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midwife tricare in houston area

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oh my. i haven't been here in forever. just found out i'm preggers again. i'm only a few weeks along and i need a midwife. my obgyn from 3 years ago retired, so i can't go there anymore. our insurance (tricare) has no birth center in its network so i was wondering if anyone could recommend a good midwife in the east houston area. i'm in baytown, so anywhere around here would be good. i just called tricare and they suggested debra sharp, cnm but i can't find any reviews on her.
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I've heard good things about Jackie Griggs. I don't have any personal experience with her though.

You can also check here to find midwives.



I gave birth with the midwives at the women's specialist's of Houston and they were pretty awesome.


Good luck and congratulations!

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Thank you. Unfortunately Jackie Griggs is not in our network and we cannot afford paying for a birth, no matter how much financial help we would get from the birth center. A birth with an OBGYM would cost me around 25 bucks, that's it. I think I have found a good OBGYN, will go and get a referral tomorrow.

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Nativiti birth center may be in network with you- worth checking!


Good luck!

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I'm on Tricare, and I never could find an in-network midwife, other than the UTMB midwives. Nativiti and Reunion both said they'd never had much luck getting paid. I ended up paying out of pocket for my last two births.

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I'm currently 12 weeks pregnant and have been going to see Debra Sharp CNM since 1/5/2012, at the UTMB Pasadena Maternity Clinic. They're great there and so is she. She is very friendly and great at answering all of my questions. They have a really great community of doctors, nurses, and midways at the Pasadena clinic. I drive there all the way from Humble, sometimes twice a week. They are very thorough and take great care of you. I am very pleased with Debra Sharp, I am a bit of a hypochondriac and she does a great job at putting my mind at ease. This is my first pregnancy so I am very scared and nervous, she is very professional and I always leave feeling happy, relaxed and safe. Everyone who works at this office is fantastic at what they do. I would recommend Sharp, and the clinic to any pregnant woman.

Hope this helps in your search, and congratulations!!! smile.gif

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I used sandra hurtado at texas woman's. the csection rates are high their but dr. hurtado performs vbac and does everything in her power to let you have a natural hospital birth. she asked me if i wanted pain meds on my way to the hospital, said no and was never asked again.


For a midwife though, she's not in Houston, but Nanci Stanely delivered my sisters kid and she is very good. Tricare told me that I would pay out of pocket and then get reimbursed for 80% of it.

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If you are going with an OB and want to stay on the east side, check out Dr. Larry Milner at Bayshore Hospital in Pasadena.  He is a bout "homebirth in a hospital" as you are going to get.  I have worked with him in the capacity of a doula, midwife and as a patient of his and he is wonderful.  Good luck!

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Did you ever find anything? I have tricare insurance too, and I'm looking for natural options in northeast houston/cypress.

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