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any one us coparentmatch.com or freespermdonations.com

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Has anyone use free sperm donations or co parents match website? If so how was your experience? I am thinking about trying one of these sites and wanted to see if anyone had success with one of them.

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hiya!  i just wanted to say that we've had really good experiences with the site http://www.coparents.com/ .  i'm in a country where lesbians have no legal access to sperm bank sperm, so these kinds of sites were our only way to find donors.  after dealing with the hornies and crazies on the free sites, we decided the membership fee at coparents was worth the money.  we found two absolutely lovely donors there, and we've had a lot of others who offered their "services".    we spent a lot of time going through the process of finding possible donors, meeting them, getting tests done, etc.   


if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

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That's great, Im going to give that site a try and hopefully have success like you. How long did it take for you to find a donor on there? I tried to free sites and groups also with no luck.

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I LOVE co-parentmatch.com. LOVE.


After some (shall we say interesting?) experiences on free matching sites we finally signed up for co-parentmatch.com in May of 2010. In August of 2011 I pushed our beautiful son into the world! We are a couple of married lesbians in Ottawa Ontario and our son's donor-dad lives in NYC so without co-parentmatch.com we would have never met.  I will forever be grateful.


And more than that they are a great company. I have been blogging about my experiences of finding our guy (you can check it out here: http://macattackmondays.blogspot.com/search/label/Prequel) and have been talking with the people from co-parentmatch.com about it. I get the sense that beyond making money they are really running the site to help connect us all. They have been so supportive of our match and excited about our birth.


In fact, they are giving away 10 free memberships on my blog starting later this week! So follow me and stay tuned - they are so worth the money but free is better!



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I found an amazing lesbian couple on co-parentmatch.com and we have been trying for a baby for 2 months now. We are so excited and all get on really well. I wanted to be more than just a sperm donor and want to be a daddy to my baby. I did have a profile on a few other similar sites but found there were a lot of fakes and women just after my sperm!


Hope everyone finds someone like I did. It did take about 6 months to find the right people but in the end it was so worth it.


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I am going to be giving away some more free memberships to co-parentmatch.com. Send me a message at kristin[@]mondayswithmac.com if you are interested!

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