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@ chili - I turned 27 during this pregnancy, and I did not handle it well at all, so I can commiserate with you.  30 is a great age though! Still have the whole world in front of you :-)


Re: gray hairs, I sprouted a few of them sometime in the last 2 years.  My mom is 48 and has maybe 10 gray hairs max that she started getting sometime in her 40s, so I'm a little mad about that, lol.  But really, there are worse things right?


I'm hoping cedarwoman pops in on this thread soon and she's had her LO!  And where's wombjuice?? :-)


Last week, I would have said that my body is certainly getting ready.  The last few days have been really tough emotionally, going through some personal issues that involve a *lot* of crying, insecurity and depression.  I think that has kind of slowed things down.  I'm trying to be mindful that I have to help my body and baby get ready for this journey...

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Hey guys....just know that the hormonal meltdown means baby is making way! I was a total mess for 2-3 days before E was born. It's almost over! 

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Originally Posted by Kindermama View Post

Hey guys....just know that the hormonal meltdown means baby is making way! I was a total mess for 2-3 days before E was born. It's almost over! 

I like knowing this...I've been randomly bawling over the silliest stuff, which of course, was a big deal at the time I was crying about it (like, I didn't want my baby to share a birthday with a cousin we don't really like...how dumb is that?)


Update: no sweep today; midwife was up all night with another birth and asked if I'd mind waiting until the morning, to which I said of course not (I'd much rather her be rested for my birth, if the sweep does kick-start everything).  Lovely surges all day though, and they slowly seem to be moving down my belly instead of just staying at the top...hmmm....


SIL said to go jump on the bed for a while; I've decided I'll bounce on my ball instead and watch Numbers...let's see if we can just bounce this little mermaid out!


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Well, no mini-road trip for me today...my friend was sick.  So it's a day at home with nothing constructive planned and that equals THE LONGEST DAY EVER!!  DS is trashing the house and I'm too tired to pick up after him.  He is currently throwing playdough across the kitchen.


Went to the chiro and the baby was obviously posterior, but he turned back around soon after we got home.  Yay.


Kaitlyn - good luck on your exam!!  You'll do great after how hard you worked!


Chili - turning 30 was the hardest for me by far.  I still tell people that I've turned 29 five times...soon to be 6.  I totally understand.  Happy Birthday!!


Hannabee - it'll be any day now!!  You are soooo close!


Coldandsleepy - my 2 yr old woke up to go potty for the first time this week, too.  Maybe we'll only have newborn diapers to wash soon!


biophdmom - remember to drink a ton of water before your next nst.  Hope your fluids come back up!  Is your husband a research scientist, too?  Mine is and I can't even imagine putting in that number of hours at work! 


montessorimama - I'm so grumpy today, too.  You are not alone! 


Sharmin - Good Luck! 


Cedarwoman - I can't wait to hear about the little one!


Tonight we are going out to eat, at a brewery I think.  What kind I looks do you think I'd get if I just ordered myself a big cold beer???  MMMmmm.


Check in with all you ladies later tonight!



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Originally Posted by juneboymum View Post

 He is currently throwing playdough across the kitchen.


LOLOL! Kids will be kids, right? my dd is lucky when she gets to play with playdough cuz I hate the stuff.


Hannabee-here's hoping hormonal meltdowns mean baby is almost ready...i've been a mess today! Although oddly, even though I didn't sleep past 3 am last night, I'm not tired. Tried taking a nap and just laid there so I went for a walk.


juneboymum-I'm trying to be a really good water drinker every day up till that NST so I don't have any "low fluids". It's all kind of ridiculous...and no, my husband isn't a scientist, he's a restaurant manager, so his hours are wild and a little unpredictable. He's only been at his current job for a few months so he's still getting stuff in order and getting everyone to work with his systems...which is tricky because they had been essentially unmanaged for almost a year. Anyways, we did talk a little this morning before he went to work and I feel better about that situation :)


everyone else-hope you are feeling okay! all those ladies with the terrible pelvic/hip pain, how are you doing?


and hope we meet more babies soon (one of them mine, hopefully) joy.gif

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Had my last group session with the mw this afternoon. All appts. from now on with be individual. Got to meet some beautifully squishy babies that the other mamas brought in to share. Feeling a little better emotionally and a little worse physically. MIL is flying in Saturday, so baby might wait until then...or later. *sigh*.


Can't comment much on the grey hair or turning thirty...I have NO experience in either department :P 

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Still here!  Still pregnant!  LOL.  Today was my last day of "work" (unpaid student clinical work, lol) and then I had a chiropractor appointment, so I've been out almost all day.  Now back at home with these same irregular pressure waves that won't get any closer together or any stronger, but come continually throughout the day and night.  That's okay, though...I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm never going to go into labor, so DH and I rented the original three Star Wars movies and are going to watch one per day so I don't go completely nuts this week!!


The third Transformers was horrible, btw.  Well, I didn't like it anyway.  Nothing happened for the first eight hours of the movie, and the second 8 hours was a never ending battle scene that could have been cut by more than half.  Pregnancy has made me so cynical, lol.


We are getting some rain here...maybe the weather will bring babies out?  Since the full moon didn't seem to do much for us...


My chiropractor told me that I was going to birth on Thursday evening or Friday morning, then said, "Oh no!  Friday is the 13th!  Are you superstitious?"  To which I replied that I was not...and he said, "Well, I am!"  I said, "Nah...doesn't matter if baby is born on Friday the 13th...next year the 13th won't be a Friday anyway."  I, personally, love the number 13...so whatevs.


Glad to read all the updates from you all!  It's been so great to have such a wonderful support group of women going through most of the same stuff.  I can't wait for us all to have our babies!! grouphug.gif

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LOL! Wombjuice - I feel the same way..I'm convinced I won't ever have a baby to show after all this.


I'm back from my exam and I passed! I now am a Certified Healthcare Access Associate, woohoo. Thank goodness it's over! 

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I feel really, really ...   d r a i n e d today. I woke up today really zonked and I suppose I never recovered--my mouth and throat were super dry, I had strange dreams all night (various anxiety dreams about having to keep babies from falling in holes and stuff like that, another one about watching a baby fall from a carnival ride straight on its head and its mother doing nothing about it), and I woke up quite a few times having to pee so bad it hurt! I have absolutely no energy whatsoever today, so much so that I don't have the energy to even eat or sleep. It sucks because my man finished painting the baby's room two days ago which I've been excited about for months now, and I thought as soon as he was done painting I would immediately organize and decorate and nest but...ugh, I just don't have it in me. greensad.gif


I'm also feeling really down about the thought of not being pregnant much longer. I wish I was like the many ladies I know who are dying to have their babies, but I'm starting to really worry that I'm going to get depressed when I'm no longer pregnant. It's just so nice knowing that my baby is inside of me all warm and cozy and getting everything she needs--I can't bear the thought of having her out in the big, cold, mean world. The thought of anybody other than me, my man, and my midwives holding her is making me super wigged out. I suppose I'm having a lot of trouble *letting go* of having her safe and all to myself. I'm worried that I'm going to get super hormonal and possessive when she's out.


Not to mention that I have a very sketchy relationship with my mother. To make a super life-long story short, she left when I was 9 and my father raised me until I was grown. I never held any resentment toward her, but we've had a strange relationship ever since. We were getting along *ok* over the years, but she seems to have a strange jealousy over me and my happiness. When I told her I was pregnant, she didn't show any emotion whatsoever--was almost mean about it, and then I found out later that she went against my wishes to keep it under wraps until my 12th week and told my whole family (on my father's side--who she's been divorced from for years now!). Well, we didn't talk throughout much of the pregnancy until about a month or two ago, and it was *amazing*. For the first time in my life since I was a child, I felt like I had a mother--we talked about her pregnancies and she gave me advice--it was really, really nice. Then a week before Christmas she sent me a text message out of nowhere saying, "Goodbye, tell my granddaughter I love her and she will be missing a lot." I had no idea where this came from, and of course I tried contacting her to find out what happened, and she didn't answer my calls. It was pretty devastating--thinking that everything was better than it had been in years to then all of the sudden get a smack in the face like that a week before Christmas and a month before I'm due to have a daughter of my own. What I don't understand is her resentment toward me--*she's* the one that left *me*! Shouldn't *I* be the one holding resentment toward her??? And now, for the first time in my life, I'm angry, and finally feeling resentment toward her. The resentment builds when I think about the fact that she was inconsiderate to do this and leave me in the dark about it right before I'm about to have a baby--when I was feeling so, so blissful.


I don't know--to sum it up, I suppose I just feel like I want to go to bed and start over tomorrow. guilty.gif Sorry to be such a downer. I feel like this is my only outlet to let this out right now because I don't want to stress my man out about it while he's at work.

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Wombjuice - my husband was born on a Friday the 13th...and he's pretty stinking awesome. :)  It just might be your day.


Kaitlyn - WOOT!!  I just *knew* you could do it.  Be very proud of yourself, girly!


demoonunit - How completely unfair of your mother to do that to you.  And at such an emotional time, to boot!  As an aside, you've said some things in recent posts that are making me think you may have a touch of pregnancy related depression.  If that's the case, please know you can reach out to others during this time before it potentially blows into full force PPAD (which I've had and wouldn't wish on my worst enemy).  I hope you know I'm saying this because I care and not with any ill-intent.

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Congrats Kaitlyn! I bet that is a load off of your mind.

Counting down the last few hours of my twenties now...


So far the big birthday plans for tomorrow are grocery shopping, haha.


I forgot Friday was the 13th...wonder how many LO's will decide to make their appearance then!

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Thanks HCM! Today I've had massive boob pain. I hope things start happening soon.

Hang in there, ladies!

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Started typing this yesterday & got distracted.


Congratulations Kaitlyn!


Happy Birthday Chili! Mine was  the 9th. I turned 38. Dh very kindly told me a few times that it was my 30th birthday.


Still pregnant here too. Baby is LOA, though & much, much lower so yay! for that. Sadly, being lower doesn't seem to be helping with reflux. If anything it's actually worse the last 2 days. I seem to be peeing less though, at least at night, which is odd. But nice.


Had a nice quiet birthday with just family. We ordered in & dh made me a cake.



Originally Posted by biophdmom View Post

I'm feeling frustrated. I'm about 41 wks based on my U/S due date and they did an NST and fluid check today (well, yesterday...Monday) and baby was perfectly accomodating and fluid was normal but on the low end of normal. My ob is pretty laid back but said he wants me to come back on Thursday for another check and if fluid is lower than we'll talk about inducing between Friday and Monday. I know that's four days away but I just don't even want to face the thought of induction. It makes me feel all crazy. I just want to be able to labor at home and do my own thing and not feel like someone is watching my every move, etc. I've been having random bouts of "real" ctx and last night they were intense enough to wake me up but since about 4:30 am yesterday, pretty much nothing. Not even many bh! Blah...


The newest studies show low fluid is not a reason to induce unless there are other issues. Just make sure you're really hydrated, since that can help with levels. I'm really curious what the actual numbers are, because I've heard a lot of low fluid stories and most of them, the women actually have low normal levels, not truly low. 


Gloria Lemay has a couple good articles on low fluid http://www.glorialemay.com/blog/?p=306 & http://www.glorialemay.com/blog/?p=60


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