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Recs for Pedi on East side of Providence?

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Any recommendations for a pediatrician?

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I really like Dr Morocco at East Side Pediatrics, but he is rather conventional about vaccines (which is okay w me) - so it depends what you are looking for.  I find him extremely friendly, knowledgeable, good w kids, gives you lots of time, nice small practice.... but again, medically mainstream.

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My daugther goes to this practice. I do not believe that Dr. Moracco is accepting new patients. We started with Dr. Myatt there and decided that Dr. Faber was a better fit.

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Any opinions on Dr. Eden? I've heard great things about him, but don't know his philosophy or anything. We vax, so we don't have that particular hurdle. I don't want a doc giving me grief for nursing a 2yo though.

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I've had good experiences with him, he works with you for the vaccination schedule and is very open minded.

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Great to hear! His office is very close to my house, so now I just need to find docs for myself and the hubs, a good tailor, an Asian grocery, and some friends! :)

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