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Balancing Morning Sickness with Reflux and Constipation

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I am having a really hard time figuring out what to eat to feel better because I have morning sickness, reflux, and constipation. Lemon and other citrus is great for my morning sickness and terrible for my reflux, white pasta and rice is great for my morning sickness but bad for constipation, etc. Anyone else have this problem?


Also, anyone who suffered with reflux in first trimester in past pregnancies know if it lets up along with morning sickness? I'm 10.5 weeks so hoping I will be out of my misery soon, but worried that the reflux is not going anywhere. My first pregnancy was a breeze, very little morning sickness and no reflux til third trimester.

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You might aim to eat some more protein... I can't do citus like that because it irritates MY reflux, pregnant or not. Protein really seems to help me with the sickies though...and are you taking any sort of antacids for your reflux, that might also be irritating it further by helping you to produce less acid and your body overcompensating.

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I try to eat small amounts of protein all day, though it doesn't usually appeal. Raw almonds are my savior! I occasionally take Pepcid or Tums when the reflux gets bad but I haven't really gotten much relief from either. Interesting that it can backfire like that, I will have to be careful not to overdo it. I'm also taking B6 for the morning sickness but it doesn't seem to help much either.

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I am (well - used to be) a full time acid reflux VICTIM. I was on omprazole  for 5 years and then zantac. When I decided to get preggers - I refused to take more meds and tried - Apple Cider Vinegar, D-limonene, cabbage juice, baking soda, tums and many others. I ended up going 3 weeks without eating anything at all.. Even water gave me terrible pain.


I actually read about Chia seeds on mothering.com. I wish I had read about them sooner. They are so safe that most midwives recommend them as a supplement because they have folic acid, vitamin A, omega 3 and omega 6 and fiber. When I first started taking them in September - I took 4-5 teaspoons a day in water - they make a gel when wet. I couldn't take my prenatal vitamins to South Africa in November (while TTC'ing) - but my friend found a $10 bag of seeds there and by then I was down to one tablespoon of dry seeds chased with water or juice. NOW I only take one teaspoon every 2-3 days. I had suffered for so long and now I don''t have ANY reflux. As nauseous as I have been - I'm pretty sure if it weren't for the chia seeds - I would have horrible indigestion. I had it with my first pregnancy and back then I was still taking omperazole - which they said was safe.. but I miscarried - so maybe it wasn't.


You can get chia seeds at wholefoods - they come pre-bagged and they are pretty inexpensive. They also sell them in bulk but I think those are more expensive. Good luck - acid reflux is the WORST.

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oh and for constipation - my midwife said I could take metamucil - it's natural fiber. I got the apple cinnamon biscuits. I eat two every day. They really help. I also have a protein bar that is high in fiber. I don't need both every day. 


How much B6 are you taking? My midwife prescribed 50mg 6 times a day. I actually take 50mg 4-5 times a day - every 4 hours from about 8am until I go to bed. I really started working about the 2nd week when I stuck to the regimen. I also try to eat every 3-4 hours.. small meals: ie a handful of nuts, greek yogurt, protein bar and drink LOTS of water.

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Thanks, I will look into the chia seeds.


I find it hard to believe that I am not getting enough fiber -- I eat a ton of fruit, bran or oat cereal most mornings, only bread I eat is whole grain, etc. -- but I guess the metamucil is worth a try. I think the constipation is contributing to my nausea.


I'm taking 25 mg of B6 4 times a day.


I am feeling better at the moment after a couple hardboiled eggs. Think I needed Demeter's reminder to focus on protein!

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