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portable crib recommendations?

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Anyone have a recommendation for a travel crib or pack n play or something along those lines? My mother in law wants to get one for visits to their house which we can also bring to the beach house in the summer - something big enough to use for a while but that we can pack up in the car. I've only researched co-sleepers since that's what we are getting for our house and as a FTM I feel a little clueless on this stuff. Thanks!

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I was about to ask a similar question! The Arms Reach convertible mini cosleeper is also a pack and play. I just don't know how it holds up and what the reviews are for it's use as a pack and play. I like that it has multiple uses which makes me feel like its worth the money (cosleeper, bassinet, and pack/play in one!). I've realized that I need a pack and play for travel. Since there's a weight limit on the arms reach co sleeper, then I'll need to get a crib as well. I was originally just going to side car my crib and call it a day, but I really need a pack/play for travel back to Seattle to visit my parents. I'm thinking the arms reach convertible co sleeper is the one we'll get...
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RE: portable crib recommendations?

So the arms reach co sleeper mattress is getting negative feedback. And people are saying that its hard to set up. Bummer! Back to square one, but I need to get something soon...

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I'm fine with it. It really isn't a "mattress" like in a crib. It's pretty much equivalent to a pack n play mattress.


And I might be wrong, but my mini only converts into a diaper changer, not a pack n play. I thought that was the normal size one.


Personally, if you aren't going to sidecar a crib to your bed, I would get the co-sleeper over a pack n play. Being able to just lean over and place your baby in it vs. getting up to put your baby down in a pack n play is a huge bonus to me.

And if you have a tall bed, do get the leg extenders.


*edit* As for pack n plays, I think they are all roughly the same. Could be wrong, though.

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RE: portable crib recommendations?

There's a new arms reach mini convertible co sleeper as well as the original that both convert to a pack n play.

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Super bonus!

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ddcc the arms reach "mattress is hard and thin, it was fine for my twins for many many months, but finally i started to notice as they got heavier that they slept better on something a bit softer, but this was around the same time they were pushing the use of the cosleeper in terms of being able to get out of it, so it did not really matter they were ready for cribs. if i were to use it for travel bed in the lower position i would get a small foam topper to make it nicer.  instead i got a pop up travel bed, since the pack and plays or arms reach are just too heavy to travel with if i could avoid it.

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We just got an Arms reach co sleeper and set it up the other day. I'm really happy with it. The mattress isn't super squishy, and I would compare it to being exactly like a pack n play mattress. The mini that we have converts into a little pack n play. I am really impressed with it. I didn't find it too hard to set up. We did have to buy leg extensions because we have a very high bed, but I feel really good about using it. We slept with DS2 in between DH and I, but he still sleeps in our bed occasionally, and we didn't want to evict him since we have a queen... so the ARCS was the next best option. I like it much better than the regular graco type bassinet/pack n play or just a bassinet. 

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Adorkable- what's the pop up travel bed you got?
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we got two pea pods in part because we extend on using them camping and wanted protection on top and from bugs. the other one we ogled was the phil and teds and the Bjorn  we have a friend with two of the bjorns for her twins and they use them full time as cribs to ge their money worth, when it came to having to buy two of something i just could not justify the cost, but i have had mixed success with the pea pods, mostly due to me not taking the time to get them used to them, they have been lifesavers a few times since i can set them up onto of a twin bed in a hotel and keep the babes safe. I'm guessing next summer is when they will be best for us.

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We got the Chicco playard but haven't had a chance to use it yet. It has a bassinet and changing table feature, and lowers down to a playard/pack n play when the baby is bigger. It has great reviews on Consumer Reports for safety, as well. 

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