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The Crotch Pain Club

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Anyone else having INSANE crotch pain already?! I need sympathy. :( I am NOT enjoying this part of pregnancy. I have a chiro appt tonight, so I'm hoping they can do something for me. I am walking like a 90 year old lady. The only time I feel good is when I am sitting (which is not so hot for the small HEMMERHOID that I've developed...TMI) or lying on my side with a pillow between my legs. I'm only 25 weeks! It shouldn't be this bad yet! UGh.....rant over.

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I've had terrible SI pain this past week, radiated in my hips and down my right leg too.  I'm trying not to lift the kids often, wearing my materinity belt and been doing my nightly yoga stretches which seems to help some, but I still am hurting.  I'm holding on to the hope that with my last pg I had terrible SI pain second trimester and it actually improved some in the 3rd.  

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I have crotch pain when I stand up after sitting too long. When it got really bad I wore a support belt for a few hours and it helped.

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I've had two rounds of amoxicillin in the past month and now have this wonderful yeast infection that I am treating... Grr. I thought I had a swollen lymph node in my groin about four days ago. Sunday I went to the bathroom after having a nap and discovered blood, freaked out, yelled for DH, then realized the lymph node was not swollen, it was a boil that burst. So I am pretty much hoping after this yeast infection that my crotch area will calm the heck down for at least a month or until I have this baby. As soon as I screamed (yes at the top of my lungs because I've had two miscarriages) Eleanor kicked the heck out of me. She was probably trying to tell me what an idiot I was. lol.gif


If that is TMI, sorry ladies. I just had to share.

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cseky - OUCH!  That sounds awful, but I'm glad Eleanor is happy to give you a little reassurance when necessary.  I hope everything clears up for you soon.  

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Not yet, luckily I'm not on my feet much with my current lifestyle. But I know it's coming!

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Bah..my right hip has already started slipping out of joint if I sit to long then stand.been having to drive allot lately and it really looks silly when I first start to walk. Not exactly painful but disconcerting to have a major joint not quite where it should be.


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I just ordered a birth/exercise ball chair since they're supposed to help so much with hips and back pain and baby positioning.  There's no getting around sitting 8 hours/day in my current job, and then I do a good bit of sitting outside of work when I'm writing on my own research, so I might as well make sitting as comfortable as possible.  I'll let you all know if it helps!  

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I get some vaginal discomfort when moving my legs at times, which primarily started this week, but not complaining because when I was about 12 wks with DS I was having severe back pain and needed to start physical therapy which continue until I was put on bedrest at 32 wks.  This time around I have some back pain at times but it is very managable with a heating pad or by taing a bath.  I am also having pressure when standing or walking for anything of time.  I had this with DS also.  I have learned to sit down and rest for a little time and it usually will pass.  Unfortunately I have to watch the amount of exercise I do as my doctor has me on restrictions due to the imcompetent cervix.  I also try to decrease the amount of lifting of my DS that I do. 

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Originally Posted by csekywithlove View Post

As soon as I screamed (yes at the top of my lungs because I've had two miscarriages) Eleanor kicked the heck out of me. She was probably trying to tell me what an idiot I was. lol.gif

I'm convinced these babies know what we need, when we need it. Mine does the same thing when I get into a panic about whether he's still alive in there. Thank goodness.


Exercise ball - I've been sitting on one at work where I am plopped in front of a computer nearly all the time since before this pregnancy and it is a-ma-zing. I dove right in to using it for the whole work day, but I was already in fairly good physical shape so I didn't notice any discomfort. I think most people recommend working up to a full work day by alternating between a traditional chair and the ball. Now in pregnancy it feels so good to be able to easily adjust my position frequently throughout the day (sometimes sitting more forward or backward on the ball, sometimes almost straddling it with my feet at my sides almost behind me), and to get a little movement in even while I'm mindlessly carefully programming. A little bit of bouncing, just a couple inches of motion, feels so good on my back and other joints right now. I ordered a silver, burst-resistant, 75cm ball off Amazon on the cheap and it's not inflated to the point that it's hard, and it's the perfect desk-sitting height for me.

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southernfriedkarma - when starting to use the ball as a chair, start out with only a few hours a day.  It really is a core workout and you can overdo it.  My chiro recommended no more than 4-5 hrs per day on it.  I love mine.  it is a 65 and is the perfect height and I am 5'4"

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