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I am in the process of buying new furniture for my kid's shared bedroom. Finding real wood without a toxic finish is not easy. Also, made in the US.


And I need another matress. My last two purchases were natural wool + cotton or natural wool + natural latex. We are happy with both matresses but I need a cheaper option if I can find one.  THe company selling the furniture has less expensive "natural" matresses. It is nice, sometimes when companies are transparent because I was easily able to get MSDS from them and the manufacturer name from them. No way there are using wool or natural latex at these prices so I wanted to know *what* was natural and flammable.


They are using something called Protech which is by product of "wood production" and "natural."  I assume it is some sort of cellulouse type thing that can be imbedded to meet the flammability standard.


Can anyone verify that this actually natural and safe as you would define it rather than natural as in asbestos and unsafe?