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Best way to give 8 month old probiotics?

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My dd doesn't take a bottle, what is a good way to give her probiotics? I tried mixing some in a little carrot puree but it doesn't dissolve well and from her facial expression I could tell it was bitter. Any ideas? Thanks!
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A little messy but put some on you before you nurse
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I'd suggest applesauce but if carrots weren't good, I'm not sure that'd work either. I used to pump a little milk & mix that with my sons probiotics, just a few sips worth, does she refuse the bottle or just doesn't regularly take one?
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She doesn't regularly take a bottle, but she sometimes has cool water in one for her teething comfort. I'll try to mix some with pumped milk and see if she takes it.
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im not sure where you live, but in canada we have these AMAZING probiotic drops made specially for children/babies  they are called biogaia probiotics and they are in a small glass bottle, kept refrigerated at the health food store pr natural pharmacy. i highly recomend them. you need like 3-5 drops and i would just drop it right into my babies mouth while i was playing with her or changing her. i use them on and off now, but when she was tiny she had serious projectile vomiting issues and they cleared up almost immediately with these. my midwife suggested them.

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If probiotic powder mixed into food or on your nipple doesn't work, you could make a little paste and swab it on the inside of her cheek. That would reduce contact with some of the more taste-sensitive parts of her tongue.


Good luck! :-)

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My son sucks it right off of my finger.  Ours isn't bitter though, it's sweet, I've tasted it.

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