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Originally Posted by lifeguard View Post


afm - mil rant of the day. She was over this morning & changed the picture in one of my frames I had displayed! Who the heck does that?!


What?! What an odd thing to do. Hello, boundaries. Was she in the photo or something?

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I am quite tired, but just wanted to say that Landon has about 20-24 ounces of formula a day.

Can't believe the weekend is already over greensad.gif

Will try to write more tomorrow!
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I wonder how much milk my breastfed baby drinks a day. All those ounces sound like a lot!


Beth, I was JUST thinking about Saoirse and wishing she'd come back to the ddc. I hope you get to meet her! Also, your muffin tin meals sound inspired and not slumpish at all. My poor ds. He doesn't like eating anyways, unless it is salami or ice cream, so his lunches are sort of random. And I loved your pepto commercials, especially the Christmas one. Thanks for the laugh.

Originally Posted by lifeguard View Post

Dh just came out of ds' room after being summoned. While in there he was informed by ds that he wants a dollhouse, his finger fits in his penis & that we should install a sink in his bedroom. Heeheehee.



Originally Posted by Amy May View Post

When we go outside, I usually put Palesa into the moby and zip her up in my jacket.  Twice recently out in the cold, she's actually leaned backwards and stuck her neck out into the wind.  I was doing everything I could to pull her closer into me and block the wind with my coat, but it was as if she was leaning into it! 

Iona likes the cold wind, too. If she is crying, she'll stop if I go out into it. I'm excited to meet you IRL tomorrow! Sucks about the man cold, but yay about the landlady.

Originally Posted by livacreature View Post I've never had NEW things or decorated things the way I wanted, it has always been whatever was used and cheap.  Not this time.  I'm not buying it unless it is exactly what I want, even if it takes longer to purchase.  I am so glad to really be feeling like myself again.  I was in a long period of depression before getting pregnant, and the pregnancy was so draining, I was beginning to wonder if that was going to be my normal.  Guess not.  :)  I am feeling so content, so motivated.  I love my girl, I love our house, and I love the stability I'm feeling. 

This is so wonderful to read! I'm so happy for you. And as far as the house, you may like this quote from William Morris who was instrumental in the Arts and Crafts movement: “If you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” I try to keep this in mind.


Originally Posted by ~pi View Post

I am polishing my presentation and packing for Boston. WTF was I thinking in agreeing to give a talk and attend a meeting solo with baby?! I know that I will be glad to have done it once it's over, but I am doubting my decision now. At least I have a meetup to look forward to as part of the deal!

I'm glad you're crazy and are doing this, because I GET TO MEET YOU IN PERSON!


AFM: I finally got my maternity clothing out of my closet and dresser this weekend. And I photographed what was sell-able to list on Ebay. Now the listing will be another story. Iona is teething and gnawing on her hands a lot. I believe it's the bottom two teeth, but that molar and canine are still very white and near the surface. I'm not sure what is going on, and I thought those bigger teeth could not be out so early. We shall see!


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teeth - oh my goodness - it's hard to believe there are teeth coming! Ds didn't get teeth until just before he turned one so I don't expect to see anything in dd's mouth anytime soon but man does she like to chew sometimes.


pi - the picture was of my sil & her family, oddly the picture she covered was of sil's ds (our godson). Not sure what the heck she was thinking. She's been a jewel this week - she did some cleaning while she was watching ds the other day (yeah & yeah!) but she put a dirty blanket onto dh's bed from the floor, folded dirty diapers from the floor & hung up a dirty towel from the floor. I know I'm not the world's best housekeeper but seriously, does she think I put clean clothes & linens all over the floor where the cats/dogs will lie on them? The diapers in particular made me laugh (none were poopy but still!).

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Lifeguard: That's so funny.  Points for good intentions...but that picture things is weird.


Rosemary: I love that quote. 


You Boston ladies have fun.  Pi, I hope your presentation goes well!


Baby has started gently waking herself and it is so sweet.  It starts with coos and yells, turns to giggles.  Best way to start the day.  She has also deciided that pulling hair while nursing is awesome, so my hair is now permanently in a bun.  Except when she refuses to nurse...then I let her tug it and she nurses like a champ.  Weirdo, I tell you.  Why pulling it improves her experience at times, I can only guess.

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lifeguard - your DS made me chuckle and think, "of course.  why else would he need his dad to come in except to tell him three such very profound things."


amy may - glad to hear things are sorted with the landlady.


maternity clothes - mine are all cleaned and packed away.  i don't plan on ever needing them again, but i'm gonna hold onto them for now so i can keep noodging my sister about how i have them all ready for her whenever she may need them whistling.gif.


sickies - just took DD to the doctor.  she's on day 5 of her cold/illness.  her coughs went from sounding productive to sounding like she was trying to make them productive and failing miserably.  last night at bedtime she had a coughing fit right after nursing and then majorly threw up everything she had just eaten greensad.gif.  that was at 10:30pm.  then she didn't nurse again until about 6:30am (when i woke her to do so).  she's not really congested, but we're still having a hard time with nursing.  it's like her latch and ability to stay on have gone to shit with this illness...even though she can breathe through her nose fine.  don't know what that's about, but i'm defrosting the one bag of breastmilk i had stored in the freezer so i can give her smaller amounts via syringe throughout the day.  and we're doing "steamies" in the bathroom 2-3 times a day, and saline up the nose.  anyway, the CNP said that her lungs sound fine, but that RSV is "in the area and making the rounds."  Eesh!  So, maybe she and DS have been dealing with RSV...or maybe not.  Crossing all my fingers and toes there's no complications.


Nosefrida question - for those who love it...do you use it with or without the filter?  I was one of the people who said I felt it was really hard to use.  The other day I decided to try again, but take out the filter so that i would hopefully be able to apply more forceful sucking.  My thought was that it was kinda unlikely that the germs would really travel all the way up the tube to my mouth...but that even if they did, any germs DD has I most likely already have, too.


Boston - post photos!


afm - went out for "mamas night" last night...supposed to be with the playgroup mamas, but one was sick, and one has a 1 month old and didn't feel ready to venture out, so it was just two of us.  we went to this great local place that does their own brewing and makes great flatbreads (not lowly pizzas, mind you...very high-brow flatbreads instead).  got my drink on (i got a 13 oz. glass and could totally feel it after drinking about 1/3 of it...sheesh).

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sadness. pi's flight was changed and now i won't be able to meet her or amy may.

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Hi all.

Sorry about the flight changes. The meet up sounded like fun!


Back Carries: I've done it a few times with my woven wrap. It was my understanding that back carries weren't recommended with jersey wraps like the moby. Might be wrong on that but I think it's because they are stretchy and don't offer the same stability that a woven wrap does. Worth looking into if that is what you are using.  I haven't gotten our ergo out yet- I should and see what she thinks of it. I'm just loving how comfy she is in the woven that I haven't used much else. I do use the ring sling for quick trips in and out of the car but prefer the woven by far.


We have lots of snow and cold around here. Maeve usually snuggles into my chest and sleeps when we are out in it.


I think her teeth are coming as well. DD1 had 2 teeth pop up just as she turned 4 months so I'm not surprised. She is a bit fussy, chewing like crazy, and a drool machine. Hoping they come in soon! I can't see a thing though.


Hope you are all well!



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oh rosemary big bummer:(  I am so sorry. Dissapointments like that really wear at me.


not-telling- hoping your dd feels better soon.


sue- we love the ergo in front carry, especially for ec, because I can take her in and out so much easier than other carriers.


livacreature- that sounds so sweet how she wakes up. My dd does a similar thing. She is the only one of my kids that has done that. Usually they wake up at a full scream (unless I am right next to them).


AFM- my ds2 is the MDA shamrock ambassador for our state so we have been invited to Furrs Diner tonight. I have never eaten there but hey they are paying for it and i don't have to cook. I am super stoked. Plus ds gets to give a little talk and present the lead shamrock seller with a t-shirt. He is pretty excited (we all are).


Dd2's second tooth is almost through and I can't wait, she is so crabby. She mellowed out right after her first popped through so I am hoping for the same with this one.


got my house manageable yesterday (not perfect by any means) just manageable.

Dh and I looked at a house this morning (we look ocassionally if we see something available). It was decent and a decent price but although our house is small it is just perfect and we haven't found a perfect house yet. This one sure had more space which we could really use and was in a decent neighborhood BUT moving just seems like so much work and the back yard is zeroscaped (who does that to a backyard) so all the rocks would have to be removed or my kids couldn't play back there. Lame. I sure would like more space but I love our house so I guess we aren't ready:).

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back carries:  With jersey Moby's ... I've always heard that they weren't safe too?  I love my wovens for back carries, but I find that the ergo is the best for quick ups and downs.  Have any of you had your littles barf down your back?  H did that the other day.  So gross.  I could *not* get him off fast enough as it oozed inside my shirt and down my spine.  Blargh! 


housework:  Again, loving the back carry for this.  I got the whole place vacuumed, washed the bathroom floors, did the sheets, and then dd shut a door on the baby (while he was on my back) and that was the end of that.  This is the carry that I'm enjoying for wriggly babies.   H really likes to 'stand' in carries, so this is a good, secure one for him. 


teeth:  I'm sure H is working on his ... I can see the nubs under his gums, and he's chewing everything and drooling like crazy.  My daughter didn't get her first tooth until she was fifteen months old (!) so I'd be very surprised if anything shows anytime soon.


rosemary ... What a drag.  So sorry that you're going to miss out!  I live by the Morris quote, by the way.  Love it!


not_telling ... Good for you for getting out! 


liv ... So cute about waking up sweet.  H does too, often just grinning wildly at me in the dark. 


Hello everyone else ... I'm revamping my professional website, so I have to go take some photos for that and gather some info for my web designer.  Thankfully, dd is occupied with a box of pipe cleaners and a bag of feathers and the baby is fed and changed and rested and happy.  Must take advantage of it!

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Rosemary: That sucks!


Sterling: Have fun revamping the website. Pipe cleaners and feather are great fun!


Sue: I will look into that.  I knew the instructions with it are just for front carry and there isn't anything on the website about back carry.  Thanks!


Not_telling: My tolerance is waaaay down with alcohol.  It doesn't take much to feel it anymore!  Hope your lo feels better soon.


Nicole: What is MDA?


Solids: After a few weeks of baby trying to get at my food, I thought 'what the hell?'.  A little avocado can't hurt her.  Tonight, I nursed her then offered up some smashed avocado leftover from guacamole on my finger.  Girly was in heaven.  I don't think she actually managed to swallow any, but she was very into it.  I'd hold my finger in front of her and she'd bob forward and lick it off.  It is a bit early, I honestly thought we'd hold off until at least six months, but I think we might offer it occasionally from now on.  Not every day, but if I'm making something with avocado in it.  Lots of giggles.  I post a pic on the thread later.  I wasn't expecting her to be so into it.

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Rosemary, I am so, so sad that the timing got messed up. I did get on that flight 3 hours later, and J did better than expected on the flight. Amy May and I got to meet and hang out at my hotel for a bit, which was wonderful, but we missed you! I can report, however, that Amy May is just as lovely in person as online, and Palesa is ADORABLE. Oh my goodness, the SMILES!


J was totally into seeing another baby. He kept rolling toward Palesa and made his excited breathing sounds. He had a lot to say about the day and, thankfully, as I typed this, he finally fell asleep.





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but also redface.gif

so so  jealous. What a great couple of pictures. I am sad.

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Amy May & Pi - Yay for mommy n' baby photos!  So sorry Rosemary couldn't join you.


livacreature - DS used to looove avocado when we were doing BLW and as a young toddler, but now he'll only eat it as guacamole.  there were so many veggies that he used to eat in the first year or so of solids that he won't touch now.


decorating a la katico - i'm so not a "let's celebrate valentines day" kinda person, but with a 3 year old i think you kinda gotta be.  i was thinking of doing a little fireplace banner with hearts, maybe involving some pipecleaners, maybe just paper and string.  last year for valentines day DS and I dipped pretzel rods in chocolate and sprinkled them with pink and red sugar.  i think we'll do something similar this year, too...i imagine we'll be asked to send in a treat for preschool, so maybe we'll make pretzles for that.  and i guess we'll have to make valentines for classmates, too.


sick kid - poor DD..she hates having coughing fits, and who can blame her?  i wish i knew why her nursing has gotten so bad, despite not having congestion to deal with.  she's constantly unlatching until she's just on the nipple (ouch).  oh!  i just had a thought...i hope it's not teething...not yet!


sick grown-ups - my throat is so scratchy...just now at naptime i told DS i could only read books with not much text and only sing short songs.  DH and I are both battling this whatever-it-is...luckily, so far neither of us has been as bad off as the kids.


afm - here's a story.  yesterday i was on the sofa with DD, who had just finished nursing and was starting to fall asleep.  DH had gone to pick DS up from preschool.  so, DD and I are just quietly sitting there when all of the sudden.....BAM!  something hits one of the front living room windows.  hard.  i quickly look up as i hear the sound and see bird wings, which quickly disappear.  then i see blood on the window.  and a crack in the window pane.  i yelled when i heard the BAM and of course DD started crying.  so, i got up and opened the front door and then verrry slowly opened the screen door a little at a time.  i peer out and what do i see?  a huge hawk is standing on our front porch, giving me the stink eye and hovering over its lunch (a dead bird).  at that moment, i look up and see DH and DS are on the sidewalk in front of the house.  so i yell, "don't come up here!  stay where you are!  there's a huge hawk on our porch!"  a minute later the hawk flies up into a tree and leaves its lunch for us (so kind, but i would've preferred some money to replace the glass in the window).  cuh-razy.  it's not that i don't see hawks flying around, but when you live in a major city....albeit not in the downtown area, but near lots of woods...you just don't expect to have such a run-in.  literally.



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^ not telling -- is that blood on the window? whoa!


I'm reading along but can't keep up with writing.  I love hearing about what's going on with everyone, though. I get so many good ideas.


DD is over her cold and is back to gurgling and talking as usual. She's drooling a lot and her gums are bumpy, but I don't see any telltale white bumps yet. today I decided to get out and about today but she wasn't so much into it. She fussed every place I stopped at and now is only happy that we're home. what a booger.

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not-telling- crazy picture!!!

Nursing babe in arms. Also packed chair, standing @ computer. Packing coming along...

Thanks for wrap info- a friend mentioned moby not safe for back carry- had no idea, and so appreciate other people giving me a heads up! Guess i need to get a woven wrap!

Rosemary- we missed you, and I am hopeful our paths will cross again

For all those wondering, Pi is even sweeter, smarter and more impressive in person.  We had avery nice time, and the babies loved each other!!! Here are my pics


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Hi ladies!  I kinda stopped posting when I was early on in the one-handed babyslave phase, and then it was hard to get back into it.  I miss everyone, though, and I've been reading from time to time.  Everything's pretty good with us.  Julia's grown into a very nice baby.  She doesn't sleep through the night or anything magical like that, but I'm cool with it. She chatters a lot and is friendly and social is a very good breastfeeder and seems quite strong.  She's got blue eyes, which completely amazes me.  I did not think I was capable of making a blue-eyed baby.  


I have to try to get caught up with everyone else's news and post a couple pix of my girl.

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gorgeous pics of the two babies, so cute!


chelsea- when the weather warms up a bit (well, more reliably anyway!) we should plan a get-together. Anyone else in the NYC area?


Got our medicaid paperwork sorted out... I think. The girls are both kinda sick (baby V and my 2yo, stuffy, grumpy, tired, coughing) so I hope it just resolves (as most illnesses do) because I am so reluctant to go to the doctor when I there is a lapse in coverage. Even though they told me it would be retroactively continuous... still...


Hair in a Bun: mine is pretty much permanently in a bun ever since I had kids. people are surprised when I actually do wear it down that its so long- they don't even know. (and its mainly long out of laziness/cheapness).


I've seen some crazy action from both Peregrine Falcons and Red-Tailed Hawks in the middle of manhattan. Some hunting birds don't mind the city at all!


Baby is just a few days away from 3m. She is very interested in her older siblings but I haven't really noticed her noticing other babies yet... though with the northern winter, mostly if we see another baby they are all bundled up so much, how could they notice one another? We mostly do outdoors with baby dressed in lightweight cotton clothes, then in a lightweight fleece snowsuit (hand-me-down) in the ergo in the infant insert (also hand-me-downs) zipped into the Japanese Weekend babywearing coat (a loaner) and she is toasty in there! She does NOT like the wind and it can be really fierce here in the city, even though the temperature is, thankfully, not that cold. We spend a fair bit of time outside- some days only and hour or so, others up to 4 or 5 hours all told. I even managed to nurse in the ergo without undoing everything- a first for me!


Can't wait to try some back carries. Hmm. I think I need to make that mei tai I am always talking about. I started back carry in the ergo around... 5m maybe with #2? (I didn't have an ergo with #1). But she was sitting and playing unsupported at 4m. And she was big! I think it will be a bit later with this girl, but then again, she could surprise me with her development. The often do, right? I just think #2 was so big and so ahead with her gross motor skills... rolling by 2 weeks and stuff like that.

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omg, so cool! This is what I get for slacking on checking in here. Great pics, ladies!


I'm in NH and would love to meet you sometime, Rosemary. <3 I was actually just in Boston recently. I'm just a little over an hour away. So, really, let me know if you want to meet up sometime. Sounds fun!!

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not_telling - that's crazy! Actually cracked the window?! Wow!


yellowdart - good to hear from you. I was hoping for a blue-eyed babe this time but dd's eyes are most definitely darkening to brown.


hair bun - that is my default - my hair is very long (longest it's ever been) & very curly & just so much work. But I've been finding it is sooooo tangly lately that I'm now trying to be more disciplined about brushing it out every day (which means I have to wet it) & braiding it. Most definitely need some new braid ideas! Dh likes when I do 2 braids but I worry it looks too juvenile & they are always swinging into my way.


afm - today my Mom headed into the city & brought the kids swimming before ds' gymnastics class. Dd is loving the water. She is already more comfy in the water than ds is - he just is a cautious soul & so is a bit reluctant about the water - he likes to swim as long as we don't try to get him in past his waist - sigh. But the most exciting thing is that ds finally did his whole gymnastics class all by himself!!! I only had to bring him in & then he stuck with his class AND participated!!! Yeah, yeah! It's taken us 7 classes to get to this point & it's been a bit frustrating - he loves gymnastics but then all he would do was hold my hand & observe. We will definitely be continuing with the next session so we don't lose momentum!


Dd gave me the clearest cue yet today. She looked right at me & grunted & grunted. Waited until I undressed her & brought her to the toilet & then had a big poop!!! I must admit I am finding ec kind of fun. I wasn't into with ds at all but she is a lot more communicative overall than he was so I think that helps. We don't do it full time but it is mostly definitely saving some diapers!

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