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gfcf cookbook: focus on whole "grains"

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Not sure if the title made sense, but like this:


we are going on a GFCF diet starting next week. My 7 y.o. DS exhibits quite a bit of ADHD- type behaviors. He has a number of sensory issues and works 2x a week with an OT, but we want to try diet as well. The whole family will be going gluten and caesin free, for ease.


I am looking for recipes (in a cookbook, preferably) for baked goods, snacks that I can send with my kids to school. However, since the past ten years or so, we've been really strict about using whole grains in the house, I don't want to take out the whole wheat and whole spelt, only to replace it with white rice flour, potato flour, etc....


What are some cookbooks for gluten free treats that use flours like aramanth, brown rice, quinoa, etc...? Thanks!

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No answer, but this is of particular interest to me as well.

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The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook has been a great resource for us, its a lot more than great recipes!! (& lives on my countertop wink1.gif!) You can get it from Amazon & they also have a great blog. Also, The Spunky Coconut has one or two cookbooks out- I don't have either, but have gotten great recipes off her blog. Lexies Kitchen doesn't have a cookbook, but her blog is great! Maid in Alaska is also great for recipes (again a blog, not a cookbook). I have some other links on my blog- Allergic Adventures (http://www.allergicadventures.com), but mostly to blogs. I know Elana's Pantry also has some almond flour cookbooks out & Gluten free & the Chef has a cookbook, which I do have, but don't often use. Hopefully thats a helpful start!!
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