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I need hemp fitted diapers

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I know I can get basic hemp fitteds on Amazon but I want cute prints. I've searched Hyena Cart and can't find anything. Everything seems to be bamboo these days and I just don't like bamboo. I would settle for cotton but I really prefer hemp. I'm very particular and can't find what I want so I'm hoping someone can give me some recommendations.

Sized and OS are fine, although my baby is into mediums now and will probably stay in that size for a while now. I want snaps, not aplix or ones that needs snappis or pins. I want external soakers/doublers. It doesn't matter if they are sewn on at one end or snap on as long as they aren't sewn into the inside of the diaper. I want regular fitteds, no PUL or fleece or wool outer.

Can anyone suggest a store or brand?
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Sugar Peas and Growing Greens fitteds are the ones that come to mind.  Although I honestly have not had luck with long usage of hemp - over time it gets crunchy and scratchy.  After a while I just don't want to put it near the LO's butt.   


There's also Happy Hempy, which is a pocket fitted, it's a fitted (so it needs a cover), but you stuff however much absorbency into it you want.  The ones I have now are OS snaps, and they're available with hemp or fleece inners. 


I don't know if they still make them, but Swaddlebees fitteds used to be hemp/cotton. 

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thanks. i have gotten very long term use out of my hemp compared to bamboo. cotton comes in 2nd for me. i really dislike bamboo.

i haven't been able to find anymore of those swaddlebee's. i think they've been discontinued. i'll check out the sugar peas and growing green. i don't like pockets and had one happy heiny that was awful so i'll never buy that brand again.
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I don't like the Happy Heinys either, but the Happy Hempys are my go-to dipe for night-time.  They're the only thing that keeps our bed dry. 

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