It seems to me that it might.  I've never read anything about it, but I am hoping that it will.  Anyone have any thoughts about it?

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For me, the post partum lack of sex drive seems to come mostly from feeling "touched out" after a day of holding, snuggling and nursing the baby. It's not so much the hormones, per se, but the physical and psychic energy I give the little one leaves nothing for my partner. At least that's my experience. It may be somewhat related to hormones, but I'm not so sure because sometimes I think I want sex, but then once we get started, I'm not into it. (that is, when I have had a partner in the past)

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Originally Posted by kaismum View Post

This was the link I originally sent to my mom: http://www.cafemom.com/journals/read/1577334/Placenta_Encapsulation_Instructions_w_Pictures

thanks so much for the link


my husband has volunteered to do the prep/dehydrating/encapsulating, etc


does anyone know of a good place to order the plastic doo dad that they use to make the pills?  i've been meaning to get one for a long time anyways... (it's so tedious to put pills together by hand!)

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Airy- cream and tincture...could you let me know how you'll be making them? I'd love to do this too!
We're also burning the cord this time. Probably 2-3hrs after the birth:) I'm excited about it!

Check out this site http://www.placentanetwork.com/placenta/remedies.asp


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would you still consume your placenta if you'd had medications in labour at all? of course we are hoping for a lovely unmedicated homebirth but there is always the small possibility of a hospital transfer and interventions - oxytocin, antibiotics, epidural etc would all cross into the placenta and i'm not sure about preserving all of that stuff along with the good.


by the way, my doula is a TCM doctor and this is what she had to say when i asked her about encapsulating my placenta:



So good at replenishing your essence in TCM. Helps with breast milk production, general depletion after birth. We say it nourishes essence, blood and qi. It tonifies the Liver and Kidney which are the main organs/meridians involved in menstruation and fertility. It is good for the Qi of the lungs for say asthma, weak cough or wheezing. As with all things in TCM you can have too much of a good thing so not meant for long term use and there are certain constitutions which could get aggravated if misused or over used, but generally if you needed something because you were having problems producing milk or you were just plain exhausted nothing compares.


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Thanks for the great link Airy!


While poking around various placenta links, I found out that Hawaii guarantees the right to take the placenta home from the hospital. There is even an official release form. Apparently, this law was enacted in 2006 so native families could honor their traditions (usually burying it under a tree) and of course everyone else can too.

Here is a link to an article from the time, it's pretty interesting: http://archives.starbulletin.com/2006/02/11/news/story02.html

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With DD, I consumed my placenta in smoothies. My friend and midwife froze it in small pieces so I could use it as needed. I used it a lot the first week or 2, then save some for when DH went back to work after summer vacation as that was when my PPD hit with my son. I think it helped. I still have one little piece left in the freezer, and I will bury it with the cord and whatever from this one that I do not consume. We moved to our farm since DD was born, and we just ordered apple trees to plant in the spring. I will plant with the new apple trees.

A lady my husband works with gave him the card from the person she used to encapsulate hers after her hospital birth. After paying for the doula and midwife, I just don't feel like I can put out any more money, especially when what I did last time worked.

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