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january chat thread-

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how's it going ya'll? 

i finally got some stuff organized in drawers. 

my 2yo is being a very major beast right now.  i don't know what's happening.. she says she can't wait to see the baby but is being just plain evil. 


how bout you?

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I'm finally feeling pretty ready!  I've washed and hung all her clothes, although I still want to sun some of our cloth diapers, make them nice and fresh for her.  We have a bassinet set up, and bought a new swing.  We still need to get a carseat from SIL, however her baby is still using it.  She promises to evict him as soon as our little one comes :)  She's ready to move him to a convertable seat, and we just moved our older DD to a booster seat so we're able to trade our convertable seat for her infant seat and save some money!  I still want to make diapers, and sew up a nursing cover.  I made myself another wrap a few days ago, I have a moby but I swear it shrunk.  So yeah, we're getting there!


My DD is kind of the same Hildare, only she's almost 6.  She can't wait for baby either however is throwing a fit over missing a day of school the day the baby comes.  Even if I didn't care if she was at the hospital or not, my family will be there so there's no one to take her to school!  She doesn't want to mess up her "perfect attendance".  My 3YO DS is excited for baby to come, but right now he's the baby and I think he might be surprised to see how much of my attention she needs....

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Everything is coming along...I think I'll be really, really ready in the next weekend or two. I've spent the last few weeks decluttering and de-crapifying where I can. DH & I are working furiously on "nesting projects" and I'm happy with the progress we've made. We're doing some rearranging to accommodate the baby in our room...once that's done, I'll wash and bring up the newborn clothes. DS2 has transitioned to sharing a room with his big brother...though he only makes it there about 1/2 the night so far.


I knit a very sweet little sweater that I'm so proud of and plan to accomplish a hat too. A blanket might be too ambitious considering I'm running out of time.


I still have to buy 2 radian car seats so that we'll get 3 kids across the back of the car.


And the best news so far is that I was potentially going to risk out of a homebirth due to a low-lying placenta. But I had a final ultrasound today, it's in a safe spot and I'm all clear to go ahead with my plans!!!

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I am feeling sooooooo ready to have this baby.  I had a major growth spurt over the holiday season and the beached whale feeling has reached a whole new level.  I am also winding down at work.  I have a ton of stuff to get finished before I leave but my energy levels are so low that finishing everything seems impossible.  The fact that I am technically on leave already (the University wouldn't let me begin leave mid semester) but still working is also killing my motivation a bit.  Part of me wants to just enjoy my early leave but I think I would go insane at home alone all day with no baby.

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nooooo.  go home!  GO HOME!  lie about and rest.  if you have any kind of choice, do eeeet. 

all i can do is sit and think of ways to get out of here early. 

i am tired of wearing clothes and the desk chair.  i seriously considered today what might happen if i start to show up in my pjs/yoga pants. 


and frogautumn, that is wonderful news.  i am so happy for you!

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Welp, we have everything but a dresser for the baby. And that isn't even a necessity. I washed everything (including new carriers, sheets for co-sleeper and fabric for bouncer), and put them in my closet. Along with all the baby clothes and diapers

I just got my birth kit today. Now, I have to start organizing all of the supplies, and put them in their proper place.

I had an appt. today (35 weeks). It was my first home visit. Really neat. My midwife drew blood to check my iron levels (I showed up as anemic at 28 weeks), and I swabbed myself for GBS. She said I measured 39 weeks, but not to worry unless I measure that far ahead more than once. Hopefully at my 37 week visit, I will go back to only 2 weeks ahead. We'll see. I also pick up the birth tub at that visit, and will do a test run with it.

Since I am not up for cleaning base boards, mopping, cleaning finger prints off our sliding glass doors (everything that requires leaning over), I have decided to have a cleaning service come and do a one time deep cleaning. Since these jobs would have fallen on my husband, he is all for it. I'll probably have them come next week, so, keeping everything maintained will be a piece of cake. This is a luxury I did not do last time. I am really looking forward to it.

Other than that, i just have to clean out my freezer, and start cooking! :)


hildare, my son has been pretty good, but I still have no patience of his antics. I get pretty tapped out with really quickly.

Kkrpata, that is funny you daughter doesn't want to mess up her attendance.

frogautumn, that is great news about your placenta.

atomicrocket, I agree- go home. You will get extremely bored, but after you have your baby, you will look back and regret not resting. Really!

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I handed over baby naming responsibilities to DH, of course I can veto, but for now he's in charge. I have baby clothes all folded up and in a small dresser in my room, birth supplies are in order and ready to go, baby diapers are clean. Last night I went to bed feeling so done and ready to meet baby and this morning I woke up feeling at peace with the rest of the pregnancy. It's a very nice feeling so I'm just savoring it, hoping I can keep the calm through to the end. Doubtful but hopeful ;)

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I'm just now getting into the 'getting ready for baby-for REAL' phase! We had a baby shower over the holidays and that helped alot. I had almost nothing before and so now am facing the reality of where to put baby things. I left the house today for a midwifery appointment and when I came back my dh had moved clothes from closet to closet, hung up pictures, moved boxes that have been sitting forever and figured out how he can jig up a place for baby things!


I'm hesitant to wash baby clothes mostly b/c what if I need to take them back for some reason AND b/c we're using coin laundry at this point :/


The birth kit is set up. I was lucky in that my past clients have given me their leftovers and so I simply had to combine and remove some things and found I had most everything! The things I'm lacking I at least know about now and have a list. I just bought my pool. No use in renting for me as I can use it for future clients. I'm excited to get a test run out of it when it gets here.


I'm really hoping to stick it out until the end w/o getting that ridiculously uncomfortable 'wanna be done' fiasco i see so many times :/ Hoping that for all of us actually!

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Originally Posted by slimkins View Post

Since I am not up for cleaning base boards, mopping, cleaning finger prints off our sliding glass doors (everything that requires leaning over), I have decided to have a cleaning service come and do a one time deep cleaning. Since these jobs would have fallen on my husband, he is all for it. I'll probably have them come next week, so, keeping everything maintained will be a piece of cake. This is a luxury I did not do last time. I am really looking forward to it.


Here too!  I basically never do things like baseboards anyway shy.gif so it will be really nice to have a super clean house.   My dear sweet MIL very thoughtfully got me a gift certificate for a cleaning service for Christmas.  


I'm relieved to hear that others are feeling less tolerant with their older LOs.  I have been feeling guilty about my lack of patience with DD, especially because I think she's sensing the impending change and feeling a little needy.  I also just feel less....fun.  I think I used to be more fun as a mom?  Now I just want to sit on the couch and read books all the time.  eyesroll.gif


We still have a lot of preparation left to do, but I've made bacon leek quiches, pork burritos, swedish meatballs & gravy, and a few shepherd's pies for the freezer.  For some reason, food in the freezer felt most important to me before DD's birth and it's the same this time around.  Laundry, bedding, etc just feels less critical.  


I'm really looking forward to getting down to business taking care of a sweet new little baby in a few weeks!!  love.gif   



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RE: january chat thread-

I'm super stressed and not ready at all. We just got our stuff from the move on Sunday. We switched from a birth center to homebirth, and our home visit is on the 25th. We have to pay out of pocket in full and get reimbursed. Our move allowance will probably not be enough to cover everything. California is so different with insurance than Washington and our old company's insurance which paid for everything with no deductible and no copay, so dealing with insurance is so new to us. I loved my baby shower but got nothing practical, mainly baby clothes, so we have so much to still buy. I did order a crib and dresser today, which for some reason felt like essentials even though they're not. There's tons more that we have to pay for, and "friends" sometimes end up being self centered, unappreciative douche bags. Thank goodness we have a real friend whose sending us a box of baby goodies, so I'm finishing hunting down all the baby stuff I do have tomorrow and taking inventory so she doesn't send something we don't need. Sorry for the rant. So thankful my DH is committed to a homebirth and said he'll take out a loan if we need to! We did find a doula but she's also a student midwife so there's 50% chance that she'll be at the birth as an assistant so we are going to interview a few more doulas that she works with as her backup,

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RE: january chat thread-

ugh The app on my phone cut me off. Maybe I should take that as a sign and stop ranting wink1.gif. Sorry for venting. Definitely feeling stressed and DH is out of town on business tonight. I'm sure it will all come together somehow, it always does.

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Right of Passage, I hope to feeling done, too, so, I can have that peace of mind.


Lovebeingamidwife, I would at least wash have of the newborn/0-3month stuff you have gotten (maybe only a couple of the newborn things in case your baby isn't tiny). So, you at least have something. The rest you can return if you feel you won't need them.


1blueheron, I know how long it took me to get back to really cleaning after I had my son, so, this is going to be great.


kaydove, sounds like you still have time to get everything ready. I think having a place to put things (dresser) really helps starting the organization process. It's also hard to be prepared so far ahead of time with your first. You'll be fine.


AFM. I got my dresser/changing table today. I also cleared out my freezer, and started to make my freezer meal list.

I finally made thorough lists of how I want all my supplies (labor, birth and post partum) to be organized. It's always easier for me to wrap my brain around something when I write it down first.


I remember seeing this thread a while back and it gave me a bit of inspiration. *6 posts down with the pics*



My things will be organized a bit different, but the separation of items is what I found helpful.

Now, I just have to get started with the actual, physical process. :)

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I should post pictures of my birth supplies. I'm very simple in contrast to the thread shared. I have:

  • pool (already inflated)
  • birth ball (already inflated) 
  • chux pads
  • gloves (for the placenta after) 
  • shower curtain liner
  • comfrey 
  • rescue remedy 
  • arnica 
  • a rice sock
  • big bucket
  • hose
  • sink adapter
  • plumbers tape
  • peri bottle
  • witch hazel
  • pads
  • household items like towels, receiving blankets, clean sheets, baby clothes, baby diapers

Comfrey, arnica, peri bottle, witch hazel, gloves are for post partum. 

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Yep, you are definitely more of a minimalist with your supplies. Though, I bet this all a walk in the park for you now. :)

I liked the idea of also having different baskets. I did have things scattered about after I came home from the birth center with my son. Now, I will have everything within reach whether it's PP things for me by my bed, PP things for my bottom in one spot in the bathroom, and things for the baby right next to my bed for those first couple of days and nights.

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Baskets for the different stages it a brilliant idea! Especially the PP basket. I think I'm minimalist by default, I don't labor long enough to need much. Which is a good and a bad thing, fast and furious labors are hard! We used maybe $20 of my $70 birth kit last time. >.< 

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kkrpata- great timing with your sister!  my neighbor will be handing over her boppy to me whenever i am ready for it as she's done with it.  just using it behing her daughter's back while she sits up.  our kids are the same age, btw.  i was a bit worried about how my 3 (almost 4) y.o. would be as a big sister but she is so coming into her role.  she totally is excited and tells me her plans with this babe.  she picks out outfits from the closet and has her own outfit picked out hanging with the babe's clothes for the first day.  it's precious.  we read a really great book today where the youngest sibling is the one who soothes the babe.  i made sure to point out that would be her! 


frogautumn- so cool about the sweater and your homebirth!  yay for placentas that move into their right place!  you've reminded me that i need to make this babe a little hat soon.


atomicrocket- beached whales unite!  i am so feeling that way as of this week.  it feels like a huge event to just roll over or stand up and walk sometimes.  and, i want to stay preggo for a bit longer- no early babe here this time!  but, how will i move?  should we buy cranes to transport ourselves?  at the grocery store today, i asked the kids to push ME in the cart.  goodness, they wished i was serious. 


hildaire- even though my prenatal yoga class got canceled today, i spent the day in loose sweat pants anyway.  and a nice red sweater.  And, yes, i did leave the house a few times even!  quite the sight.


slimkins- yay for homevisits and housecleaners!  i have both coming up soon.  we have a totally 'green' cleaning service that i used when i had horrible morning sickness with my second babe and we've called them back during this pregnancy a couple of times.  i love supporting them and so appreciate that they use vinegar and reusable rags, etc.  my homevisit is next week, too and i will be 36 weeks. 


ROP- so glad that you are feeling at peace and organized!  i am getting really organized with baskets, too in the bottom of our closet.  i think i killed a thread with my post about it.  so, all of the dipes are in a basket with hats and socks.  snacks for my older two are in a basket.  we have a birth and PP basket beside my bed.  the birth kit is ready and a stack of towels, receiving blankets, wash cloths, etc is in a zipped up bag beneath the birth kit.  all the clothes are hanging in part of our closet.  feels so good!!!  there is some drama in my midwifery community and that is not feeling so good on the other hand.  being a student, it's just been way too close to home this pregnancy.  i am trying to sort my way through it but not enjoying the navigation. 


lovebeingamidwife- what a precious and thoughtful hubby!  we hung some beautiful birthy prints from etsy.com last weekend!  my birth kit is that same hodge podge of things.  it was fun to look online at the details my midwife wants included and then walk downstairs with my girls to retrieve them from my stash.  the girls really got a kick out of shopping from the closet and asking what different things are for.  we put in some of my own faves, too.  i am trying not to use too much disposable stuff this time.  now that i have attended my last birth before my own babe, i can pull more things from my birth bag that i usually take. 


1blueheron- i am totally less fun these days, too.  we do a lot of sitting on the floor reading books or playing a guessing game the girls like.  we make collages.  the girls help me clean and straighten things up more.  i so can barely bend over and am always asking them to pick something up off the floor for me!  today, i told them that in just a couple of months, when it's almost spring, we'll have way more fun.  we're talking about what we'll do this summer even.  i started reading a 'taking care of a newborn' book today just for reminders and tips that i may have forgotten.


kaydove- i have a ton of extra homebirth stuff if you want to make a list of anything you still need.  i'd be happy to mail you a package, really.  sorry it's hard right now.  it's going to get easier and better!  can you try to meet some mamas?  go to a LLL meeting nearby or a homebirth meet up?

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Can you guys believe that we've had no babies born yet, even though we have mamas at 38 weeks?


I'm going on 36 weeks here.  Hubby has been gone for two weeks and won't make it home for 2 more.  We have 4 feet of snow on the ground now and the temps overall have been 20 degrees colder than what we are used to.  Lots of stuff is breaking, but thankfully the goats and chickens are all healthy.  I'm having to do some super hard work for this stage of pregnancy, running the chainsaw, lots of digging... yesterday I was running a torch to thaw water lines down at our spring and even climbed a tree to reroute the pipe so it could drain back properly.  Crazy, but good.  Love this life.  Hope you guys are feeling good!

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Oh Gunter! You are so sweet! I'm a little confused on what the midwives are providing and what I need to buy, so I'll clarify that at my appointment on Tuesday. I emailed one of the last night, asking if we can make payments even though its to the point where they would normally require the full fees. If they won't except 2 payments, we'll have to transfer back to the birth center, so I'm trying to mentally/emotionally prepare for that. Things are looking up, we'll be able to afford everything if we can make payments. Its tough when my DH is away on business, no one to talk to here, so I stress myself into a ball of anxiety. I'm feeling much better! Thanks!

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Originally Posted by mtn.mama View Post

Can you guys believe that we've had no babies born yet, even though we have mamas at 38 weeks?

I know!  I keep wondering if maybe someone has had a baby but hasn't had time to post about it yet.  :)


Oh and mtn.mama, you sound like one tough pregnant lady.  I felt so bad*ss hauling firewood and turning compost, until I read your post!  winky.gif


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Originally Posted by 1blueheron View Post

I know!  I keep wondering if maybe someone has had a baby but hasn't had time to post about it yet.  :)


Oh and mtn.mama, you sound like one tough pregnant lady.  I felt so bad*ss hauling firewood and turning compost, until I read your post!  winky.gif


I feel like we have a smaller group than usual. Is that just me?


And I get winded just carrying my son to the bathroom in the middle of the night. :)


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