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8 months later, stabbing abdominal pain?

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I had my baby via c/s on May 22,2011. I had a severe infection on the right side of my incision, it was extremely inflamed and burst on June 3,2011. I was taken by ambulance and was treated, since then my incision has burst in several different places and is currently open yet again. I have been experiencing severe pain inside around where the internal incision was made. The pain is sharp/stabbing/ripping pain that literally brings me to my knees (I have a VERY high pain tolerance including not even knowing when I had broken my leg while horseback riding at a rodeo a few years back) I do not have insurance and have not been able to work so cannot afford a doctor. I know I need to see one as this pain is coming more often and getting worse every time. What could this be? Please help!

My baby passed away the day after she was born due to maconium aspiration so I have done no lifting with the exception of right before her funeral which was the only time I ever got to hold her, she was 7lbs 3.3oz according to the hospital scales. (please no negative comments on me holding my child after she passed away)
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No negative comments here.  I held my little niece who was born asleep for a good long time, knowing it would be my only chance.  My heart breaks for you to have suffered such a loss and still be dealing with physical problems a year later.  I'm so, so sorry!


Can it be that what you are feeling is nerve regeneration?  I've had two csecs and I still feel nerve tingles occasionally, even a decade after my last one.


Please call around in your community and find a charity clinic or county health department where you could go for an exam.  Perhaps you could post in your tribal area for suggestions?

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thank you so much for being that understand to my situation. I am very sorry your family had to deal with this too. I am also very sorry for assuming someone would comment negatively, I had signed up on webmd and got told due to everything during and after my pregnancy that I was lying about ever even being pregnant at all.

it is very possible its been nerves coming back. I am a registered Indian and decided while I was picking up meds for my mom and I that I'd see an OB, she did not want to do anything but go thru Faiths birth/hospital records and mine. She wanted nothing to do with my incision and was overly rude about conditions I have along with a back injury that I was on Loratab 5/500 4X a day, Faiths doctor had already cleared this amount. I am really done with a lot of doctors and hope not to get the 3rd degree from anymore :-(

anyways, I will definitely look into your suggestion! Thank you!
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