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I'm sure this is nothing unique or new but I'm not sure how to search for it on the forums so I decided to start a new thread...


A bit of background - my 2 year old DD used to be a really disrupted sleeper from about 7 months - 17 months but has been sleeping through the night (most of the time) since she was about 18 months old with no effort from us other than cutting out one nursing session about 2am which was a non event. Even when she was waking up every hour she ALWAYS fell asleep really quickly - within 10 minutes normally. She usually nurses until almost asleep and then asks to lay down and falls asleep beside me. We co-sleep and have seem birth.


The new scenario is - we got to bed around the same time (8:30ish) and nurse in bed for maybe 5 minutes and then she flops around the bed laughing and talking and playing for 45 minutes to an hour before she'll lay down beside me and finally fall asleep. Her naps have been a bit off too - she wants to nap later it seems and sometimes it takes a long time to get her down for that too (she has previously been napping for my DP or a friend/nanny with no issues at all).


I have NO idea what's changed other than our schedule/daily rhythm was off during the holidays. She has all her teeth already, is not nor has not been sick recently, no diet changes.....the only thing I can think of that is different besides the disrupted schedule is that she is still nursing but I'm fairly certain she isn't getting much (if any) milk at all.


ANY suggestions would be helpful - I'm concerned because we actually have a big transition coming this week when she starts going to a small family day care 2 days a week and I know her naps may be comprised as she gets used to it. And of course I'm not enjoying the hour laying in a dark room while she flops all over me when it used to take 5 minutes to put her down.