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So I'm hoping we can get the boba and my friend will come through with her offer a of a used ring sling for the newborn stage...I watched my friend use her moby today and was interested but still unsure of all that fabric in the AZ heat and if it would be big enough. I have enough DIY projects going on that I don't need another one.

Looking back over the previous posts, though, it seems like if Cristeen at an 18-20 doesn't have much room left to tie her moby, I won't have any at a 24/26.

I'm also getting concerned about spending ...speaking of,


Any new news on the breastfeeding pillow front? I kind of hope someone steps up and gets me that boomerang shaped bosom baby one, but I am not holding out hope and I won't be spending 50 dollars on it myself...

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Ended up getting a sleepy wrap on CL for $15, will let you know how it goes!


Still want a boba eventually.

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I'm a 20-22 and don't have much fabric left on my Moby, either. And in terms of being hot, I don't feel uncomfortable with it but baby often seems really hot and sweaty when I pull her out of it and seems a little fussy because of that at times. I'd think it might be a bit hot in the AZ summer. I will say that I don't think it looks very flattering on and I feel a little funny wearing it in public. Really emphasizes my new and enhanced post baby "mothers apron" (the lower b of the b belly) and pulls my shirt up a little when I walk because I tie it tight to get it around my waist. So, yeah... All those things combined are not good for my self esteem.

I also got a mei tai on CL and wouldn't suggest it for anyone larger. I can tie the hip/waist tie but can't get the tie that goes around the baby to go back around so I have to tie it in front and there's a lot of leftover tie that I have to tuck in. Overall, it just feels more uncomfortable on my body than the Moby,

I had a ring sling with my older kids and I'm thinking I might want to go back to that. My brother's GF made a really cute one for their daughter and offered to make one for me. And the option to use lightweight cotton would be nice for summer, too.
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We plan on getting the Boba 3G.  We have the 2G but ds still uses it and the 3G you can use from newborn up.  Hubby is 6 foot 4 and a 32 inch waist and I'm a curvy plus size 20ish with broad shoulders a good size chest and we both wear it comfortably.  I'm pregnant right now and can still carry my 3 1/2 year old around in it!


How about woven wraps?  I would really like to try one, but what length do you get?  The moby (which I don't like) is almost too short.  

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Guys, my boba is here and I can't get it adjusted comfortably. Think we might return it. Help! Here are the details...



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