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Funny Story

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I first heard about EC about four years ago when DH and I got engaged, and immediately fell in love with the idea. I shared my excitement with my crunchy future sister in law, who was... far less than enthused. I was pretty surprised actually. She was totally opposed to cloth diapering, viewing it as unsanitary, and for some reason didn't buy that baby's could communicate their needs to eliminate.

This from the woman who had done "on cue" breastfeeding and baby led weaning with her first child. 


Less than a year later though, when her two week old was fussy and would. not. calm. down. She held him over the sink and sprayed his bum with a peri bottle full of warm water, and was surprised when he went! 

She continued to ec him, and, now that poop wasn't an issue, switched to cloth diapers. Her third baby just turned five months and is cd'd and ec'd as well (though she only considers herself "part time" since she doesn't care about missing pees, as long as she gets all the poos).

I'm now seven months pregnant with my first baby, and am amused at how I spent the last few days (celebrating christmas at her house) soaking up EC advice from someone who not only did I introduce the idea to, but declared me "crazy" for even considering it!

Life is funny.


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That's neat! smile.gif And congratulations!!!
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Great story!  Should make it into the family folklore ...

Congrats & have fun with EC ;-)

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